About us

Letta London is an evolving luxury brand offering the best quality in bathroom and bespoke wardrobe supplies.

Letta london

With over 25 years ofexperience and collaboration with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the business, we showcase only the best products available on the market.
Our mission is to help you build a comfortable, spacious, and luxurious bathroom you'll truly cherish. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, our products are also future-proof, allowing you to use them for years before feeling the need to renovate again.

We designed our showroom with great care so our customers can see the finished design and imagine what it will look like in their home.

If you don't know what you're looking for, visiting our luxury bathroom store in London will give you instant inspiration and plenty of ideas. Again, even if you're not an expert and you don't know much about luxury bathrooms, we will work together to design the perfect place for your daily relaxation routine.

five steps we take to ensure that everyone is satisfied


We want to fully understand what you're looking for in a bathroom. How big is it? Who is going to use it? What are your aesthetic preferences? Are there any limits regarding your budget? By giving us the answers to these questions, we can give you a free consultation on what to look for. This should be a relaxing and enjoyable process, so we will make sure that you feel at ease and that you are truly in good hands.


Now that you've told us your wishes, we will take the time to visit your home and scan your bathroom area. This way, we will be able to see the area we're working with and make some additional suggestions if necessary.


After paying a visit to your home, we will begin working. In a few days, we will call you to our showroom again to give you our design presentation. You can expect to hear a pitch from our experts and see a 3D design of your new bathroom. Of course, we will make a presentation according to your brief, and your initial ideas will remain unchanged.


Once you are satisfied with our design, we will give you a quote. We will also supply you with design drawings and full specifications of the products you ordered so that you can be familiar with all the details.


We will deliver all parts for your bathroom in the shortest possible time frame. We will also suggest third-party installation specialists who can put together the bathroom in no time. Once your bathroom is all set, you can provide us with some feedback, stating how satisfied you are. You can also send us a photo to put in our portfolio of satisfied customers.


"I'm delighted I decided to choose Letta London. They have some of the best bathroom products in the area, and their designers can help you out if you don't really know what you're looking for."

- Redchurch Weld

"Highly recommended! My wife and I wanted to renovate our bathroom. We were sceptical of Letta London at first but after visiting their showroom it became crystal clear that they were the perfect choice"

- Rob Luck

"Great attention to detail and the best customer service I've experienced! The quality of the tiles they helped me choose is top-shelf and they look beautiful. I'm 100% satisfied"

- Dodo Vasko

"Amazing quality products paired with extremely helpful customer service. I would recommend Letta London to anybody looking to renovate their home"

- Ellie Reddington

"Letta have provided me with tiles for multiple jobs, as well as bathroom suites and custom plasters. I have been extremely happy with the price and quality of everything provided"

- David

"One word. Amazing! So many options for your home or business. Buckets of advice, easy process, quick timeframe and the final result was fantastic!"

- Dan Juravle


Address: 762 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7TH

Phone: 020 3191 6444

Email: sales@lettalondon.com

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