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Treat yourself to the ultimate way to unwind with our fantastic collection of whirlpool baths. Our range includes double ended whilrpool baths available in 6, 10 or 12 jet styles. 
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      Get the Ultimate Pamper Treatment With Letta London Whirlpool Baths

      Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy the ultimate spa experience in your home anytime you want? Thanks to whirlpool baths, you no longer have to speculate. You can finally forget about tension headaches, stiff muscles, and fatigue with the help of the light massaging power of whirlpool jets.

      If you are in dire need of a relaxing moment after a long day of work, then Letta London should be your to-go shopping location. We host a large number ofwhirlpool baths of all shapes and sizes for a supreme de-stress experience.

      The following guide will answer all of your questions and concerns and help you choose the right piece for your bathroom space.

      Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind — Whirlpool Baths From Letta London

      Baths have been a solid bathroom product favourite for hundreds of years for a good reason. Frankly, there’s almost nothing better than a long soak after a trying day. After all, our bodies and minds also need a moment of respite.

      Baths have been our faithful companions in that pursuit for a long time. However, all of that took on a whole new meaning with whirlpool baths. Thanks to those powerful jets placed on the bath shell’s side, people can finally experience ultimate relaxation from the comfort of their own homes.

      Let’s take a look at how these inconspicuous pieces transformed something so simple as a bathing ritual.

      Home Spa Experience

      While nothing can fully replicate the spa experience, whirlpool baths from Letta London are pretty close. Anyone who’s ever had an underwater massage can attest to how relaxing it can be. With the addition of jets, you’ll be getting the treatment of your dreams.

      The stream’s intensity is adjustable, and you won’t have to worry about working hours as you would with a spa. You can get your massage morning, day, and night — it sounds like a win-win to us.

      What’s more, the effects of a whirlpool bath aren’t temporary; you’ll feel recharged and ready to take on the world once done.

      Escape the Hustle and Bustle of Everyday Life

      Bathrooms have become sort of a sanctuary for many Birts, as it’s the one place where we can let our hair down and forget about the noisy outside world. Therefore, most UK households try to make this space as comfortable as possible. Obviously, jet baths have become a part of the equation.

      To keep pushing forward in our daily lives as we’ve done so far, we need something to help us unwind. And what better way to do so than soaking in a warm bath with massage add-ons? All stress-related issues like stiff muscles and tension headaches will simply melt away, so although purchasing a whirlpool bath may be an investment, it is one worth making.

      Advantages of Whirlpool Baths

      If you’re still on the fence about buying a whirlpool bath, let’s take a closer look at some of its many advantages.

      • Good for the skin — Prolonged water usage and enhanced blood flow will help remove toxins from your body and leave your skin glowing.
      • Improved mental health — Switching off our minds from time to time and simply being in the moment, listening to the steady flow of water can help us feel more relaxed and less anxious.
      • Better circulation and decreased joint pain — Water movements can take the pressure off the joints and ease the pain. On the same note, the warmth of the water improves blood flow and helps other organs function better.

      Pick the Design of Your Whirlpool Baths

      Since you’re familiar with the many perks of buying a whirlpool bath, it’s time to pick the right design. Letta London has a wide selection of various bathroom products, including jet baths of different sizes and designs.

      We carry models made from the finest materials and numerous popular brands. Browse our website or visit us in person and discover our extensive collection of whirlpool baths.

      Jet baths come in various shapes and forms, so let’s take a closer look at what you can expect.

      Corner Whirlpool Baths

      To maximise your bathroom space, look no further than corner whirlpool baths. They take up less space than standard baths and are perfect for unconventional bathrooms that are either longer or narrower in size.

      Small Whirlpool Baths

      If you are low on space, another solution is a small whirlpool bath. Letta London carries a wide range of small baths to fit the tiniest bathroom spaces. You can choose from different jet layouts to enhance your whirlpool experience.

      Single/Double-Ended Whirlpool Baths

      For a more classic look, choose the traditional single-ended whirlpool bath. They represent the perfect combination of practical and striking. On the other hand, double-ended whirlpool baths are slightly less conventional as they have the taps and the waste in the centre. Such placement leaves more room for a bather or two to enjoy their water massage.

      Freestanding Whirlpool Baths

      Of course, no list of whirlpool baths would be complete without a freestanding one. The royalty of baths, these pieces will take everyone’s breath away. Bring jets into the mixture, and you’ll get one perfect package. Browse our wide range of freestanding baths and watch your bathroom space transform.


      Whirlpool baths are self-contained baths with the addition of 6–8 jets (some designs have more). The bath features controls to operate the jets, powered by air or water. This way, bathers get a relaxing massage and a sense of relaxation standard baths cannot provide.
      Letta London has a long history of providing bathroom products to UK residents. We carry a wide range of whirlpool baths of different sizes and jet configurations made with the finest materials on the market. This way, you can pick a design that works for you and your needs.
      Cleaning a bath can be a fairly simple process as it all depends on the material. Our experts will advise you on proper maintenance once you settle on the design of your bath. However, since these are whirlpool baths, you also need to think of pipework, fertile ground for various germs and bacteria. Therefore, ensure you clean your jets with a small brush after each use and use a strong whirlpool cleaner every six weeks.
      Letta London carries whirlpool baths at different price points, so feel free to browse our website to find the one that fits your budget. Although jet baths are pricier than traditional ones, they are worth every penny.
      While jets are enough of an accessory on their own, you can further enhance your bathing experience with some LED lights for the ultimate spa experience. Light therapy is known to have many beneficial effects on our health, too. If you want to look into some other accessories, our Letta London staff will be glad to lend you a hand.