Traditional Fitted Wardrobes

A Sense Of Tradition In Our Modern Homes

With the Traditional Fitted Wardrobes collection, Letta London desired to give a tribute to the good old times and to tread a small part of history in settlement of modern life. For us, these wardrobes are not just pieces of furniture — they are heritage. Each design from this collection is inspired by the magnificent Victorian and Gregorian houses of old London. For this reason, the meaning of the word 'traditional' is something valuable, brilliant and lasting. That's how we see our bespoke wardrobes. They are firm and timeless, made for generations yet to come.

With a handcrafted design and custom production, we are incorporating traditional pieces of furniture into every modern home. By using materials like real oak, natural hues and elegant finish, we are creating custom wardrobes that are classic and breathtaking.

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Designed To Fit In More

Letta London is a custom-made wardrobe manufacturer. Therefore, our offer is never limited to standard proportions. We are also not limited by alcoves, angular walls or ceiling height. To create the perfect piece of furniture, we use only the best materials, our vast experience and the ideas of how to use the space more intelligently.

Custom manufacture has many advantages. We can use the maximum of space and still leave enough room to make you feel comfortable. Moreover, we are giving you the opportunity to create your own design. Above all, the functionality of the wardrobe's interior is as much essential as its aesthetically perfect surface.

Clients may choose according to their personal affinities — the number and size of the drawers, the height of the shelves or the hanging rails. Personalising the interior is a significant and important task for us.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Letta London Traditional Wardrobes are commonly made from real wood. Oak and walnut are valuing materials that will never go out of fashion. In addition to our choice of beautiful wood grain and colours, we can also finish your furniture in a bespoke colour wash. Therefore, why wouldn't you dare to try some more vigorous and bold shades?

White makes every wardrobe look incredibly stunning, but feel free to combine it with more colours, creating a stylish mix while maintaining the traditional sense you wanted. You can create a unique piece of furniture that will give character to your living space and tell a lot about you. If you can't decide on your own, Letta London brochure will help you explore the exciting range of available shades.

Find Your Perfect Line

By choosing a traditional fitted wardrobe, you can never be wrong. Clean lines and elegant design are what makes this type of furniture increasingly present in modern homes.
The traditional collection is classic, balanced and very stylish. It is intended for people who want a bit of luxury in their interior, while not disturbing the peace and simpleness of the place. It is available with exciting features, such as angled stable doors, fashioned headboards and a variety of handles. Find out more about designer doorknobs and handles extensive section — from the sleek and modern to the elegantly traditional — something to suit everyone.

Awkward Space Solutions

Craft manufacturing requires a dedicated team and a great experience. Also, it is not possible to create such a delicate piece of furniture as Letta London's wardrobe without fine-edge-cutting technique. Thanks to it, as well as smart ideas of our designers, off course, we can fit wardrobes into the most awkward corners of your home. Moreover, there is always some additional benefit:

  • High ceilings provide a lot of storage room.
  • Sloping roofs can serve to build a lovely and unique wardrobe
  • We can use the space under the stairs or any alcove and turn it into a very usable storage place

Letta London Professional Assistance

Design your dream furniture by yourself. Visit our nearest showroom or check out our free brochure. Find inspiration on how to decorate and organise your home with handcraft bespoke wardrobes.

Our design team is here to listen to every idea, take into consideration everything you like or don't like and present you with the best possible solution. Schedule a free consultation, and Letta London consultant will help you choose the right combination of rails, shelves, racks and drawers, as well as the best lighting that will reveal the beauty of a refreshed space.

We are almost sure that our skilful craftsmen will be able to transform your bedroom into a beautiful and organised place and fulfil all your expectations. An integral part of our service is installation, on which we give the same guarantee as on the product itself.