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Walk Into Your Dreams

Letta London Walk-in collection is not just a matter of storage and smart space. These sophisticated pieces of furniture are, in fact, bespoke places designed to meet the pure wishes of our clients. They represent the ultimate touch of luxury in your home. The collection is very distinct from the others, with the intention to step out and go beyond merely practical ideas and standard furniture production.

We paid particular attention to every detail in the desire to give each walk-in wardrobe your personal seal, paint it with your features and highlight what's the most beautiful. With unrivalled quality craftsmanship, the finest materials and finesses, each piece created in our workshop is a unique dream-like space.

Find your perfect dream bedroom

Presenting Letta London walk-in wardrobes - inspired by lavish Hollywood wardrobes

Inspired by Glamour

Guided by the idea that this should not have to be only a part of the room where you will store your clothes, our designs give you the pleasure of walk-in and walk-through your wardrobe like a star. Inspired by the lavish Hollywood wardrobes, we design a personal space for you. Letta London walk-in wardrobes represent an incredible interior transformation. By installing this type of pantry, we can turn even the most awkward and unattractive corners of a house into a stylish and chick detail.

Many clients don't think about walk-in solutions, as they believe there is not enough space in their room. On the contrary, Letta London design team will use every millimetre and make a real miracle. The isolated, dark side of the room quickly becomes the most beautiful wardrobe and your favourite corner to enjoy. Moreover, with bright ideas, we can help you to easily decorate the wardrobe's interior, so your favourite clothes and shoes will look like your personal boutique.

Finally Enough Space

Unlike the freestanding and even fitted wardrobes you had before, with a walk-in design you will get unlimited storage space. What’s more, with Letta London, you can keep your bedroom space free of clothes. Enjoy the perfect settings of your bedroom while trying out and dressing outfits in a separate dedicated area.

Walk-in wardrobes boast an intelligent design that makes the perfect order among your valuable possessions. You are free to combine shelves, racks, and rails according to your needs. Letta London wardrobes offer an unimaginably extensive solution for arranging an interior, including double hanging rails, slide-out shoe racks and accessory trays that open for easy access to all your outfits.

Exclusive Walk-in wardrobes
Finding Perfect Shade for Walk-in Wardrobes

Find Your Perfect Shade

When making our crafted pieces of furniture, we choose only the highest quality materials and patterns. Take a peek at the endless colour palette that will blend perfectly with your bedroom. We also offer a vast selection of finishes available; from strikingly darker elegant shades to luxurious, luminous pearl shades — Letta London’s walk-in wardrobes will match with everyone's taste and become an actual fashion detail in the bedroom.

Find Your Perfect Line

Make your wardrobe your oasis where you will spend time not only choosing your favourite outfits but also relaxing, thinking and enjoying. Letta London will help you personalize it. You can decide and choose to infinity; in the end, you will get the shelves to put all your beautiful shoes. A double hanging rails system will make every piece of clothing accessible, while a slide rack will be the ideal solution for socks or accessories. We also offer silent slide drawers that are unimaginably huge storage space. Exhibit your collection of watches or neckties into one of the cabinets that will be not only easily accessible but also a great decoration.

In addition to smartly arranging your layout, with Letta London walk-in wardrobes you can make a great combination of mirrors that will give an exclusive line and depth. Bring some art to your favourite corner of the house. Choose a bench in the most beautiful patterns.

What will make each wardrobe unique and give it a new glow and look is undoubtedly its lighting. With our team of designers and your creative ideas, we can make a real play of lights, choosing the hidden LED lights under the door, or classic lamps that will shine through every bedroom.

Space for Accessories
Letta London Professional Team

Letta London Professional Assistance

We at Letta London strive to make each piece of furniture different and tailored to your wishes. With the help of our expert team, this has never been easier or more exciting to do. Look for our free brochure and find out about all the fantastic products Letta London has to offer. Get inspired!

Next, you should schedule a free consultation, and our dear designers will visit your home. Together, you can transform your ideas into amazing wardrobes that will bring organization and aesthetically transform your living space.

Our furniture is handcrafted and made by the most excellent methods. With the same care we design, we also build and install. That is why Letta London guarantees the quality of its products and installation. Our goal is to awaken creativity and do amazing things together.