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Choose from our fantastic selection of luxury freestanding roll top baths. If you want to relax in a bubble-filled tub or enjoy a long, hot soak or shower, one of our roll top slipper baths will be perfect for you. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, we have the perfect roll top bath for any home.



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      Elevate Your Bathroom With Roll Top Baths — Letta London Offer

      Have you spent hours scrolling through Pinterest for bathroom ideas? Have you set aside a hefty budget for a complete bathroom renovation? How would you feel if we told you that you didn’t have to do any of that? Upgrading your bathroom to get a more stylish look has never been simpler, thanks to only one item — a roll-top bath.

      Letta London offers a wide range of first-class roll-top baths at its showroom and online. In our offer, you can find the perfect roll-top bath from some of the best designers in the world and create the bathroom space you’ve always wanted.

      We will take you through the process of choosing the right roll-top bath and help you create the perfect oasis in your home. Let’s jump right into it.

      Letta London Presents a Wide Selection of Roll Top Baths

      You may not have realised that a simple roll-top bath could elevate a room quite so much. Yet, these baths have a lot going for them. They feature a rounded rim that adds a bit of high-end luxury to your bathroom, regardless of its overall style. Naturally, roll-top baths would work perfectly with more traditional bathrooms, but they come in various finishes, easily complementing even modern bathrooms.

      Most roll-top baths are freestanding; however, you may come across a wall-mounted type. What’s more, freestanding baths are all the rage at the moment, contributing to the highly coveted luxurious bathroom style.

      So, if you want to purchase a roll-top bath, we suggest consulting the experts at Letta London. They will help you select the perfect one for your home and offer assistance for any other accessories, parts, and similar if you want to.

      Are Roll Top Baths a Good Choice? 

      It would be challenging to find a reason why roll-top baths wouldn’t be a good choice for any bathroom. Although they are more traditional-looking, these baths offer the ultimate comfort and are suitable for both younger and older generations.

      On top of that, the outer edge of the bath is specifically designed to rest on, encouraging people to take long baths and place their arms upon the bath’s rim. It is always a pleasure taking long and foamy baths while enjoying your favourite music in the candlelight. These baths offer a complete movie-like experience to all potential UK buyers.

      Common Accessories to Include With Roll Top Baths

      As we mentioned, our helpful Letta London staff will help you create the ultimate experience by aiding you with your shopping spree. You can choose to include a couple of accessories when creating your bathroom oasis.

      To do that, we suggest some of these:

      • Bath trays — For the best cinematic feel, opt for a bath tray to hold your wine glass or even a laptop to watch your favourite series while relaxing.
      • Bath mats — Choose soft and fluffy bath mats for the perfect finishing touch once you get out of the bath.
      • Shower caddies — You can pick some shower caddies to hold all of your toiletries or even some candles.
      • Splash guards  — If you have room, we suggest opting for a splash guard to help you make less of a mess.
      • Drain strainers — These are useful tools that any bathroom needs.

      Roll Top Baths Materials

      As with any other item, you need to be thorough when looking to purchase a roll-top bath. You must check everything — from size to materials. To make sure you are on the right track, keep reading to learn about the materials these baths are made from. It might help you make the final decision.


      Fibreglass is the most affordable option on our list as it is quite easy to use due to its flexibility. However, its durability is not that long, as well as its heat retention. This might be a good option if you’re renting a home and want a quick but elegant fix-up.


      Acrylic is right behind fibreglass when it comes to pricing. However, this material is a bit sturdier. This option is extremely popular, and most decorators would probably opt for it due to its decent heat retention and weight.

      Cast Iron

      Although cast irons are exquisite choices when looking at the final product, they are extremely heavy, so additional support for roll-top baths is recommended. Note that cast iron baths have the longest durability and best heat retention out of all materials.

      Stone Resin

      Stone resin baths resemble real stone-made materials, giving them a natural appearance. On top of that, it is more affordable than limestone or granite. You can also count on terrific heat retention and durability, so you’ll be getting your money’s worth.


      Copper is regarded as one of the most expensive materials on the market. However, copper baths are unique and have excellent qualities that justify their price range. 

      Roll-top baths represent a more traditional-looking option for your bath choice. They are typically freestanding baths with a rolled-over edge that allows ultimate comfort when enjoying a long soak. Letta London offers a great range of options that you should check out if these baths interest you.
      These world-known baths are the perfect movie-like getaway, and you can find your slice of heaven in a Letta London showroom. You can also browse our official website to find some options for your new bathroom.
      The price of these baths depends on two factors — size and material. For example, fibreglass roll tops usually go around £500–£600, while cast iron or stone resin baths go from £1,000 and higher. It’s up to you whether you want to invest a bit more to avoid possible headaches later on.
      Since roll tops come in a variety of sizes, they can prove to be extremely comfortable. What’s more, they are incredibly deep, thus offering a luxurious experience for anyone.
      Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a huge bathroom to fit a freestanding bath like a roll top. A good option would be to have 15–20 cm of free space surrounding all edges of the bath.