4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Basin Tap

Choosing the right basin tap can add a stylish upgrade to your bathroom without the need of major renovation work. With the constant updates in tap design, it can be hard to know what you should buy, especially when there are so many varieties to choose from. 

Our 4 tips will guide you in the right direction when choosing your new tap.


Spout length is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a wash basin tap. If you pick the wrong size, you might find yourself in quite a mess.

  • Deck-mounted basin taps typically have a spout length of 100mm. But the average size is between 80mm to 150mm.
  • For wall-mounted basin taps, the spout length should be decided on how far your basin is from the wall. Although the average length is between 120mm to 150mm.


There are a limitless amount of options depending on your style of basin. Here is some information on the different styles of taps to help you understand how they can benefit you.

  • Pillar Taps

Nearly all pillar taps come as a pair, so you’ll need two separate holes for the tap. They are typically used where you have two separate hot and cold water supplies.

Pillar taps are a great match for both contemporary and traditional bathrooms as you can choose between a sleek lever or classic cross handles.


  • Can be styled for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms
  • Full control of water temperature with separate taps
  • Pair well with both small and large basins


  • Wall Mounted Taps

These are taps that are mounted directly onto the wall. They are often used for saving space in smaller bathrooms, or for providing a fashionable look while leaving the surface of the basin clear.
Wall mounted taps are perfect to pair with countertop basins or basins that have a small rim. They can be fitted at different heights & come in a variety of lengths.


  • Creates more space on your basin

  • Basins are accessible and easy to clean

  • A unique and stylish look for your basin


  • Mono Mixer Taps

These are single-lever basin taps that are operated by a single handle, allowing you to turn the water on and off, as well as adjust the temperature. This tap combines your hot and cold water to flow through one spout.



  • Better economy with a controlled flow of water
  • Control over the water temperature
  • A more popular and contemporary style of tap



  • Chrome finishes are the most popular choice for basin taps because they suit a wide range of basins and most bathroom styles.
  • Gold-effect finishes are ideal for a period-style feel in your home. This is because it is intended to recreate the traditional look of brass, but has been modernised with a shine finish.
  • Brushed brass tap finish provides a modern & sophisticated look, with a less shiny finish than gold.
  • Rose gold finish is a modern colour that looks amazing when fitted in the correct surroundings.

Choosing the correct finish is very important when designing a new bathroom, so make sure you select one that flows with the rest of your room. 


We recommend that a professional plumber installs your new taps, however, all of our taps arrive with instructions on how to install them.
Swapping your old basin tap for your new one can be a simple task if you read the instruction manual and follow the steps. Of course, when water is involved things can take a wrong turn.
But, if you feel like doing a bit of DIY, make sure to read the instruction manual to ensure you have no issues.


Which are the best basin taps?

The Mixer Taps tend to be the most popular choice as many basins are manufactured to have one tap hole. Some people enjoy being able to control the temperature of the water with one lever. However, it is purely down to personal preference, and the style of bathroom you have chosen.

Are basin taps a standard size?

The size of taps does not refer to how big the taps are themselves, but the way the tap fits onto the pipes. Most UK taps are a standard size and you should be able to swap your old taps for your new ones, unless you have fixtures that have been imported, or have really old pipe fittings.

Do all taps fit all basins?

You need to take into consideration what type of tap will best suit your basin, as not all taps fit all basins. For example, if you have a small basin with a tall mixer tap, when you run the water it will splash everywhere.