Modern fitted Wardrobes

Modern Bespoke Wardrobes

Here, in Letta London, we believe that one fashionable home is not made only of expensive furniture in between the walls. Modern age brings some new demands. We need to make our space as comfortable and rational as possible. So, we buy smart houses that can be controlled by our smartphones. In the end, just like our time, we want our personal space to be used as wisely as possible.

When we talk about Letta London modern wardrobes, we are not just talking about trends. Our company is always committed to finding the perfect combination of quality, functionality and beauty. Therefore, we have found the answer to new challenges. Our solution is simple. We are using smart systems and flawless, sleek lines to provide a modern design for our clients. Finally, above all the technology and functionality, you need to show a surface that speaks for itself.

Find your perfect dream bedroom

Essential, But Stunning

With a modern design, our wardrobes have got another incredible purpose. Apart from making a real miracle in organising your living space, its attractive appearance will make every interior chic and irresistible.

The collection of modern fitted wardrobes is inspired by contemporary metropolitan life, new technology and modernised customs. Calm colours, clean surfaces and lines, but yet, luxurious, vivid and attractive, will surely draw everyone's attention and leave the impression of 'never seen before'.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Take a peek at the beautiful Letta London colour palette. A soothing maple or cream can perfectly suit your bedroom. Vibrant oak or walnut give a lively look and natural ambience in the lobby or workroom. The ultra-trendy design fits perfectly with darker shades of grey and black for an elegant living room. No matter if your home is in earthy tones or you have opted for a more daring futuristic style, choose one of the perfect finishes and enhance your living space with creative colours and patterns.

Find Your Perfect Line

Our designers will always make sure that the lines of Letta London bespoke wardrobes perfectly fit with other elements in a home. Minimalistic, chic and stylish — this is how we can describe the collection. Nothing outrageous and prominent, yet it keeps in harmony with contemporary pieces of furniture and the latest technological devices.

Silent sliding doors and handless design make these wardrobes even more delightful. Furthermore, we dared to combine high gloss materials with wood, reflective and matte shades, and more. Glass and mirrors particularly signify modern collection.

Fit-in to Fit More

Letta London has never been a complete product from a catalogue. If we can promise to design a wardrobe that will fit up to the last millimetre of any room, then we surely can make a promise to use the interior space to the maximum.

Every piece that has ever been manufactured in our factory is custom made and handcrafted to be perfectly fitted. We organise the wardrobe interior wisely and economically. By choosing the right rails, shelves, racks and drawers, our designers can create a space where you can store everything you want, from heavy ski equipment to socks.

Awkward Space Solutions

Fitted wardrobes are no longer only for storage. With a fine-edge-cutting technique, we can fit wardrobes into the most awkward corners of your home:

  • High ceilings are a particular challenge for our creative team. In such a space it is possible to get unimaginably a lot of storage room.
  • Sloping ceilings are attractive, but they waste a lot of space. With Letta London modern wardrobes, you can finally use it wisely. The unique shelf system and finely cut edges will look super stylish and irresistible.
  • Check our ideas for other areas in your house, like the space under the stairs, by the windows, in alcoves. We can offer many other exciting and unique solutions.

Letta London Professional Assistance

By choosing one of our wardrobes, you are starting a new adventure you'll enjoy. If you don't know how to choose, there’s no need to worry. Just call our number or send us an email. Our consultant will help you make the right decision.

In the next phase, expect our prompt visit. Letta London designers will present you with all the bright ideas, patterns and fabrics. After they take proper measures, we can start building your exclusive wardrobe.

Just like we create with a lot of love and attention, we also instal our creations to your home. Only when the last board fits perfectly and the last screw tightens, we know our job is done. Even after that, Letta London is thinking about you. All our products and their installation have a guarantee.

It is the right time to organise your life. Get your perfect dream wardrobe and enjoy Letta London’s professional service.