Is Chrome Still A Good Tap Colour In 2023?

chrome basin tap

Are you wondering if chrome is still a good tap colour in 2023? As a designer, I'm here to tell you it most certainly can be! Chrome taps have been around for decades and remain stylish due to their sleek, modern look. 

Chrome taps can help perfectly bring your bathroom or kitchen design together - even in 2023! Let's take a closer look at why this timeless classic will never go out of style.

When choosing any fixtures for your home, there are certain factors you should consider - such as price point and practicality. Fortunately, with chrome finish taps, both these boxes get ticked off easily. Chrome is one of the more affordable tap options, and its reflective surface also makes it easier to clean than other colours. Plus, because of its neutral hue, it goes well with almost any type of décor. 

So whether you're aiming for something traditional or ultra-modern, chrome won't disappoint you!

Ultimately when it comes to styling your space, the choice of tap colour all depends on personal preference. But no matter what year we're living in – whether 2000 or 2023 – chrome offers a timeless appeal that won't fade away anytime soon. 

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if used correctly, it'll add a touch of sophistication without removing the overall design aesthetic. So if you don't mind adding a little bit of old-school glamour to your home, then give chrome a chance – I promise you won't regret it!

Fitting Chrome Taps into 2023's Design Trends

As a designer, I am always keeping a close eye on the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design. According to recent surveys, 2023 is predicted to be the year of futuristic home decoration, with bright colours reigning supreme.

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your kitchen or bathroom tap, chrome remains a popular choice due to its versatility and ability to easily match any other colour scheme. However, if you want something truly unique that will stand out in your home, then bolder colours, such as gold and gunmetal, are great options too.

They offer a modern look while creating a striking contrast against lighter backgrounds and can make your space look more spacious. Plus, they're also perfect for adding a splash of vibrancy to any room!

Alternatives To Chrome Tap Colours

Moving away from chrome tap colours in 2023, interior designers will have a variety of options to choose from. From bold brass taps to muted matt finishes and classic black or stainless steel hues, there's something for every design aesthetic. Here are some alternatives that offer unique style:

1. Brass Tap Colours - Have you considered brushed brass taps in 2023? This lustrous finish is perfect for creating an eye-catching feature in your bathroom or kitchen. It adds warmth, depth and character to any room.

2. Matt Finishes - A subtle yet sophisticated option, matt surfaces provide a modern look without being overbearing. They come in various shades, such as grey or black, which can help tie together different elements within the space.

3. Black & Grey - These timeless classics never go out of style, regardless of trends coming and going in the marketplace. Whether it's glossy black or dark grey, these taps give off a clean vibe that complements most colour palettes with ease.

Finally, stainless steel taps remain popular for bathrooms and kitchens due to their durability and low maintenance requirements, making them ideal for busy households where hygiene is key!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Tap Colour

chrome bath tap and shower

The tap finish is an important factor when deciding on the hue for your taps. Depending on whether you are looking for something sparkly or more subtle, there are many options available in both modern and traditional styles.

For instance, chrome plating can provide a highly reflective look, while brushed nickel offers a more muted effect. Both finishes will resist corrosion over time, but if you're considering using a cheap brand of tap, they may require frequent polishing to keep them looking their best.

The material also plays an essential role when choosing the right tap colour, as some materials may react differently to changes in temperature and humidity levels over time which could cause discolouration or fading. Brass and stainless steel are excellent choices due to their durability and resistance to erosion from water exposure. 

Ultimately though, the decision should come down to your personal style preference; what looks good now might not work so well years later! When making this selection, remember that timeless pieces tend to stand out most - think about how others have used different colours and try applying those ideas to your own home decor theme for long-term satisfaction with your finished product.

Pros And Cons Of Chrome Taps

Switching gears from discussing factors to consider when choosing a tap colour, let's now explore the pros and cons of chrome taps. Chrome is one of the most popular finishes for bathroom fixtures and modern kitchen taps due to its high-gloss reflective finish that can create an elegant & clean look in any room.

The benefits of selecting chrome as your tap colour are its durability, easy cleaning, and sleek appearance. The glossy finish helps make surfaces easier to clean than matt black taps - all you need is some soap and water! It also has a timeless appeal which ensures that your chosen aesthetic won't go out of style anytime soon. Plus, a good quality chrome tap should be a resilient material that will not fade or discolour with age.

On the downside, chrome taps are susceptible to scratches over time and require regular maintenance if they are exposed to hard water or other harsh chemicals on a regular basis. They also may appear too shiny in certain settings, such as rustic kitchens or bathrooms, where a more subtle touch would be ideal. Furthermore, since chrome is a common choice among homeowners these days, there could be less opportunity for personalisation compared to other colours like bronze or brass.

Overall, selecting chrome for your tap colour offers many advantages but does come with some drawbacks depending on your particular preferences and needs. When making this decision keep in mind how durable the material is and how often you plan on doing maintenance so you can decide what works best for you!


I believe that the best choice for a tap colour in 2023 depends on personal preference and style. Trends will come and go, but it is important to pick something that you like and will remain timeless. While chrome taps may not be as popular as they once were, there are still many homeowners who prefer this classic look.

According to recent research, 59% of people surveyed said they would choose a chrome tap because of its durability and convenience. This statistic helps to demonstrate how useful and practical these taps can be despite their outdated reputation. Furthermore, when installed properly with proper maintenance, these taps can last up to 10 years or more - making them a great long-term option for any home!

Overall, chrome taps remain a viable option for those looking for a sleek modern touch in their homes in 2023. They offer a variety of advantages such as affordability, durability and convenience, which make them worth considering even within the ever-changing world of design trends.