Basins Buying Guide

A basin is one of the most used features, whether that be in your bathroom or kitchen. Therefore, making the choice of which wash basin or kitchen sink to choose is an important one. Your basin should not only look perfect to you, but should have usability that suits the needs of those who use it. For example: If you need a kitchen sink, having a range of colours such as a black kitchen sink could help you design a better looking kitchen. 

We have plenty of basin styles and sizes to choose from, so whether you’re replacing an old sink, or completely redesigning your bathroom, our guide is here to show you what to consider when choosing a basin.


Things to consider when buying a new basin

Bathroom size


The size of your bathroom depends on what size basin you purchase. Washbasins and pedestal basins are a common choice because most modern houses have limited bathroom space, especially in a cloakroom, where you might need a more compact style of cloakroom basin. You will also need to ensure your new sink will fit if you’re replacing your old sink, so taking measurements will ensure a perfect fit. If you’re in need of a new basin, you may want to consider what your basin will be used for. For example, do you need space to wash your hands? Will it be used for shaving? Would you prefer a freestanding basin?

Basin height


Your new basin will need to be waist height as this is a comfortable basin height and is convenient for use. You may require a vanity mirror above the basin and a vanity unit below, so making room for this furniture requires the basin to be at the correct height.

Choosing your taps


Choosing your style of tap is just as important as choosing your basin. Both features need to complement each other and match your bathroom style. It is important to choose the number of taps you will require as this determines how many holes are drilled into the basin. Most basins have one hole for the popular choice of mixer basin taps, as they make it easy to control the water temperature. However, you may choose a more traditional route with pillar taps which require two holes.

Mounting options


Basins come in many shapes and designs and can be installed in different ways. For example, you can install them onto your wall, on your countertop, or have them stand alone. Below are the different styles of basins available, so you can see how each one can fit into your bathroom or kitchen.

Basin styles

Wall-hung basins                                                 Countertop Basins

wall_mounted_basin                    counter_basin
Inset & Semi-Inset Basins                                         Pedestal & Semi 
Inset_and_Semi_Inset_Basins                                  pedestal_basins

Accessories for your basin


Once you have chosen the basin, you should opt for a stylish basin tap that pairs well to add the finishing touch to your sink. We have plenty of tap options available for you to browse through, so you’re sure to find the perfect tap.


Finding a basin waste is the next step in your journey after choosing your basin. A basin waste’s purpose is to ensure the water in your basin drains smoothly, as well as being used to block the pipes, allowing your sink to fill up with water. You may want your waste to match your taps, for example, if you choose a chrome finish tap, you could choose a chrome waste to complete the look.


Is a bathroom basin a sink?

The definition of basin is a wide bowl used for washing, meaning a basin is also a sink. However, basins are also known as washbasins.

What is the standard size bathroom sink?

Bathroom sinks and basins range in size depending on the style of sink, so there is no standard size. Rectangular basins can range from 16 to 23 inches in length, 19 to 24 inches wide and 5 to 8 inches in depth. In general, round and oval basins are usually 16 to 20 inches in diameter and 5 to 8 inches deep. 

What is the most popular bathroom sink style?

Drop-in bathroom sinks tend to be very popular because they are usually easy to install. They slot into your vanity sink hole and often arrive with tap holes ready for your taps to be fitted. Countertop basins are also becoming more in-demand because of their stylish, modern design. They were mainly seen in hotels and luxury restaurants, but are now present in more home bathrooms.