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      Modernise Your Bathroom With Concealed Electric Showers — Letta London Selection

      Taking the morning shower right before you’re about to tackle the day has practically become a ritual in modern society. It makes perfect sense, then, that we try to make those minutes as enjoyable as possible. In that endeavour, we upgrade our shower valves, try to find a shower head with the right amount of pressure, select a mixer with an ideal temperature, purchase pricey body care products — the list goes on and on.

      Manufacturers, in turn, upgrade their products and strive to come out with the next best thing on a regular basis. Concealed electric showers have been the “it” item for quite some time — and for a good reason. This elegant solution will provide a continuous flow of warm water, whether or not you have hot water in your system.

      At Letta London, you’ll discover a rich offer of electric showers that come in different styles and finishes.

      Concealed Electric Showers — Bathrooms of Tomorrow

      What makes electric showers stand out is the fact that they warm up water through a heating element in the shower unit. Thanks to this process, the wanted temperature is achieved much more quickly compared to standard showers. Think of it as a high-performance kettle — the more kilowatts it has, the sooner your warm water will be ready.

      Another reason these items are so functional is that they only need a cold water supply since they run on electricity. If your boiler breaks down, they serve as an ideal backup. But that’s not everything that makes them so attractive. As this is a concealed shower, after all, all its workings are “invisible” (behind the wall of your bathroom). Only the essentials are on display, which gives your shower space a sleek minimalist look.

      Pick the Finish of Your Concealed Electric Shower

      We’ve already established how handy concealed electric showers are, but it would be a shame if you couldn’t find the one that matches your space perfectly. Worry not, because Letta London carries a number of different finishes to match all shower areas, both modern and traditional.

      • Chrome — Let’s start with the basics! Concealed chrome showers will go with pretty much any bathroom style. These are particularly suitable for simple, minimalist spaces, as they’ll only highlight the sleek and elegant lines of your bathroom.
      • Graphite — Those who are looking to make a statement will not go wrong with a graphite shower valve. These eye-catching pieces will make your space stand out even more. If you prefer modern, industrial solutions that are simple yet effective, then this is a good option for you.
      • Brass or copper — Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten about our maximalists either! These concealed showers will make your bathroom pop in all the right ways. The warm hues are bound to bring some softness and a dose of luxury into your space.


      Just as its name suggests, an electric shower has a heating element that uses electricity to warm up cold water. In addition, all the workings of the shower are hidden behind a wall for a more polished look.
      If you’re on the lookout for a top-quality concealed electric shower, then Letta London is the place to visit. We carry products from the finest manufacturers in the business. If you’re unsure about the design, our friendly staff will help you select the right one.
      No, they aren't. This is a very common misconception, but the two aren’t the same. Unlike an electric shower, the power one doesn’t have a heating element that uses electricity. Instead, the water comes from a cylinder heated by a boiler.