Welcome to Letta London's incredible world of tiles. We supply our customers across the UK and further with only the finest quality and renowned brands in tile design. Explore the entire selection and find different tile styles, patterns, and sizes, suitable for every home.

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Get Creative When Choosing Tiles

Whenever you wish to freshen up your kitchen with decorative wall tiles or make a real private spa in your bathroom, we believe you will find everything you need here — from luxurious and lavish pieces to practical and durable tiles for every purpose. Our offer includes even the tiniest details that will perfectly fit your home’s style and give it a special touch.

Letta London offers a vast selection of more than a thousand fantastic designs for both walls and floors. And what can refine a place better than unique wall patterns or warm floor materials? For that reason, we consider our tiles essential items of every modern home.

What Letta London Has to Offer?

We follow the same philosophy and simple rules to earn the trust and sympathy of our customers. First, our company assembles only the best brands and products recognisable in the market. The tiles we offer must be stylish and beautiful, but also long-lasting and practical products worth of investing.

Your opinion matters. We listen to your needs and ideas and form our offer according to them. For that reason, each decor, pattern, and tile we sell has a particular story and its future proud owner.

But perhaps the most important thing is that Letta London strives to preserve recognizable English elegance and class. So, our tile selection has a sense of tradition but can also make your home quite stylish and modern at the same time.

Our Finest Tile Selection

We present to you an almost unlimited variety of materials, colours, and shapes. Choose tiles that will fit your home perfectly, whether they are for your kitchen floor or outdoor area. Letta London tile collection is an excellent choice for bathroom walls or relaxation rooms. Together with other elements, you can create perfectly harmonious surroundings with little effort.

All you need to do is explore our tile section and discover splendour, quality, and style suitable for everyone.

Porcelain Is Always a Good Choice

Quality porcelain is what you normally notice first in our showrooms and on our page. It comes in different sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns. The material blends seamlessly with any environment, giving it brightness and the feel of a more spacious place.

You can choose the type and characteristics you want: luxury marble, urban concrete, or a warm combination of wood and stone. Within the Letta London Tiles selection, you can easily check out the offer and see what would be the best choice for your home.

Our company always seeks less conventional ideas to impress its customers, and that applies to tile materials we supply, as well. Even that we consider porcelain to be one of the finest materials out there, we also dare to incorporate materials like concrete or metal into our offer. If anything can speak of an individual who follows trends and never goes wrong when it comes to style, it’s those kinds of tiles.

Tiles That Fit Any Wall or Floor Perfectly

Letta London tiles come in different shapes and sizes, which allows them to adjust to any place. Usually, they are designed for bathrooms or kitchen areas. Still, we like to keep up with the latest trends and go beyond the standard. For that reason, we’ve made tiles that can perfectly fit your garden deck, hallway, wetroom, and even living room.

You have a large selection of styles at your disposal, all you have to do is choose what suits your home best and you’ll get a stunning and long-lasting surface that’s easy to maintain.

The Tile section includes wall covers and different types of tile flooring. By visiting our site, you can choose different looks, shades, finishes, and styles in order to create the best combination of floor and wall tiles.

Our customers can seek advice from our experts or simply take a look at some of the already completed Letta London demo installations to get an idea how to create a home that looks like it’s been designed by professional interior designers.

From Elegant Marble to Cosy Wood

Thanks to plenty of different items, you have an incredible opportunity to choose the right tile shade and finish for yourself. From marble white that will give the room more width and light, to elegant black that is completely gala.

Feel free to add some delightful patterns and designs. Ornaments and mosaics inspired by nature, geometry, and art can help break the dullness and give your place a particular character.

Easy to Buy with Letta London

Decorating your home as a professional has never been easier, especially when you have options like those with Letta London's Tile section. Explore our offer and choose tiles by picking the right colour, pattern, material, and more. If you still can’t decide, visit one of our showrooms and our friendly and experienced vendors will help you select the right tiles.


Where to buy the best high-quality tiles in the UK?

Buy the best tiles at Letta London, a renowned tile supplier based in London, UK that has a large selection of quality tiles for all kinds of surfaces.

What types of tiles does the company sell?

We’ve selected different brands and tile models suitable for various parts of your home and outdoor areas. Find a tile type suitable for the room you are furnishing – either for walls or floors.

Where can I see Letta London’s tile collection?

Feel free to visit one of our showrooms where you can find tile demo installations and ask our vendors for further information.

Can I choose the brand, material, size, pattern, and colour of the tiles by myself?

Yes, you can choose the brand, material, size, pattern, and colour of your tiles in the Tile section.

How can I order tiles?

You can find all the information regarding ordering, as well as payment and delivery, in our Terms and Conditions section at the bottom of the homepage.

Our Porcelain tile selection for floors and walls consists of a variety of different sizes since the right tile size whether for floors or walls have a major impact on making your space feel brighter and more spacious. Our wide range of styles, designs and colours are selected to augment any space while creating a sense of space, luxury, and aesthetic usability enjoyment. Our Letta London showroom feature many demo installations to make your installation choices easier, while our experienced staff are always available to offer friendly advice. Our years of experience and partnerships with Europe’s best designers equipped us with the flexibility to create tranquillity in the most awkward spaces. At Letta value and quality are key, and we offer you the opportunity to create the ultimate look while our prices are something you won’t be able to refuse, don’t delay visit our London showroom today.