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      Get the Best Straight Bath for Your Bathroom

      Even though most people don't give these rooms much thought, bathrooms are among the most important parts of every home. According to a recent survey, an average British person spends as many as 416 days of their life in this room. So, if you’re renovating or furnishing your bathroom, there’s no need to rush — it’s only natural you’d take time searching for the best bath for your space.

      There are plenty of fittings you’ll have to think about, but one outshines them all — its majesty, the bath. If you’re struggling with a small bathroom, you might have written these beauties off your to-buy list. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let your bathroom size stand in the way of the enjoyment and relaxation a hot bath can provide. All you have to do is consider standard bath sizes and visit the right stores. Read on, and let us give you a hand with that task!

      Straight Acrylic Baths — The Fittings Your Bathroom Deserves

      As we’ve mentioned, most UK bathrooms are very small and compact. Thankfully, today’s market abounds with all sorts of fittings, so you don’t have to give up on the luxury of having a bath — you just need to research where you can find a small straight bath that fits in your space.

      Our recommendation is Letta London! This bath store has over 25 years of experience under its belt and is one of the best bath suppliers in the UK. Standard straight acrylic baths by Letta London are elegant, long-lasting, and stylish. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you’re bound to find at least one that works for you.

      Choosing Your Standard Bath

      Now that we’ve established that you need a bath, let’s see how you can choose the perfect one. You will need to consider the factors like dimensions, style, and materials. Keep reading to learn more about each

      Standard Acrylic Bath Dimensions

      When you’re looking to buy a straight bath in the UK, dimensions are an important thing to consider. UK apartments tend to have smaller bathrooms with unusual layouts. So, your first step should be measuring the space where you’d like to fit your bath. If you're only renovating your bathroom and already have a bath, the task will be even easier. Measure your old bath corner to corner — lengthwise and crosswise — and bottom to top.

      Straight baths’ dimensions typically sit around 1,400 mm in length and 700 mm in width. However, Letta London’s offer includes dimensions that go up to 1,800x800 mm. So, you should have no problem getting the size that you need.

      Standard Bath Style and Material

      The style and material of your bath are the second on the list of priorities you should consider. Letta London carries a wide variety of these bathroom fittings, as it wants to cater to customers of different tastes and preferences. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to purchase a tub from the standard category, you’ll find straight baths as one of the options.

      Straight baths by Letta London have a traditional, rectangular shape and are ideal for installing bath panels. On top of that, they come in single- and double-ended varieties, so you’ll be able to fit them anywhere in your bathroom.

      Baths can be made of various materials. Nevertheless, the acrylic straight bath type is the best and most popular option in the UK. These are incredibly sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. Plus, they’re light and, therefore, very simple to install.


      Letta London is a UK-based bathroom products seller with a premium collection of standard baths. Browse the official website or visit the stores to find the perfect match for your bathroom.
      Letta London standard baths come in several sizes. They start at 1,400x700 mm and go up to 1,800x800 mm. As long as you measure your space properly, you shouldn’t have trouble fitting one into your bathroom.
      They are. Letta London’s standard category includes top-of-the-line acrylic baths. Despite being white, this material is quite forgiving and simple to clean. Standard bathroom cleaning supplies will suffice.