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View our expansive range of luxury freestanding baths characterised by their bold design with soft edges and minimalistic form. Each of our stand alone baths are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and designs, so you can find the perfect freestanding stone bath for your dream bathroom. If you are looking for something more traditional, we have a range of roll top baths which might have the look you are after. Feel free to visit our bathroom showroom in London & see some of our freestanding baths!
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      Freestanding bathtubs have a modern look, with a wide range of colours & sizes available. They can really make any bathroom stand out. Some customers buy black freestanding baths to create a modern bathroom, while others buy roll top baths as they want a more traditional look.


      We have a dedicated team in our London showroom that can provide fantastic advice and excellent customer service to each of our customers. Our bathtubs come in a range of sizes and styles, and we can help you find small or large baths, whirlpool baths, freestanding or corner baths and much more. Our online bath store sells bathtubs perfect for anyone looking to refurbish a bathroom or replace a dated bathtub.


      Are you looking for a way to create a modern bathroom? Designing the perfect bathroom takes skill and a good knowledge of what style products would fit in the room to serve you best. Freestanding baths make a bathroom feel more modern immediately. The style of a stand alone bath, paired with a modern freestanding bath mixer, will create the perfect contemporary bathroom.  We carefully choose our freestanding baths from some of the best suppliers in the market, with quality & luxury in mind at all times.

      Bring Effortless Luxury Into Your Bathroom With Freestanding Baths From Letta London

      Imagine sipping champagne while taking a well-deserved soak in your fancy standalone bath. Paints a nice picture, doesn’t it?

      If you can spare the space, freestanding baths will make a perfect addition to your bathroom. These items make for ideal centrepieces, and we at Letta London host a wide range of them to suit bathrooms of different styles and sizes.

      Fitting a piece like a freestanding bath into a standard UK bathroom may seem like a challenge. Traditional baths are normally installed against a wall or in a corner, whereas freestanding ones can go anywhere with access from all sides. Consequently, you’ll require a bit more free space than with regular baths or showers.

      Not to worry, because Letta London is here to address and resolve all your inquiries. This short guide will address any questions you may have about buying a standalone bath.

      Letta London Freestanding Baths — Comfort Personified

      British households with the space to install a brand new bath have their work cut out for them. With so many types and styles at their disposal, it can be challenging to pick the right piece.

      Most people choose baths for the comfort and relaxation they offer, but there is one type that rules them all in that regard — a freestanding bath.

      If you want to buy a standalone bath in the UK, we at Letta London sell only the absolute best of what the industry has to offer. These beauties not only help you unwind after a tough day, but they also feature a stylish design that will transform your bathroom space into one worthy of a magazine cover.

      Placement of Stand Alone Baths

      We’ve already mentioned that one of the biggest perks ofstandalone baths is that you can place them pretty much anywhere in your bathroom and have access to them from all sides. Let’s have a closer look at how that works in practice.


      Obviously, with freestanding baths, you’re going to need that bit of extra space, at least if you want to be able to walk around it and use it from all sides. Take a closer look at your bathroom and assess how much available floor space you actually have. Ideally, you should leave 55–60 cm of clearance to walls or other fittings in the bathroom on each side.


      Don’t despair — Letta London carries a wide range of freestanding baths that come in different sizes. Browse our website, and you’ll surely find one that can fit your space. We feature standard 180x90 cm baths, as well as larger and smaller pieces. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need to keep an area of at least 200x290 cm free while you’re planning the layout of your new bathroom.

      Right Materials for Freestanding Baths

      When purchasing a freestanding bath, most people focus on the style, and how could they not when they look so gorgeous? However, if you want to have the ultimate bathing experience selecting the right material is vital, too. Letta London works with brands that use only the best materials in the market. We cover two such materials below.


      By far, the most popular option due to its affordability and easy maintenance is acrylic. UK households opt for these baths because they are lighter than steel ones but just as durable. What’s more, standalone acrylic baths are more resistant to dents and scratches.


      While not as common as acrylic, stone baths are a true gem that’ll give your bathroom space that spa feel in an instant. Plus, stone baths are built to last a lifetime. Therefore, although they are a bit pricier, they’re also a worthwhile investment. Stone is an ideal material for standalone baths because it won’t crack or split.

      Stand Alone Baths — Style Overview

      Now that we have covered the materials — we can focus on what interior design enthusiasts are here for — style. Freestanding baths appeal to stylists because they easily fit into any space. Letta London is the place to go if you’re looking for quality baths. Our experts will help you settle on the model that will complement your bathroom.


      A rolltop bath is a type of freestanding bath with curved edges at the top, giving the bath a more rounded look. If you’re a fan of vintage pieces, these baths have a retro feel to them. They’re also ideal for those who prefer a softer look to modern design, which is usually characterised by sharp lines and edges. Fans of 18th-century Europe and period pieces will adore these.

      Single-Ended vs Double Ended

      As the name suggests, single-ended baths have an overflow, drain, and slope only at one end, which means they are meant only for one bather. Most single-ended freestanding baths have one end raised into a comfortable backrest.

      The latter have slopes at both ends and, therefore, a more elegant look. Double-ended baths are usually larger, so keep that in mind while reaching a decision. These pieces are ideal for families with small children, as the central faucets make bath time much easier.


      Letta London is the place to visit if you’re looking for high-quality bathroom products. We have a long history of working with the best names in the industry. The standalone baths we carry are made with the finest materials using the latest manufacturing trends.
      There actually isn’t a big difference between the two. The concept is the same; both types are self-contained and self-supporting. Roll-top baths are standalone baths characterised by rounded edges that give them their distinctive look.
      Yes and no. While freestanding baths are ideal for larger bathrooms, it doesn’t mean you can’t install one if you are a bit low on space. Letta London hosts a wide range of standalone baths of different sizes, suitable even for more compact spaces.
      It all depends on your preferences and budget. Acrylic is the go-to choice for many UK buyers, as it’s affordable and sturdy. If you want to invest in high-quality, luxury pieces, then stone baths are the way to go.
      With standard baths, you rarely have to think about the placement of taps. However, with standalone pieces, you have much more freedom and get to play around. You could opt for a standpipe, which is installed on the floor, next to the bath. If that’s not your cup of tea, you could always go with a more traditional option, a rim-mounted bath tap.