Bath Buying Guide

There is no better way to unwind from a long day than a nice candle-lit hot bubble bath. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a new bath you want to make sure you’re considering all shapes, sizes and styles for yourself and your family. 

Whether you're searching for a space saving bathtub, or a stylish centrepiece for your bathroom, this guide will help you decide on the perfect bath for you. And, if you need further assistance - feel free to contact a member of our bathroom design team, who can help you purchase a quality tub which fits in your space! 


Factors to consider

Size and position

You will need precise measurements of where you want to place your bath, so you know exactly how much space is available to use. If you’re starting a new bath project, start with what shape and size you would like your bath to be. If you are replacing your old bath, it may mean your new bath will have to be the same shape and size to fill the gap. However, you can still revamp it with new taps and wastes if you want it to feel new and different. 


The next step is to decide what taps will pair nicely with your bath and where on the bath you’d like them to be placed as this will affect the location of where the tap holes are cut on the bath. Some baths come with taps holes already drilled in, but others do not. You usually have a choice with straight baths and free-standing baths to have the taps in the middle of the bath or on either end. See our taps buying guide to decide which style of taps pair with your bath.

Other bath essentials

There are more items to consider when fitting a new bath, for example; wastes, bath panels, screens and feet. Bath panels are a practical option and provide a clean finish to complete your bath if you plan on using your bath as a shower. Wastes and plugs add a touch of style to your bath. You can choose between the traditional look of a chain waste or plug, or a more modern feel with a pop-up waste. Pair your bath and waste with some matching feet for a complete, Victorian style look.

Types of baths

Shower baths


When you don’t have enough room for a separate bath and shower, shower baths are ideal for utilising the space you do have for a bath. They usually come in P-shaped or L-shaped designs, so that the showering end is wider for extra room to shower. With the choice of a curved bath or straight edges, you’re sure to find a shower bath that tickles your fancy.

Straight baths


This is the most popular bath shape as straight baths can suit any bathroom layout. It is usually against a wall or corner and the taps are fitted at one end of the bath, leaving the opposite end free for you to lay back and relax. This style of bath has a panel around the edge to create a finished look.

Double-ended baths


Double-ended baths allow you to lay at either end of the bath without you having to rest on the taps. It is the same shape as a straight bath, but the taps are usually positioned in the centre of the bath either attached to the wall or on the bath.

Corner Baths


Ideal for smaller bathrooms that can’t fit a standard bath, corner baths comfortably slot into the corner of your bathroom. With a wider and shorter design, the triangle-shaped style of the bath gives the bathroom the illusion of a large and luxurious environment. A built in seat is also an option which can make bathing children and dogs an easier task.

Free-standing baths


If you have the luxury of a large bathroom with plenty of space to play with, a freestanding bath is ideal. They don’t require fixing to a wall, so your bath becomes a real bathroom center-piece. This gives you the ability to have your bath separate from your shower and the option to place it wherever you like in your bathroom. We have an extensive range of different styles available such as a slipper bath where the back of the bath is higher than the rest, a roll-top bath for a Victorian style, or a double-ended slipper design for a more traditional look.

Spa and whirlpool baths


There is no need for a trip to the spa when you have your very own whirlpool bath to relax and unwind in. This bath is available in different styles, such as a corner or shower bath, as well as jets installed inside the bath with jet controls to manage the water pressure. There is also an option to add LED lights to create that hot tub spa feel.

Standard Bath Sizes

It is helpful to be given standard bath dimensions for each bath style so you can roughly plan where your bath can be placed.

Straight baths

All straight baths vary in size, however, the standard dimensions for this style of bath in the UK is 150cm-180cm in length and 70cm-80cm in width.

Corner Baths

The standard size of a corner bath is between 120cm-160cm in length and 90cm-140cm in width. However, they do tend to easily slot into the corner of a standard size bathroom.

Spa baths

These baths are one of the largest styles of baths. The standard size of a straight spa bath is between 170cm-180cm in length and 75cm-85cm in width. However, the standard length of a corner spa bath is 140cm-160cm and 90cm-140cm wide.

Freestanding baths

Stand alone baths were originally designed for large bathrooms as a centrepiece in the middle of your bathroom. However, we offer a variety of sizes and styles to suit the size of your bathroom. The standard length of this bath style is 150cm-175cm and 70cm-80cm in width.


Are shower baths a good idea?

A shower bath is a standard size bath for a UK bathroom, so if you’re looking for a bath to fit comfortably, a shower bath is a great option. With a shower bath you have the luxury of choosing between a relaxing soak in the bath, or a quick rinse in the shower as well as adding an elegant touch to your space.

What are the best baths made of?

The most popular bath material is acrylic. This is because of it being cost-effective and its ability to maintain its natural warmth. It is also easy to clean making it a popular choice for family households.

What is the most comfortable bath shape?

The perfect and most comfortable bath shape depends on preference. However, an oval free-standing bath tends to be the most comfortable because the oval curves make it a nice shape to comfortably lie down and relax in.

What bath should I choose?

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bathroom, a free-standing bath would be ideal for you to display as a center-piece. However, if your space is limited you may be better off choosing a straight bath or shower bath for a smaller size, but still adding a modern touch to your bathroom.