Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

You can finally relax and plan your home design the way you always wanted. With porcelain tiles from our exclusive selections, it is possible to create pure magic. There’s no need for expensive investments in wooden materials that are difficult to maintain and don’t last long. Now, you can get the same effect with a material that is much more affordable and has impressive features.

Letta London presents the selection of high-quality porcelain tiles that perfectly mimic the texture of wood, and are suitable for private spa areas, elegant study room walls, even living room floors. We can offer countless ideas on how to bring wood energy into your home while maintaining the practicality that only porcelain have.

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Wood Effect for Tiled Floors

It seemed like wooden floors couldn’t be replaced by anything. They gave a distinct character to each room, emitting comfort and relaxing tones. However, if you study our selection of porcelain tiles carefully, you will find incredibly wood-like pieces that can be installed anywhere in your home, even outside. They are effortless for cleaning, can last forever and look beautiful in every weather conditions. Choose the style and the area, and we will provide you with the most authentic floor you desire.

Wood-like porcelain tiles perfectly suit any living room floor, from the timeless classics to the contemporary and chic designs. You can use them for stairs, halls, kitchens, and get a beautiful composition from the entire home that transmits warmth and good energy.

For a bathroom that looks like a sauna or hot spring, we recommend the selection of wooden-like porcelain tiles. They come in many colours and sizes, so it is easy to combine them with other materials or porcelain with a different effect.

The wood blends perfectly with the outdoor nature, making the ideal balance of lounging space and decorative greenery. Add wooden effect to your pool area for the real oasis in your own backyard.

Wooden Effect Porcelain for Walls

Walls covered with wood have always been part of the luxurious design. Perfectly crafted porcelain tiles with the final touch of wood will decorate any wall in any part of the house. What’s more, they can cover up any visible defects and make a flawless surface. In soothing wooden tones, every room can radiate positive energy and a sense of comfort.

Combine these tiles on the exterior walls as a façade decoration or make an adorable mountain hut from the garage. With Letta London, you can be creative with a wide range of possibilities.

Wood For All Styles

Find many styles where you can implement wooden layouts. Our selected tiles will fit with absolutely every design.

Wood never goes out of fashion, which is why it is an essential detail of all classic designs. For those who want more luxury, we can recommend wooden looks that will fulfil the place and bring much splendour and elegance. 

Anyone who opts for a subtle, more natural look for their home will undoubtedly embrace our decorating ideas with wooden-look porcelain tiles as a perfect solution.

Finally, large wooden-like pieces amazingly suit many modern home designs and can be frequently found in the most extravagant contemporary houses or apartments.

We offer many more ideas on how to be creative and enrich the space with tiles that perfectly transmit good energy. Explore our website or visit Letta London showroom. We would be more than delighted to assist.


Is porcelain better than other wood-like floors?

Yes, for sure. Other wood-like floors such as vinyl or laminate do not have the same durability and performance as porcelain, which is why we recommend tiles as the best wood replica.

Do wooden effect porcelain tiles cost a lot?

No, the wooden effect doesn’t make them costly. Porcelain tiles with different effects certainly cost less than natural wood, but their price depends on the quality, brand and other features that you can explore in our offer.

Can porcelain tiles with wood effect be placed on exterior walls?

Yes, you can install porcelain tiles on the exterior walls. Letta London offers a wide range of different porcelain tiles. Find the right model that will meet the required features and fit the best exterior walls of your home.

Do porcelain tiles look like hardwood?

Porcelain can mimic hardwood. With a selection of the best brands, styles and patterns, Letta  London offers porcelain tiles with the authentic look of any wood.

Is porcelain easier to maintain than laminate?

Yes, it is. Unlike laminates or vinyl that resembles wood, porcelain tiles from our selection do not absorb water; they are stain-resistant, not prone to damages and easy to maintain.