You will be pleased to learn that all of the products we supply are fully guarantee against any type of manufacturing defects for one full year.

However, sometimes the manufacturers guarantee is longer than one year and you will be notified of the guarantee times when you are placing an order with us, the manufacturers guarantees are often displayed on our website under the specific products.

All products supplied by us with have literature supplied with them including any installation instructions and information regarding the guarantees of those products supplied too.

Please do be aware though that the guarantees do not cover the product if any fault is due to misuse, abuse or neglect, or the products have been used in contravention of the instructions supplied with them.

Any alterations or modifications of any products supplied by us will not be covered by their restive product guarantees. Domestic goods that have been used for commercial activities will also not be covered by those guarantees.

In the unlikely event of you experiencing any problems with any products purchased from Letta London, please return it to our showroom, where we will arrange a refund or replacement as required by our right and yours under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Product Recalls

If any company that supplied us with goods recalls any products then we will update this particular section of our website, alto alert you to the fact that any products have been recalled.

If any product you have purchased from Letta London is subject to a recall then you can of course return that product to us for a full refund in line with our terms and conditions.

However, if you want confirmation of the reason why any product has been recalled then you can contact our customer support team or make contact with the manufacturers of those products directly.

Our purchasing team do their utmost best to ensure that all of our product ranges are the best ones available, and if you need any advice on any of our product lines our support team will always go that extra mile to ensure you can find a product that fits your requirements exactly.

Extended Guarantees

Whilst all of our product lines come with their manufacturer guarantees, we may offer you the option to take out an extended guarantee.

However, at no time are you obliged to take out an extended guarantee on any items purchased from us, but it is good to know that you may have the option of extending such guarantees.

For details of whether an extended guarantee is available on any products you are interested in buying from us, and the cost of those extended guarantees then do feel free to ask any of our showroom sales staff or contact our support team, their contact details can of course be found on the contact us section of this website.

Delivery Guarantees

If you are interested in having any products you have purchased from us delivered to your home address or an alternative address, and/or you want them delivered on a certain day or at a certain time slot, then please do ensure you discuss your delivery options with our sales advisers.

We always try and go that extra mile to accommodate all of our customers, and whilst it may not be possible to deliver at very short notice we will always try and do our best to ensure we do meet your delivery requirements.

Upon delivery of any goods supplied by us that has been delivered by our team or any of our third party delivery agents please do ensure that you check the delivery notes with your order. If any goods are damaged or have not been delivered as stated on the delivery notes then please contact us immediately.

Our Extensive Range of Quality Products

We really do want you to be 100% happy with any products you by from us, and if at any time you have any questions regarding any of the items in our product line then you are more than welcome to contact any of our showroom staff or our support team for additional information.

In regard to made to measure items then please do ensure that you take care and time to ensure the sizes of those items you require have been measure correctly, and once again any of our team will be able to advise you on how to do so correctly.

Ex-Display Products

From time to time e may offer some products that have been used for display purses for sale and sell them on a sold as seen basis. Be aware that your rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 are still in place on such products.

However, we will draw your attention to any slight blemishes or any additional aspects of such products that are sold as seen, those items as mentioned will have been used for display purposes, so may have some slight blemishes or marks on them.

Have Any Additional Questions?

If you do have any additional questions then you are always going to be more than welcome to either call into our showroom or contact us via any of our contact methods.

We have a full support team who will be able to answer any more specific questions you may have, however do please take a good look through our online storefront as most of the questions you have in regards to the sizes for example of each product are going to be displayed on each individual items showcased on this website.