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      Pick the Ideal Hand Shower for Total Comfort: Letta London

      Have you ever thought about upgrading your bathroom while on a tight budget? If you think that’s impossible, think again! You can do plenty of things to upscale your bathroom without it affecting your wallet. Simple and clean reshapings and repairs can make a world of difference. Plus, we have one tip that will change your bathroom’s aesthetic while also adding flair to your daily routine — hand showers.

      In Letta London’s diverse offer of top-ranking bathroom manufacturers, you can find a new hand shower that will add a unique touch to your space. Let’s see which styles, types, and designs you can find at Letta London.

      Hand Showers — A New Daily Routine

      You might prefer wall-mounted shower heads that don’t require much effort to install. However, some bathrooms might not allow for that kind of setup. In addition, some people may simply prefer managing their showers manually. For that reason, top-class world manufacturers have prioritised coming up with perfectly designed and dependable hand showers. Their practicality has improved the daily routines of many people, thus winning over their hearts.

      Letta London carries a vast selection of hand showers from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, like Grohe and Nuie. You can find your perfect hand shower by selecting a specific type, style, design, and functionality. If you need help figuring out what you require to make your everyday lifestyle more enjoyable, the helpful Letta London staff will come to your aid.

      Hand Shower Types

      We will list a few hand shower types to help you narrow down your choice. On top of that, you will also get to choose the shower’s colour, style, and finish.

      • Hand shower with one spray — This hand shower is the most common option, especially for those people who don’t like to overcomplicate things. Letta London offers these in various colours and models, including stick hand showers and trigger spray.
      • Hand shower with two sprays— If you like adding variety to your shower routine without going over the top, we suggest opting for two-spray hand showers.
      • Hand shower with three sprays— Three-spray hand showers add more than you could have hoped for. Many come with multiple settings, like different spray patterns, massage options, rain mode, and similar.
      • Hand shower with four sprays— If you want an everyday spa-like experience, opt for a hand shower featuring four sprays. After all, there’s no better way to enjoy a shower than by indulging in all its wonders.


      You can find a variety of hand shower options at Letta London. The online shop and London showroom offer products from world-class manufacturers, promoting different styles, designs, and functions.
      Pick a hand shower depending on your daily needs. For instance, if you prefer a quick shower, opt for the shower with one spray, but if you like to take your time, choose the four-spray ones that allow ultimate enjoyment.
      Letta London offers many options, from budget-friendly hand showers to more luxurious ones. Trust us — there’s something that will appeal to anyone, regardless of their price range.