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Bespoke Wardrobes

When it comes to wardrobes, we must agree that they are basic furniture essentials. For many exciting years we, Letta London, are building something quite extraordinary. Whether in a bedroom, foyer, or lounge, wardrobes bring harmony and organization to our homes. When you enter a beautifully organized interior, the first thing you will notice is plenty of free space. After that, you will notice the furniture and decor.

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Letta London is a renowned handicraft manufacturer of the bespoke wardrobes made by the custom measures. We are offering a rational and simple solution for any living space — from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. Still, they won't look too massive and take up much space. Also, after such an installation, we can guarantee a significantly larger storage section without disturbing the shape of the room.

Find more about the entire fitted wardrobe offer within the following sections: modern, classic, traditional, corner fitted, or walk-in wardrobes.


Find your perfect dream bedroom. In only a few steps, get a fantastic service that will organize your living space for a lifetime. After you choose the design you like, contact us by email or in person, and we will be happy to arrange a free designer visit for you.

If you are not sure about the selection, feel free to check our brochure or visit our showroom. We are sure that our lovely sellers will be able to help you with finding the perfect wardrobe for you.

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Perfectly organized wardrobes

Your Perfectly Organized Paradise

It may not occur to you right away, but wisely used space is precisely what makes one home beautiful and functional. Wardrobes are the essential pieces of furniture that can help you with transforming any room into a perfectly organized place. Letta London is putting together modern, luxurious, contemporary and traditional in simple bespoke wardrobe design. Will it be completely unnoticeable? Maybe you want it hidden behind a mirror? Alternatively, you might choose, just like in lavish hotels, to take a slide-door wardrobe which front visage represents the perfect decoration for your ambience?

We Help Our Clients to Create a Unique Living Space

A right wardrobe can help you cover many imperfections in your home without any significant investment and renovation. Imagine that you've just bought a house or moved into a new apartment. It has oddly high ceilings, unused corners and scary space under the stairs. Our team always has a simple solution. Letta London smart and straightforward designs can unimaginably refresh this kind of area and flawlessly fit any awkward space

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Make your living space innovative and creative

Be Innovative and Creative

Moreover, Letta London always dares you with some new ideas. A bespoke wardrobe can be quite a chic and luxurious piece of furniture and it can give the room an entirely different aspect. Just like a piece of art or a unique armchair, a wardrobe can outline the personality of each living space and tell a lot about its owners.

Think of the wardrobe as a magic portal — one side is a spacious, tidy, and open area. It is your stylish living space or tastefully decorated boho bedroom. What is on the other side of the slide doors is just your personal paradise. You are free to enter inside as a movie star and spend hours choosing the matching shoes and dress. Proudly keep all your highschool medals and prizes on the tallest shelf. Try tuxedo from your wedding. Play hide and seek. Your wardrobe is your kingdom.

Be Economical and Smart

Just imagine all those clothes, old memory boxes, tools, kids' toys, and shoes all over your apartment? It is very annoying when you realize that you are focusing on saving money and opting for temporary storing solutions. So, whenever the season ends, you need to carry away all that stuff to the basement or garage. During the process, your favourite possessions often get lost or damaged. This way, you are wasting both your time and your money.
We are living in an era of economic control of resources where every inch of space in our home is essential. So, no matter how hard you try to keep order, things that should be stored seem to appear all the time, not allowing your house to breathe. In the end, you feel overwhelmed by your own possessions. Worst of all, you are unable to reach the things you really want and need. You desperately need an order.

Economical Storage Solutions
Wardrobe Designs that fits in your space and interior

Our Concept, Your Measures

What happens when you find a wardrobe that fits in perfectly with your interior but is just a few millimetres taller than your ceiling? Standard size wardrobes often do not fit in every space. You can choose the freestanding alternative, but that will give you so much wasted space on the sides and above. Besides, they have quite a limited capacity.

We are creating every piece of our furniture suitable for any home. Our dedicated team, together with a professional consultant, will visit you at any time and take the right measures. To our mutual satisfaction, when they visit your home, they will bring free samples and fabrics and present the best conceptual design idea. Anything you can see at our showroom or our website can be designed especially for you.

Wide range of stylish home furniture

Your Home is Our Inspiration

In previous y ears, we had many exciting projects and reached great experience in the bathroom and bespoke wardrobes design. Together with talented designers, manufacturers, and architects that use the latest technology and top quality materials, we create unique pieces of furniture that will perfectly suit any style.

Concerning your wishes, we offer a wide range of wardrobes that vary from traditional and classic pieces to stylish, trendy furniture for every contemporary home. We aim to create unique, elegant, and useful products for every home.