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Think in terms of all the regular features and lasting quality that you have with a proper basin, and then make it tinier! Cloakroom basins are designed to be compact and space-friendly. If you do not want to keep your cloakroom space tightly packed, select one of the many perfectly designed cloakroom basins from Letta London’s catalogue.
You will not need to settle and put your wishes aside when it comes to equipping your cloakroom. Smaller spaces allow for more unique solutions, meaning you can design your cloakroom without compromising anything. Opt for one of the many available cloakroom basins from our extensive range and complete your renovation in no time.
With Letta London’s selection of affordable and high-quality cloakroom basins, you can rest assured that your renovation will go smoothly. All cloakroom basins have been designed and produced to last a lifetime and deliver both style and compatibility. At Letta London, you can expect quality and elegance and expert design — take your pick!

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      Upgrade Your Cloakroom With a New Basin From Letta London

      Elevating your cloakroom can prove to be a daunting task because of the room's size and layout. These bathrooms are not always easy to renovate and decorate; if you have one, you know what we mean. Luckily, we are here to make your job easier as Letta London carries a range of cloakroom basins that fit any space. And a modern basin is the perfect starting point.

      So, look no further if you are ready to add a bit of magic to a small space like a cloakroom. Letta London offers all the elements to make a cloakroom shine, including a compact but stylish basin. If you are not sure where to start, we got your back. Let’s look at some designs that will surely fit your style.

      Cloakroom Basins: A Necessary Perfect Fit

      Although a cloakroom isn’t used as much as your main bathroom, that is no excuse to neglect it. Most cloakrooms take up a little space in our apartments or houses, typically located in cramped corners or under the stairs. That does not leave much room to renovate, decorate, or manoeuvre around it. Because of that, you must find bathroom items that will fit that limited space.

      So, if you are looking for a cloakroom basin in the UK that will perfectly fit any space, you’re on the right page. We will present the best cloakroom basin options that Letta London carries from various manufacturers that are definitely worth a look.

      Find the Design That Fits Your Space

      Many homeowners do not have a lot of options when it comes to picking that perfect cloakroom basin. And that is mainly due to their bathroom space. Luckily, Letta London offers some of the most convenient choices regarding cloakroom basin designs. Let’s see what those are.

      Corner Basins

      You might not have thought of going for a corner basin as these are not a typical choice for a regular-sized bathroom. However, they represent a perfect option for spaces as small as cloakrooms. The pure size and shape of corner basins mean they will fit any space, no matter how small. We recommend them for even the tiniest of spaces.

      Compact Rectangular Basins

      If you have a bit more room in your cloakroom, you can opt for rectangle-shaped basins. These basins are not much larger than corner basins but feature an elongated shape. As their name suggests, they are still highly compact. Additionally, they come in a few different models and with various finishing touches. Letta London has made sure to carry something for everyone’s taste.

      Square Basins

      Square-shaped basins are not that different from rectangle-shaped ones but still add a different touch to the space. They might seem more modern and unique due to their shape, but that also depends on how your room has been decorated. Make sure you go through all of the options and measure your space accordingly.


      Letta London carries a large selection of cloakroom basins that fit everyone’s style and taste. You will find everything from corner basins to compact ones of various designs. Make sure you scroll through the Letta London site to see all the available options.
      We suggest hiring a professional for any installation involving drilling new holes or dabbling with the water system. However, if you have some experience or are just switching your old basin with a new one, you should be fine.
      Installing a cloakroom basin is a better option in a space as small as a cloakroom. We suggest not going for a regular-sized basin as it would take up a lot of unnecessary space.
      No, they are not. Cloakroom basins are no different from regular ones, so you can use the same products you typically use.
      Letta London carries a wide range of bathroom elements made explicitly for cloakrooms. We suggest going through our entire catalogue to find all the fixtures you need for your cloakroom renovation.