Vanity Unit Buying Guide

Vanities are a permanent feature in your bathroom as they are installed and fastened to your walls, unlike other pieces of furniture. Therefore, choosing a vanity unit to perfectly fit with your bathroom decor and size is an important decision. 

Our vanity buying guide is here to help you through the complex process of choosing the perfect vanity unit to complete your dream bathroom; however, if you need more assistance, one of our bathroom designers in our London Showroom will gladly assist you.

What Is A Vanity Unit?


A vanity unit is a piece of bathroom furniture that your basin can be slotted into to create more storage space in your bathroom. They combine the functions of a sink and storage space to create one piece of furniture. They often have shelves inside to store away your bathroom products and are a stylish way to hide your sink pipework. We have a variety of styles, finishes and sizes available for you to choose from.

Facts To Consider

Size of your bathroom

You may want to think about how much space you have in your bathroom before purchasing your vanity unit. Measuring the areas where the unit can potentially go will give you an insight as to what size unit you need to look for. If you have a large bathroom space, double basin vanity units would be ideal as you have twice the amount of storage space and two basins. If you have a small bathroom, a single vanity unit and sink or cloakroom vanity unit would be perfect for you to utilise the little space that you have to create room for storing your toiletries.

Types of Vanity Units

Single Vanity Units


Single vanity units provide an extra bit of much-needed storage space as well as an elegant style for a contemporary bathroom. They have space for one sink on top of the unit, and storage space below with shelves inside the unit. The standard size of a single vanity unit is between 500mm and 600mm in width, however can range between 400mm and 800mm wide.

Double vanity units


This is one of the most luxurious vanity units with its two sinks and plenty of room for storage underneath. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, then you can purchase one of these double vanity units to store all of your bathroom necessities away. This unit is ideal for couples who enjoy their own sink, or families who need extra space. They usually start from 1200mm in width and are ideal for large bathrooms.

Cloakroom vanity units


If you’re searching for a small vanity unit to perfectly slot into your en suite or cloakroom, reduced depth vanity units are a great choice. Although they are thinner in depth, they still have the same features a full-sized vanity unit has, such as shelving and drawers to store your en suite essentials. You’re also still maintaining that modern and elegant style in your bathroom as well as downsizing to save space.

Wall Mounted Vanity Units


This wall-hung vanity unit is hung on the wall, leaving the space underneath it empty. They create the illusion of extra room as there is plenty of space underneath the unit for your larger bathroom essentials, such as washing baskets, towel holder and other smaller storage cabinets. Although it is a stylish and modern design for your bathroom, if you plan on installing it yourself they tend to be more difficult to install than floor-standing units.

Floor Standing Vanity Units


The freestanding unit is the most common style of vanity units. It is screwed onto the wall to keep it secure, meaning it is the easiest style of vanity units to install. Not only are they elegant and timeless, but they also come in a range of sizes to give you as much storage space as you need.

Combination Vanity Units


If you are limited on space in your bathroom, combination toilet vanity units are an ideal choice. They combine your sink and toilet to create more space in your bathroom, as well as storage inside of your vanity unit, whilst still maintaining an effortlessly stylish design. The vanity unit covers your toilet cistern so it perfectly matches the vanity and sink with a neat style.

Choosing Vanity Unit Features

Storage shelves or drawers?


You have the option to choose between doors with shelving for your vanity unit, pull-out drawers with optional dividers inside to separate your toiletries, or both. Floor-standing units often have doors with shelves and wall-mounted units often have drawers, but you can also get vanity units that have a mix of both.


Handle_vanity_unit           drawer_vanity_unit

We have an extensive range of handles for your drawers or doors to customise your vanity unit and add an extra touch of style. After all, you have to pay attention to detail! Handleless units have an easy access groove at the top of the drawer, and we have plenty of handleless vanity units available if you prefer a handleless design.


What is vanity unit in bathroom?

A vanity unit is a piece of bathroom furniture that your basin can be slotted into to create more storage space in your bathroom. They combine the functions of a sink and storage space to create one piece of furniture.

Are vanity units good?

Vanity units are perfect if you need extra room to store your bathroom toiletries and keep your floor and bathroom surfaces clean. They hide your sink pipework to create a stylish and timeless piece of bathroom furniture.

Can you have a vanity unit in a wet room?

If you require a vanity unit in your wet room, you may want to consider a wall-mounted vanity as it is fastened to the wall and will not touch your floor. They will then remain dry and the water will not touch any part of your vanity. Wall-hung vanity units also add a modern and stylish touch to your bathroom. 

Do bathroom vanities come with a sink?

Vanity units often come with sinks as a set, however, they don’t usually come with basin taps. We have an extensive range of different sizes, shapes and colours of vanity units that come with sinks.