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As you can imagine, there are numerous styles of basins for your bathroom to pick from. Whether you opt for a modern-looking or a traditional basin, you will find what meets your needs at Letta London. Select one of the available basins made of ceramic, anthracite, tempered glass, or other materials. Your ideas will come to life with Letta London’s style selection!
Interestingly, there are several types of basins for your bathroom. Think about your bathroom’s overall look and choose one of many available options, such as countertop basins, washbasins, pedestal and semi-pedestal, inset and semi-inset, wall-mounted basins and many more. Please take a look at our site to learn more about various basin types.
All bathroom basins from our catalogue have proven to be of the highest quality and practicality. All the basins are built by the professionals of their craft, so you can expect a highly functional basin that will please your eye. You can expect durability and value with Letta London’s basins.
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      Elevate Your Bathroom With Basins From Letta London

      We might not sleep there, but the bathroom takes a high second place in the race of most used rooms in the house. As we end up spending a good deal of our lives in our bathrooms, we should also take good care of that room. That doesn’t only mean frequent cleaning and maintenance but regular sprucing up to breathe in a new life.

      And what better way to start that journey than by choosing one of the most used bathroom elements — the basin. A basin is a necessary element for any bathroom or cloakroom and probably one that we use the most. So, it’s important to pick one that suits not only your bathroom’s style but also yours.

      Let’s see what Letta London has to offer in its various collections of bathroom basins it carries. We’re sure you’ll find the one right here.

      Letta London Basins — A Must-Have

      Have you ever seen a bathroom or cloakroom without a basin? Regardless of where you are in the world, a basin is a necessary part of any room with a toilet. It would be preposterous not to have a place where to wash up — and this is where a basin steps in.

      When it comes to basin fits, there’s plenty to consider. You must think of everything from size to style when selecting a basin. Luckily, Letta London and its offer of top-class basins from world-known manufacturers are here to help you out. All you need to do is think of a style that fits your bathroom best and contact us. Even if you don’t have a style in mind, feel free to consult with our experts.

      Find Your Perfect Basin Design

      The plethora of choices available today might surprise you. So, when browsing through Letta London’s collection of basins, we encourage you to scroll through the available design categories and start from there. Let’s take a look.

      Countertop Basins

      Countertop Basins - In case you’re looking for a simple solution to elevate your bathroom, we suggest going with a countertop basin. This is a simple way to upgrade your space to the 21st century without doing a complete renovation and breaking your bank. Additionally, it’s a perfect choice if you already have a counter that does not need replacing. Take your pick between various shapes, including semi-recessed & inset basins, and purchase it as quickly as today.

      Freestanding Basins

      Freestanding Basins - Another great option that will elevate any space is opting for a freestanding basin. This basin type suits any bathroom style — from modern to traditional, allowing you to play around with the decor. A great plus with these basins is easy maintenance as you have enough room to clean around.

      Wall-Hung Basins

      Wall-Hung Basins - Most of our clients that opt for a full renovation also choose a wall-hung basin. You will adore this option if you don’t mind drilling holes in your wall. We love it as it is straightforward to maintain and saves plenty of space. You can opt for additional storage underneath it or even add decor details to spruce up the whole space.

      Cloakroom Basins

      Cloakroom Basins - Even though you’re dealing with a small space, you shouldn’t neglect your cloakroom. It is actually the perfect space to show off your interior decorating skills without violating the privacy of your master bathroom. Letta London has a wide variety of styles and sizes to offer when it comes to cloakroom basins. Any basin that you pick will perfectly tie together the space you have.


      If you are looking for a dedicated bathroom store in the UK for all your interior decorating needs, look no further than Letta London. You will find a showroom in North London where you can visit and take a stroll to find what suits your needs. An alternative option is to scroll through Letta London’s website and place an online order.
      It is difficult to make the right choice when choosing a bathroom basin, so we suggest discussing your needs with your housemates. Additionally, contact our helpful Letta London staff to receive professional opinion on whether to opt for a countertop, freestanding, or wall-hung basin.
      For a sparkling bathroom basin, we suggest straying away from chemicals and opting for a mild solution of water and liquid soap. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a bit of baking soda and clean it off with a mild sponge and water.
      As their names suggest, the former basin type stands on top of a counter, while the latter is attached to a wall.
      To find a basin that will fit a small cloakroom, make sure to measure everything twice before opting for one. Don’t forget to look at compact corner sinks if that suits your space.