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When Space Is Too Valuable

A classic freestanding wardrobe, shelves and closets can be a stylish detail in your home. However, for storing a minimum amount of clothes, you will use up a vast amount of space. Moreover, your place will not emit a wanted sense of organization and harmony.

With the exciting collection of Fitted Corner Wardrobes, Letta London once again provides the perfect answer for any home.

We have tried hard and succeeded to design such pieces of furniture that would outline the character of each client and be the most economical possible solution. Fitted corner wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the younger population. Handcrafted to perfectly fit in the smallest room, they will give unimaginable storage space and leave plenty of room for other furniture and decoration.

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Letta London Collection Inspired by Youth Urban Lifestyle

Inspired By Youth Urban Lifestyle

Young people particularly inspired this Letta London collection. City life, fresh starts and achievements usually begin in small, town apartments. While creating these pieces of furniture, our designers kept in mind the images of college roommates, enthusiasts who are coming to town, and young artists in their small studios.

Furthermore, we saw an adorable and creatively decorated attics, a couple's first home, or a renovated baby room. Of course, there are countless other examples where our corner wardrobes would look handsome. While a simple solution can transform one home, custom-made wardrobes can remodel a small area and awkward corners into the beautiful storage space.

Made Wisely To Fit As Much As Possible

With Letta London's corner wardrobes, there is no wasted space in the room. For our experienced designers and the magical hands of our craftsmen, there is no inaccessible angle. By precise measures, we can instal fitted corner wardrobes, from floor to ceiling.

Corners make these pieces of furniture act very thinly and seem to take up minimum space. However, behind an angle or slide door, you will find an unimaginable storage space. Thanks to the depth of the interior, there is much room for many sections inside. You can also decide how many drawers and shelves you need. Add curved or doubled hanging rails, and you'll fit in more clothes that will always be easily accessible. Adapt this bonus storage space to your personal needs and get the best ally in housekeeping.

Designer Corner Wardrobes by Letta London
Choose the perfect shade for customized wardrobes

Find Your Perfect Shade

Custom designing is not just about adjusting dimensions. Letta London crafted furniture gives you the freedom to create your own wardrobes, as they never are whole finished products. We are here to inspire, encourage and provide professional advice. When it comes to materials and colours, we offer a wide range of beautiful shades for any style or interior.

Choose the right wood and its natural hues. These wardrobes will perfectly fit with classic furniture and soft tones.

If you want something more stylish, choose white — it emits cleanliness and elegance. Darker shades are dedicated to ultra-modern sophisticated rooms. Try a glossy finish, a detail that will look luxurious in any case. There is also a wide range of chic pastel shades, as well as vibrant colours that will look adorable in the children's room.

Find Your Perfect Line

What characterizes Letta London fitted corner wardrobes is that they look very discreet. Handcrafted and custom made, they take just as much space as you want. Those wardrobes are excellent for smaller rooms, and you can choose between angle or slide door. With a high gloss finish and adequate lighting, those parts will look very elegant. For a more subtle effect, matte patterns are the right solution.

Adding mirrors to the corner wardrobe's door is not just a practical use of the surface. Mirrors visually make every room more extensive and beautiful. You will be impressed by how many transformations there are in so few squares.

Letta London's fitted corner wardrobes
Corner Wardrobe by Professionals

Letta London Professional Assistance

Letta London bespoke wardrobes are a concept. We are here to inspire and assist you in designing your dream wardrobe. If you desire to own a Letta London fitted wardrobe, check our brochure or visit our showroom. It will be our great pleasure to guide you through our offer, as well as the process of creating one unique piece of furniture.

A team of our expert designers and consultants will visit your home, listen to your wishes and find the best solution for your home. When an idea becomes a task, our craftsmen start to build. Each wardrobe made in our workshop is a craft piece, made according to custom measures.

ithin the shortest possible time and quick and skilful installation, you will get a fancy storage space in your home in the blink of an eye.

We provide professional service to each of our clients. It is imperative for us that our furniture is of the highest quality, practical and original in design. That is why we guarantee for each of our products, as well as installation.

Call, send an email or visit us. We are looking forward to creating and growing together.