Boiling Water Taps

Turn your tap into a kettle by purchasing an instant hot water tap which dispenses boiling water immediately.
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      Modernise Your Kitchen With a Boiling Water Tap

      Kitchen appliances and additions have truly come a long way. Every now and then, we come across a clever invention that makes our day-to-day lives much simpler. Let's face it, when we have multiple deadlines to meet or a ton of housework to finish, sometimes we need all the help we can get. Activities as mundane as boiling water can be extremely time-consuming when in a rush.

      Luckily, boiling water taps are here to save the day and make your chores a bit more bearable. On Letta London’s website, you'll find a huge number of options that fit all kitchen styles. If you're not sure which one to choose, feel free to ask our staff for assistance. They’ll be delighted to help you furnish your kitchen.

      Boiling Water Tap — A Tap That Does It All

      As their name suggests, boiling water taps will provide you with instant hot water. Those who cannot go without drinking a strongcup of tea or coffee in the morning but can't be bothered to wait for the water to boil will adore this neat addition.

      Thanks to a hot water tap, now you can cook your favourite pasta or vegetables much faster. Watch your entire cooking experience transform with these innovative pieces. What’s more, not only are they efficient, but they’re also visually appealing and come in various styles and finishes.

      Pick a Perfect Boiling Water Tap

      Functionality may be the first aspect we look for in a new kitchen tap, but looks matter, too. Everyone wants their space to be more appealing by the time they’re done with renovations. Letta London carries a wide range of hot water taps that come in a range of finishes to fit all kitchen styles. So, if you’re looking for new boiling taps UK, feel free to browse our rich offer.

      • Brass — Those seeking to add a touch of old glamour into their space will not go wrong if they opt for brass boiling water taps.
      • Chrome — On the other hand, if you prefer something old-school and inconspicuous, then chrome is the better option, as it goes with pretty much everything.
      • Graphite — Making a statement in the kitchen is not easy design-wise, but graphite taps might just do the trick.


      If you’re in the UK and want to purchase a boiling water tap, then look no further than Letta London. On our site, you’ll find a wide selection of kitchen taps from some of the leading brands. Our knowledgeable staff will help you select the right piece for your kitchen.
      Price-wise,a hot water tap is more expensive than a standard one. However, once you think about all the time you’ll save and can spend doing something more pressing or relaxing, then they are a well-worth investment.
      If you need boiling water multiple times on a daily basis, then you should definitely think about purchasing a hot water tap. With these, you’ll get instant hot water, so you’ll be saving energy and time simultaneously.