How to Plan a Bathroom in 2022 — The Ultimate Guide

Planning a bathroom renovation is one of the most stressful kinds of home projects. So hiring a bathroom designer to guide you through the process is essential for a luxury project. They are pricey and messy, they require hiring a professional, and even if we do everything according to a plan, unpleasant surprises are bound to happen. That being said, the final results almost exclusively trump all of the hardships you’ve had to go through. 

Given the complexities of a bathroom and all of the elements that need to be handled properly, there is plenty of room for mistakes. Nowadays, with the help of interior design magazines and blogs, bathroom renovations have certainly become less daunting. But how do we know which of these tips are actually going to be useful? 

Lucky for you, our experts have created the ultimate bathroom renovation guide that contains everything you’ll ever need to know about bathrooms and remodels. So, whether your bathroom simply needs a fresh coat of paint or it is in dire need of a complete makeover, we’ve got you covered. 

Assess and Measure

Before you start planning which trendy furniture you can afford, take a step back and inspect your bathroom very closely. Check every nook and cranny for potential damage. This way, you’ll get a clearer picture of which portion of your budget needs to go into repairs. 

Once you’ve made a fair assessment of the level of deterioration, it’s time to consider who will be using this bathroom. Is this a master or a guest bathroom, or are you creating a powder room? Each of these has different requirements and needs distinct fittings. 

Next, get the exact measurements of your bathroom space. You don’t want to skip this step and find out that the luxury bath you purchased can’t fit. Take all of the elements into account, including the doors and the windows, to avoid adjustments later on. 

You can start planning the layout now as well. It might seem too early, but it’s better to have a vague idea than to play it by ear. 

Consult the Experts and Make a Plan

Once you are certain that you’ve assessed every single corner of your bathroom, you’ll be able to determine whether this is a project that requires an expert or if it is something you can do on your own. Either way, consulting a professional beforehand is never a bad idea. 

Someone with plenty of experience in this area will be able to point out problems that may arise and give you advice on the best materials and technology. They can also offer advice on how to visually enlarge your space, which tiles will work best, whether you need a shower or a shower bath, etc. 

You can even browse online stores or walk to our nearest showroom to have a look at the available options. The shopping trips will be much more bearable once you’re aware of what each store has to offer. 

Look for Inspiration

Finding inspiration for your home has never been easier. Apps like Pinterest are full of boards dedicated to bathroom design. Here, you can find all the trending styles, be it minimalist, maximalist, luxurious, or modest ones. Choosing a style during this stage of your renovation process will help you narrow down choices for future purchases. 

Picking one design for your new bathroom can be extremely difficult. While inspiring posts and tips can be useful, they can also be pretty overwhelming, especially if interior design is not your forte. In that case, designers suggest sticking to what you like. If you are someone who prefers minimalism and clean lines, designing your bathroom in Scandinavian style will be a hit. 

For those of you who prefer something a bit more dramatic, art deco is an excellent choice because it’s the perfect mixture of classic and modern. Eclectic design is a great match for those who prefer to mix different styles. This way, there will be less chance for you to make serious mistakes, at least as far as design is concerned. 

Pick a Layout

Now that you are aware of all of the current trends in the world of interior design, it’s time to take out your first layout and adjust it accordingly. Getting your bathroom layout right from the start is a win in our books, and here’s how to do that. If the previous one was functional, there’s really no need to alter it completely. A couple of adjustments will suffice.

For example, replacing taps and fittings and changing the colour of your walls can refresh your space significantly. Still, if your bathroom needs a brand new layout, focus on the inevitable changes. 

Bear in mind that this is just one of many renovations your bathroom will need to undergo over the years. You might not require a shower enclosure right now, but it will come in pretty handy in a decade or so. Focus on materials and designs that are durable. It’s easy to get swayed by sales, but quality bathroom pieces are worth the investment. 

Don’t Get Carried Away

It is very easy to get carried away when shopping, regardless of what you’re shopping for. As thrilling as it may seem, you don’t want to end up with pieces that will only collect dust. That sunburst mirror may look cool and whimsical, but is it something you need? Focus on classic pieces that will be trendy for many years to come.

During the taxing process that is a renovation, you’ve probably become familiar with every single part of your bathroom. Use that knowledge to your advantage to create a space that is both trendy and functional. Don’t cram the elements that might not even fit — especially not the ones you certainly won’t need in a couple of years. 

Focus on essentials, like a pedestal basin, large minimalist mirrors, and the right lighting. These pieces will transform your bathroom just as effectively as a pricey designer vanity unit would. Be realistic about your budget. Impulsive purchases will only lead to unnecessary costs that you won’t be able to compensate later.