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Letta London Timeless Classics

Classics never go out of fashion, even if bedroom design trends are moving so fast. To keep the course, we must combine ageless beauty with contemporary boldness every day. However, there is something that is proven gold and doesn't have to change, ever — our Classic Fitted Wardrobes collection. Mixed with traditional charm and subtle details, these pieces of furniture will fit with any style.

Letta London bespoke collection of classics is timeless, elegant and sophisticated.

The design tones range from soothing to dramatic, with classic doors in combination with mirrors. They might look like your grandmother's bedroom for a moment. Yet, you can feel those simple, elegant lines and a touch of Victorian luxury that you finally can afford.

The advantage of Letta London bespoke wardrobes is the following — you get a luxurious design that is uniquely made just for you. At the same time, there is an incredible volume of storage space with the perfect combination of shelves, drawers and sections — tailored by our experts to your personal needs.

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Wide Range of Classic Bespoke Wardrobes

Classic Bespoke Wardrobes Are All About the Comfort

Classic Fitted Wardrobe collection focuses on the comfort and functionality of other parts of the room. They follow the style and adapt to almost every piece of furniture in your home. Letta London wardrobe will look adorable in a countryside house or cabin, but can equally stand out beautifully with the most luxurious furniture.

Our classic pieces represent a smart solution for storing clothes, shoes, equipment, toys and more. Any room will look more spacious and comfortable.

Find Your Perfect Shade

Just because you have opted for the classic model doesn't mean you cannot play with colours. Let the surface of the new wardrobe be your canvas. Letta London will always help you choose the perfect shades. We offer a stunning colour palette which you can find in a free brochure. Whether you want the wardrobe to dramatically change the look of the place or to fit perfectly with your favourite nightstand and curtains, our team of specialists is always there to help. Natural tones are generally the preferred choice for classic models. Hand-applied colours and ideally selected shades will give the character to your room and will last for years.

Classic Perfect Shades
Beautifully customized wardrobes for unique interiors

Find Your Perfect Line

Letta London devotes time and attention to every client. If you desire a subtle bespoke wardrobe, we recommend handless doors of soothed colour; however, if you want a bit of tradition and antiquity in your home, choice decorative handles, mouldings and ornaments that will enhance the finish.

Handcrafted products for more storage space

Letta London's creative workshop has, in recent years, emerged with many finely crafted bespoke wardrobes tailored for our valued clients. We move the idea to your home and, together with you, put it into the right measures and proportions.

Our team guarantees to use the storage space as rationally as possible. Just like with aesthetics, you can choose the functionality yourself. Our expert advisers are here to help. Personalize your wardrobe interior with the perfect combination of drawers, shelves, racks and bars.

Handcrafted Storage Solutions by Letta London

Awkward Space Solutions

With our skilful craftsmen, designers and latest manufacturing technology, we are managing to fit bespoke wardrobes into the most inaccessible corners of your home.

  • Sloping ceilings look lovely, but they are unused space in many homes. Edges like this are excellent for a classy fitted wardrobe.
  • High ceilings give our classic doors a chance to stand out and shine.
  • The area under the stairs can become a great place to store anything and cover many shortcomings.
  • The bench under the window as a wardrobe is a charming blend of traditional and romantic.

Letta London Professional Assistance

Choosing a wardrobe of your dreams has never been easier. In just a few steps, your home will experience the necessary transformation. If you got the idea upon one of the classic models in our brochure or by visiting our showroom, then let's get in touch with Letta London.

Our charming salesmen will guide you and answer all your questions. You can schedule a free consultation with our designer who will visit your home and bring you the best of classic patterns and samplers. When you make a choice and we determinate measurements, we start to create a custom wardrobe for you, striving to meet deadlines and deliver furniture to your address as soon as possible.

Our job is not over with delivery, but after the complete wardrobe installation. Not to forget, we are leaving you with a guarantee, not only for the product but also for the installation. Only then may we say that our mission is completed.

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