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Kitchen Taps for the modern home. Finish off your kitchen with one of our stunning chrome kitchen sink taps that has been hand selected from brands like Grohe, which create some of the finest kitchen products in the world, ensuring your kitchen looks fantastic. Buy one of our high-quality kitchen taps today & transform the look of your kitchen.

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      Give Your Kitchen Some Sparkle With a Gorgeous Tap

      The kitchen is the one room everyone gravitates towards, no matter what we do. Whether we simply need a snack, have to do the dishes, or prepare a big family meal, this is where we end up. For that reason, our well-loved cooking area may need a spruce up or two. And what better way to kick off its makeover than with brand new sink taps?

      Letta London’s site carries a wide range of kitchen taps from some of the leading names in the business. No matter what you need, be it a boiling water tap or one with a filter, you’ll find it on our website or showroom.

      Perfect Finishing Touch — Kitchen Taps From Letta London

      Kitchen remodelling may sound like a bore, but there’s something almost magical about entering into a completely revamped space. Of course, nothing brings more excitement than adding those last finishing touches like brand-new kitchen mixer taps.

      The sink taps you’ll find on our website are as gorgeous as they are functional. To help fit all kitchen designs, modern and traditional alike, Letta London carries kitchen taps of different styles and finishes. Therefore, those who prefer something more standard will be glad to find a wide range of mono kitchen taps, including the classic single-lever ones, elegant swan neck taps, and innovative boiling water taps.


      However, if you want to spice things up with a unique twist, then go for 2- or 3-tap hole kitchen mixer taps. These go really well with retro-style spaces because of their elaborate design. Alternatively, if you’ve imagined a nature-inspired cottagecore cooking area, pillar kitchen taps will fit right into your concept.

      Boiling Water Taps - Have you considered installing a tap that can replace your kettle? You can get instant hot water at all times from a hot water tap. 

      Kitchen Filter Taps - More & more people are turning to filtered water for health reasons. Instead of having an ugly plastic filter bottle in your fridge or on your worktop, why not install a stunning filter tap beside your sink?

      Browse a Wide Range of Kitchen Tap Finishes

      Of course, the style of your sink taps isn’t the only thing that’ll play a role in how your kitchen turns out. Luckily, you’ll find no lack of different finishes for your brand new kitchen tap on our website. Here are some of the most common ones you’ll come across

      • Chrome — You can never go wrong with a classic, and that’s what chrome kitchen taps are. These pieces will give your space that elevated look you’ve been craving.
      • Copper and brass — If you want your kitchen to stand out, go with warmer tap finishes like copper and brass. These will make your space even more approachable and catch the attention of every visitor.
      • Graphite — Industrial design has been all the rage these past years, but achieving that look in every room can be challenging. Graphite kitchen mixer taps are edgy enough without overtaking the entire space, making for a perfect addition.
      • BlackBlack and chrome kitchen taps are one of the hottest trends in modern kitchen improvements. Providing an elegant look to any kitchen, ensuring a contemporary finish to your sink. Black and chrome taps can easily transform any space into a chic, modern area.


      On our website, you’ll find a wide selection of sink taps in various styles and finishes. If you need assistance, our friendly staff will be more than glad to help you pick the perfect piece for your kitchen.
      Your choice will depend on the overall style of your kitchen and if you prefer something modern like single-hole taps or something more unusual like pillar taps.
      In most cases, sink taps can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser. Keep in mind that the finish of your tap will dictate the type of cleanser you choose.