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In an age of digital transformation, luxury taps remain a timeless symbol of opulence. Graff Design is leading the way when it comes to creating elegant & sophisticated pieces that perfectly blend form and function.

From their classic collections to their unique range of modern designs, Graff offers something for every consumer looking to bring a touch of class into their home or business.

This article looks at why Graff Design stands out from its competitors as one of the most sought-after brands today.

When it comes to luxury tapware, few companies have been able to match the sheer quality & excellence provided by Graff Design.

They have produced some of the world's finest bathroom fixtures for over three decades, each crafted with precision and attention to detail like no other.


With options available in over 20 stunning finishes, including brushed gold, nickel, black and bronze, customers can rest assured knowing that whatever aesthetic vision they have in mind will be brought to life with impeccable results.

Graff has also made sure not to sacrifice practicality for style; all taps released by the company meet rigorous standards set by industry professionals for optimum performance & reliability.

Customers who purchase products from this brand can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their taps will last them years without any issues due to the high-grade materials used in construction and advanced technologies employed during production processes.

Who Are Graff Design?

The world of luxury tapware is a place of refinement, with Graff Design at heart. Its innovative materials and thoughtful design offer unparalleled elegance to any bathroom or kitchen space.

Founded in the 1970s as an industrial-style taps manufacturer, Graff has produced high-quality pieces for decades – from traditional designs to contemporary styles.

Graff Design's range of products reflects the quality and craftsmanship that have become synonymous with its brand over time. Their portfolio includes everything from classic two-handle faucets to wall-mounted shower heads made of solid brass – all designed to meet the highest performance standards while providing a unique aesthetic appeal.

In addition, they also offer shower valves, bath spouts, and ultra-modern digital showers – giving customers plenty of options when creating their dream bathroom or kitchen space. 

Experts In Industrial Style Tapware

Graff Design is a masterful blend of old-world craftsmanship and new-age technology, like an alchemist creating the perfect formula. Their industrial-style tapware brings to life modern fixtures that evoke emotion through their unique design and superior quality.

This combination of artistry and technical expertise creates unparalleled products with these features:

• Rich finishes that glitter in any light

• Easy installation for effortless setup

• Durable construction so you can enjoy it for years to come

• Cutting-edge designs that make a statement 


These are the hallmarks of Graff Design's expertly designed tapware. With each fixture, they strive to bring functional pieces into your home or office space which will add both beauty and value. As a next step, utilising old-world craftsmanship and new-age technology allows them to create exquisite pieces that look good and feel great.

European Designed Products

Graff faucets are created with a European design & American engineering, combining expert historic craftsmanship and modern technology, producing items with timeless appeal.

They offer an aesthetic feel combined with robust construction, ensuring durability over time, perfect for any bathroom environment where style is just as important as practicality.

This combination of heritage precision and contemporary trends allows Graff-Design to create cutting-edge, premium-quality collections.


Creating Cutting-Edge, Premium-Quality Collections

Every product from Graff Design is crafted using only premium materials, ensuring superior strength and lasting beauty. All items are made by skilled artisans who use time-tested methods as well as state-of-the-art technology, resulting in exceptional products that stand out among their peers. With quality in mind, Graff creates complete product collections for customers to showcase style & luxury throughout their homes. They allow customers to match every item exactly and create an elegant design flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Cost Of A Graff Design Tap?

Graff Design is a luxury tap manufacturer renowned for its innovative product design and high-quality materials. The company offers an extensive range of taps that are suitable for residential & commercial premises.

One factor to consider when considering the purchase of Graff Design taps is the cost. Generally speaking, the average price of a Graff Design tap ranges from £300-£3,000 depending on the model type, finish & features.

The more traditional models tend to be priced at the lower end; however, they still offer superior style & performance compared with other brands in their class.

In contrast, those seeking higher-quality fixtures can opt for premium finishes such as brushed nickel or polished chrome, which may come with additional costs. Furthermore, specialised designs come at a higher price yet provide convenience & functionality not available with standard models.

With a vast selection of styles and options available, there is something for everyone looking for luxurious elegance without compromising on quality or performance.

Are Graff Design Products Available Internationally?

Graff Design is a manufacturer of luxury bathroom products, including taps. As such, customers may be interested in their products' availability outside local markets.

The company have an international presence, with distribution centres located across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions. Letta London is one of Graff-Designs largest UK suppliers and can ship products anywhere in the world.

Therefore customers need to research regulations before purchasing so they are aware of any additional costs or delays associated with buying from abroad. Additionally, customer service representatives at Letta London can provide further advice regarding product availability and shipping options when requested.

What Is The Warranty Period For Graff Design Products?

When it comes to luxury taps, Graff Design stands out as a leader in the field. Their products are renowned worldwide for their sleek design and advanced technology. However, with any purchase of high-end items, customers must consider the warranty period.

The good news is that an extensive manufacturer's warranty covers every product purchased from Graff Design. This guarantees coverage against defects or malfunctions due to craftsmanship errors or quality issues. The warranty also covers finish and function parts such as handles and valves, which can help you save money on maintenance costs over time. Additionally, replacement parts are available directly through the company should they be needed during the warranty period.

All of this provides extra peace of mind when investing in Graff Design's luxurious offerings, knowing that your investment will last for many years with minimal upkeep required along the way.

What Is The Delivery Time For Graff Design Products?

As one of the EU's largest suppliers of Graff products, Letta has a range of products that can be available within a few days of you making an order. We have hundreds of items in UK stock, and we can even ship products throughout Europe if required. 

Not all Graff products are available within a few days; however, Letta has access to a large stock of Graff products and should be able to find you something that meets your requirements.

If the product you want is not in stock, as all Graff products are unique, we would have to make a custom order which can take around 6 weeks to be delivered.

Does Graff Design Offer Discounts Or Promotions?

The answer is occasionally; Graff has various options to help shoppers save money while still purchasing top-of-the-line products. They have seasonal sales throughout the year. Additionally, if you place an order through one of their partner companies, Letta London, you can save money on your Graff purchase. 

Also, as one of the largest UK suppliers of Graff taps, Letta has access to fantastic deals which can be passed on to customers—making them one of the most economical places to make your purchase. 

Trade customers should also take advantage of loyalty programs Letta London offers, which reward frequent buyers with rewards. Contact us to find out more.

These saving options, combined with the quality materials used, make Graff Design an excellent choice for luxurious yet cost-effective bathroom fittings & accessories. With multiple ways to save on each purchase, it's never been easier for homeowners to get the dream bathrooms they desire without breaking the bank.


The Graff Design collection of luxury taps is a testament to modern design, engineering & quality. Their products are crafted with the best materials, offering exceptional performance for long-lasting use. The variety of styles available allows customers the ability to choose from designs that perfectly suit their individual tastes. Though these products may come at a price higher than most other tap brands, the combination of high-quality construction & great aesthetics ensures they will be an asset to any home or commercial space.

Graff Design's commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond just product selection; they also provide international availability, generous warranties, fast delivery times and discounts or promotions through their London partner. Customers can rest assured knowing that their purchase is backed by the company's dedication to excellence in both service and craftsmanship. As such, it is no wonder why Graff Design has become one of the preeminent names in luxury tap solutions.

In conclusion, those looking for a combination of style and quality must look at Graff Design's range of luxurious yet highly functional taps. From contemporary looks to traditional motifs, there is something for everyone – all made with quality materials and precision engineering for years of reliable performance. With excellent customer service policies and competitive prices, Graff Design truly offers 'the cream of the crop' when it comes to tapware solutions.

If you want to purchase Graff products, contact Letta London today. You can also view our Graff tap display in our London showroom.