White Bathroom Tiles - Buy High-Quality White Tiles in Many Styles

White Bathroom Tiles

Make a brand new bathroom or renovate the old, monotonous one. With Letta London selection of the most delicate white tiles, it has never been easier to decorate like a professional home designer. We offer you the most beautiful pieces, made in various materials, patterns and sizes. Every single tile we choose for our customers has its suitable style and a bathroom wall or floor where it will look astonishing. 

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Finest Selection Of White Bathroom Tiles

Our Finest Selection of White Bathroom Tiles

We present only the best and renowned names from the designer world in Britain and further, as our longtime alliances in suppling customers. That is why our selection includes some of the most exclusive items.

If you've been asking how something so neutral like white colour can bring so much character and charm into one place, you must explore our full assortment. Discover many ideas on how to use white tiles to highlight other details and elements in your bathroom. Or simply, make your favourite place bright and comfortable.

White Tiles Simplicity

It is always a good idea to start with simple things. For those people who like clear and bright space and minimal decoration and details, white tiles are a perfect solution. Choose some of the plain classic models. They will turn every bathroom into a calm and relaxing place, without distractions and trivial features.

But if you are worried that white tiles could look too ordinary and tedious, explore our full offer and choose some of the fantastic finishes. With a high polish or satin surface, the tiles in your bathroom will look stylish and elegant.

Simple White Bathroom Tiles For Sale
Luxurious White Bathroom Tiles

White Tiles Luxury

White has always been synonymous for beauty and luxury. Like a real royalty, you can bring a touch of leisure to your bathroom by choosing some of the white tiles from Letta London selection.

Use the shiny marble look, unique mosaic tiles or incredible patterns to reveal the extravagance you want. In combination with glass, brass and proper light, white tiles can be a part of any luxurious style, from traditional classic lavatories to the most modern wetrooms.

Trendy White Bathroom Tiles

Contemporary homes foster styles that involve minimal colours or patterns. Therefore, our choice of white tiles is an appropriate base for modern home designs according to the latest trends. Think of a perfect white wall that is a replica of concrete, or flowless big white tiles on the bathroom floor that match the futuristic style of stylish modern homes.

Unique Design White Bathroom Tiles
Bathroom Tiles In Natural White

Perfectly Fitting, Natural White Tiles

Whitestone tiles with a creamier texture and natural shades fit perfectly with woods and other organic materials. We recommend it for people who desire their bathrooms to be a true oasis of tranquillity and relaxation. Make your private spa by using the essential tones that emit so much positive energy and, at the same time, are very trendy and attractive.

Be Practical With Letta London

We would also like to emphasize that Letta London does not care only for aesthetics and trends. We always strive to provide you with solutions that will be the best investment in your home in the long term.

By choosing any white tile model from our selection, you can certainly not go wrong. They are gorgeous, made of the highest quality materials, come in many sizes and, most importantly, fit with all forms of bathrooms. An additional benefit of white is that you can instantly refresh your space in the future by adding new elements and details without unnecessarily costly renovations.

Choose pure, rich, elegant or natural white from our range, in our online shop, or visit our showroom to see the quality of the products we offer. Letta London always gives more ideas on how to arrange your dream bathroom.

White Bathroom Tiles By Letta London


Are all white tiles of the same colour?

No, white tiles can have different shades, textures and patterns. Letta London offers various white tiles depending on the materials they are made of and kind of finish they have.

Are white tiles better for small or large bathrooms?

It depends on the effect you want to achieve. We recommend white tiles for smaller and darker bathrooms, as they will give the impression of larger space.

Where can I find some free samples?

Order free samples or look for our demo installations at Letta London showrooms in the UK.

Are white tiles suitable for shower walls?

Yes, they are. Letta London white tile selection offers moisture and water-resistant models with no trace of droplets, making them ideal for shower walls.

How can I place the order?

Please find the Terms and Conditions section and get acquainted with the Letta London’s ordering, payment and delivery details.