How to Design a Hotel-Style Bathroom

Are you looking to design a hotel style bathroom? Top hotels have it all — fluffy towels, perfect water pressure, verbena and lavender-scented toiletries, and most importantly, timeless design.

With the correct guidance, and ideas on creating a modern bathroom design, your dream bathroom can be created with ease. 

Use High-Quality Materials Like in Hotels

Materials play a significant role in glam hotel bathrooms. They have the power to uplift a space and make it look upscale. If replicating that look is your idea of a perfect bathroom, we suggest introducing marble.

Naturally, this does not mean you ought to invest all of your funds into real marble. There are plenty of marble-look tiles that look like the real thing but with much more reasonable price tag.

Marble screams elegance, so make sure you use designer tiling to create your amazing bathroom.

Other materials you can include are wood and glass. Both options look sleek and expensive if used well. Glass makes your room appear more polished, and it will visually enlarge the space, thanks to its ability to reflect light. 

Install a Luxury Bath or Shower

Nothing resembles a luxury bathroom more than having a lavish bath. Freestanding baths are the ultimate proof of extravagance. There are very few things more opulent than soaking in a roomy bath, using your favourite scented oils to help you wash away your daily worries. 

If you are more of a shower person, we recommend eye-catching walk-in showers. If you cannot afford a new, spacious shower enclosure, replace your current shower head to give it a unique appeal.

If you want to feel spoiled, opt for a rainfall showerhead, which will make every shower an enjoyable experience. 

Hotel Bathroom Lighting

To fully enjoy all of the benefits of a luxurious hotel-like bathroom, lights are key. Most hotel bathrooms do not have any natural light sources, so they rely on artificial lighting to create the desired effect.

Carefully planned light placement will compensate for the lack of natural light, so select places that need more light.

We suggest placing them near the bath and the sink. This will facilitate your morning and evening routines, allowing you to get ready in a more efficient manner. 

Replace Your Taps

Taps are not on our list of priorities during renovations, as we tend to find seemingly more urgent and important items. But, try swapping your plain old chrome-finish taps for something a bit more risqué, like brass or copper. 

Not only will these make your bathroom appear less sterile, but the correct basin taps will also make it seem more bougie with minimum effort.

Add Some 5 Star Elegance 

Luxury hotel bathrooms ooze elegance wherever you turn. Fortunately, in this day and age, recreating that look has never been simpler.

First, pay attention to the colour palette since it plays a very important role. The right shades will help set the mood without overwhelming the space.

Make sure you choose one main colour and several complementary ones to create a harmonious space. Keep in mind that your vanity units should match the general aesthetics of your space, and that applies to the colour palette as well. 

Make sure you use a quality brand. Oasis Design offer that 5 star feel with their bathroom furniture.

 Alternatively, you could include mini sculptures if you’re afraid paintings or prints will get damaged from the excess humidity. 

Upgrade Your Mirrors

Have you ever wondered why everyone looks better in a hotel mirror? It is not magic, as it all comes down to lighting and mirror size.

Apparently, the secret lies in the so-called LED mirrors. They can elevate the appearance of your bathroom and give you that coveted hotel mirror look at the same time.

Finish With Little Details

Now that we have covered all of the basics, it is time to accessorize. Almost every hotel’s signature items are those fluffy towels we all want to take home.

Most hotels stick to white towels due to easy maintenance. You, however, do not have to follow that unspoken rule. As long as the towels are of the finest quality, their colour does not really matter. 

Other simple accessories like towel rails, soap and toothbrush holders can be a great addition to your bathroom.