Modern Bathroom Design Ideas - The Ultimate Guide

It can be challenging to design a modern bathroom. Our team of bathroom designers have put together some ideas to help you create that modern bathroom you have always wanted.
A modern bathroom design image

Designing a modern bathroom is exciting. It's only natural that we seek to make our bathrooms beautiful and relaxing places. Bathtubs of unique contours, replaceable vanity units and wet room designs come in all shapes and sizes to match effectively with any space and budget.

Aside from more recent features, a bathroom may be fantastically fashioned with the use of premium dispensers and also storage space. One of the keys to any fantastic bathroom is the design & colour system you choose.

To help inspire your next remodel, we have collected some modern bathroom ideas containing wonderful ceramics, furniture, taps, bathroom accessories, and gorgeous porcelain tiles.

Thinking of bathroom design ideas is tough. Modern design rooms are usually inspired by the beauty of natural elements and the idea that a bathroom should be aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

Many people are now turning to features such as high-end bathtubs with unique shapes, natural vanities, and even custom taps or sinks to achieve this goal. These modern designs allow homeowners to create an oasis of relaxation.

The use of beautiful materials like marble or luxury porcelain tiles also adds to the luxurious feel of a modern bathroom design.

The material's natural beauty can help bring out the best in any space. And, if you're looking for something more unique, you could opt for a custom sink or vanity, which will give your bathroom a truly one-of-a-kind look.

   Modern Stone design - Is this a good idea for a bathroom?

stone bathroom with feature wall

Designing a Stone effect bathroom provides an elegant and luxurious look without the cost or effort of real stone.

This bathroom style is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes because it offers a timeless classic look that will never go out of fashion.
Whether you're looking to give your bathroom a complete makeover or want to add some contemporary tiling, creating a stone effect can be achieved in several ways.
For those with a budget, faux stone tiles are the most cost-effective way to achieve this look. Imitation stones can come in different sizes and shapes and can even include accents, such as natural pebbles, for added texture.

Consider an alternative to real stone

If you're looking for something more unique and special, consider going for a stone-effect porcelain tile that has been designed with realistic stone-like textures.
They have a gorgeous finish, and best of all, they are cheaper than real stone but give you an identical look.

The Marble Effect - A chic bathroom

marble effect bathroom

Marble effect bathrooms are becoming increasingly popular due to their luxurious, timeless quality and unique look.

Designing a bathroom with marble is easy and works whether you are looking for a complete bathroom refurbishment or a subtle update.

Designing a marble-effect bathroom can bring a modern elegance to your home.

From floor and wall tiles to countertops and shelves, there are plenty of ways in which you can incorporate marble into your bathroom design.

To help get you started, here are some tips on how to create the perfect marble-effect bathroom.

Firstly, choose the right type of tile – porcelain tiles with a marble effect are an excellent option as they provide an incredibly realistic look while being easy to maintain.

Grey & White Marble for the modern bathroom look

Be sure to choose neutral colours like white and grey that won't date quickly. White and grey marble will remain a timeless classic in home interior design, particularly in bathroom refurbishments. Not only is this luxurious material pleasing to the eye, but it's also convenient.

Marble effect surfaces are easy to keep clean, as well as being heat and scratch resistant. This makes them great for bathrooms, especially if you have young children at home!

Marble throughout the ages - Utilised in modern bathrooms

Marble has been used in architecture and art since ancient times, so it's no surprise that its popularity endures today.

Although there are various finishes available on the market now – from honed to polished - white and grey marble remain the go-to colours for those looking to achieve a contemporary aesthetic.

And it doesn't matter whether your bathroom is large or small; when combined with elegant fixtures, you can create an impressive space that oozes sophistication.

Incorporating wood into the bathroom design

When it comes to adding character and texture to your bathroom, few materials can compare with the timeless beauty of wood.

Whether it's a rustic log cabin or a contemporary apartment, wood-effect bathrooms are an ideal option for bringing a sense of warmth and sophistication into any space.

From shower enclosures to wall panels and even complete bathroom suites, there are plenty of ways to create a wood effect in your bathroom and add a touch of luxury.

Designing a bathroom with wood-effect porcelain tiles is a great way to bring a natural feel to any bathroom. Not only do they provide an element of style and sophistication, but they also come in various colours, textures and sizes.

An important design tip when opting for a wood styled bathroom

Top tip: Porcelain tiles are much more resistant to water than other materials, such as hardwood, and can last for years if properly maintained. So using a wood effect tile is a much better option in wet areas such as bathrooms!

In addition to their durability and elegant look, wood-effect porcelain tiles are some of the most affordable options available today.

While there may be slight differences in price depending on the style and quality of the tile you choose, it is generally less expensive than other flooring solutions like natural stone tiles.

Furthermore, installing these tiles is relatively easy compared to traditional tiling methods, which makes them ideal for those who don't want to break the bank when renovating their bathrooms.

Modern Taps to enhance your bathroom design

modern bathroom taps with a wall mounted design

Modern bathroom taps are a must for any modern bathroom design. A good tap not only provides excellent functionality but also amplifies the look of your basin.

They can be the perfect finishing touch to any contemporary bathroom design and will instantly add an element of luxury and style to your home.

The range of modern bathroom taps available today is incredible, giving you plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your basin.

From sleek, minimalist designs to bold geometric shapes and interesting textures, there's something to suit every taste and budget.

These taps often come in high-end finishes such as chrome or brushed nickel, lending a sophisticated feel that complements any space perfectly. Not only that, modern taps are incredibly durable, too, so they'll last you for years to come!

Modern bathroom fittings are a must-have in any contemporary design

From sleek and modern designs to durable and beautiful materials, the latest range of taps, showers and other essentials will not only add style to your bathroom but also provide practicality.

One of the most stylish options available is PVD coating on modern taps. PVD stands for 'Physical Vapour Deposition' and is a process whereby coatings are applied to molecular surfaces by vaporising them under vacuum conditions.

It offers unbeatable durability as it forms an extremely hard protective layer over the surface of the tap that resists chips & flaking as paint or plating could.

Plus, its gleaming finish, which comes in various colours ranging from black to brushed gold, can be used as an eye-catching feature in any bathroom space.

Add Gold bathroom taps to your design

Gold taps for a bathroom design

Gold is very popular for many reasons. Its classic, timeless look is perfect for any bathroom, adding a touch of luxury to the space.

Gold bathroom taps are becoming increasingly popular, with homeowners turning to this glamorous style to elevate their bathrooms instantly.

Not only does gold add an instant wow factor, but it's also incredibly versatile and easy to coordinate with other accessories & tile colours. From subtle champagne tones to bold golds, there are plenty of options available when selecting gold taps for your bathroom.

Plus, its durability ensures that you can enjoy your golden fixtures for years to come. Installing gold taps will give an otherwise plain or dull bathroom a new lease on life and create a luxurious yet easy-to-achieve design aesthetic.

Stunning Basins for a chic bathroom design

Modern basin designs for a bathroom

Modern basins are the perfect addition to any bathroom, offering an upgrade in style and functionality.

Depending on what you want, if you're looking for a chic & modern design or something more classic, there's a basin out there that will fit your needs.

Today, we're going to explore some of the best modern basin design ideas for the bathroom so you can get inspired on how to create a luxury space that looks great and is easy to use.

From contemporary pedestal basins with angular lines and futuristic shapes to wall-mounted varieties that take up less space and come in a variety of sizes and materials, modern basins are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical.

Some even feature integrated storage compartments built into their design which offers maximum convenience while keeping your counters clutter-free.

Countertop basins for a modern bathroom

Bathroom designed with countertop basins

Countertop basins are a modern and stylish addition to any bathroom. They come in dozens of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit any decor. Whether you're looking for a traditional sink or something more contemporary, there's sure to be a countertop basin that suits your needs.

These luxury sinks offer the same features as their pedestal counterparts but without the bulk. Countertop basins have an integrated bowl design that allows them to sit easily on top of vanity units or worktops.

Unlike other types of basins, they do not require additional wall mounting or plumbing. This makes installation quick and easy with minimal disruption to your existing decor.

The sleek look of a countertop basin will add style and sophistication to any bathroom design- making it look like an interior designer professionally designed it!

Freestanding basins - a luxury addition to bathroom

Bathroom with freestanding basins

Freestanding basins are becoming increasingly popular among modern homeowners. These elegant and practical fixtures add a contemporary edge to bathrooms and can create a vibrant focal point for the room.

Freestanding basins provide a unique styling opportunity as they come in various sizes, shapes, materials and colours. Homeowners can choose from traditional ceramic options to modern glass designs that will suit any design scheme.

The beauty of freestanding basins is that they don't require any additional work or hardware during installation; simply place them on the floor where desired. This makes them easier to install than wall-mounted basin units, which require plumbing and additional fixtures to be installed first.

Additionally, most freestanding models come with pre-drilled tap holes that make it easy to connect water supply lines.

Luxury Stone basins are in fashion - 2023 Top Bathroom Design Ideas

Luxury stone basin and chrome tap

Luxury stone basins are the perfect way to incorporate elegance and sophistication into any modern bathroom design. Stone basins are crafted from high-quality materials, and these eye-catching pieces provide an instant upgrade in style and design.

From pure marble to granite, a wealth of options is available for homeowners looking to make a statement.

Not only do luxury stone basins look stunning, but they also offer practical benefits such as increased durability. They can also withstand intense temperatures and moisture levels, making them ideal for busy bathrooms with lots of use.

Mirrors with features - Modern bathroom Ideas

Luxury bathroom mirror with a round design and back lighting

LED lighting & Mist Free bathroom mirrors - Elevate your bathroom with attractive, stylish, and functional mirrors that suit your décor. Nowadays, there are a variety of options to choose from that help to provide convenience and luxury.

With so many features available on the market, finding the right mirror is an easy task.

Mist-free mirrors can bring a stylish, chic design to the bathroom. This type of decorative mirror is designed with an innovative technology that prevents the build-up of steam on the surface, so it's perfect for use in bathrooms.

Not only does this make getting ready in the mornings much easier and faster, but it also adds a modern flair to any space. The innovative anti-fog technology behind mist-free mirrors works by heating the glass slightly at all times so that condensation never has a chance to form on its surface.

This makes them ideal for use in showers or other high-humidity areas and traditional bathrooms where steam from hot showers is common. The heating system is energy efficient, too, using minimal electricity to keep the glass clear and dry at all times.

Designer Vanity Units for the chic bathroom - Is this a good design?

Designer vanity unit fitted in a bathroom

The perfect addition to any bathroom, designer vanity units are stylish statement pieces that can bring a unique flair to your home.

These pieces of furniture come in various shapes, sizes and materials, making it easy to find the one that suits your style and budget. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more contemporary, there is sure to be a designer vanity unit that will fit your needs.

A spacious vanity also gives you excellent storage space for all your sanitary items. This is a must-need in today's world, where bathrooms in new homes are getting smaller.

In today's modern world, bathrooms are becoming increasingly stylish and functional. A vanity unit with a charging socket is the perfect way to add convenience and style to your bathroom.

Not only are these units aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide practical solutions for keeping your space organised. With a variety of styles, materials and finishes to choose from, there is a vanity unit with a toothbrush socket to suit any home.

Starting with the bathtub - Is this a good idea for designing a bathroom? 

freestanding bathtub in the middle of a bathroom

Modern bathtubs are a great way to add luxury, style, and comfort to your bathroom. With a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and features available on the market today, it's easy to find the perfect modern tub for your home.

Many people now select their bathtub design and then create their bathroom around the tub! 

Many models come with advanced features such as adjustable jets, heated seats and automatic drains that make bathing more enjoyable than ever before.

Whether you're looking for an eye-catching centrepiece or simply want to upgrade your existing bathtub with some modern amenities, there is sure to be an option that meets your needs.

When selecting a freestanding tub for your bathroom, there are many factors to consider, such as size and material. Some homeowners opt for deluxe models made of cast iron or stone, while others prefer lightweight acrylic versions.

They offer you a variety of design options to match your individual preference and personal style. Whether you are looking for an ultra-modern tub with sleek lines or a luxury freestanding stone bath, there is something for everyone.

If you want to make a statement in your bathroom, try an extra deep soaking tub with an added element of comfort. For smaller bathrooms, the corner bathtubs provide both space-saving features and stylish elegance.

Simple freestanding bath design

For those who prefer a minimalist look, freestanding bathtubs come in various shapes and sizes to create the perfect focal point in any bathroom. They provide versatility as they can be placed almost anywhere in the room and still make a dramatic impact.

Whichever type of modern bathtub you choose, it will add value and beauty to your home while providing practical functionality as well.

We hope our guide of modern bathroom ideas has helped you!

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