Porcelain Wall Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchen

If you are looking for the perfect combination of beauty and efficiency for your bathroom or kitchen, our selection of porcelain wall tiles is what you need. Porcelain offered by Leta London is a first-class quality, durable, and easy to maintain. Also, it comes in so many different sizes, colours, and layouts, so that anyone can choose a style that will perfectly fit any design.

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Porcelain can look lavish and sophisticated when used on walls, which is why it has become an essential detail of expensive and luxurious bathrooms and shiny, stylish kitchens. On top of that, this practical material is ideal for any space that requires fast and effortless cleaning. 

Choose any model of tiles from our selection and see why porcelain wall tiles are a timeless and sound choice.

Kitchen Walls That Speak for Themselves

Every modern kitchen is unique and has a personal signature that tiles from our selection provide. Therefore, we often see our beautiful tile models on the walls of the most luxurious kitchens.

But they don’t only go with expensive and luxurious kitchens. Since it perfectly imitates many materials, porcelain is a great choice for many different designs.

Tiles in the kitchen are a mandatory thing. And when we add perfectly polished porcelain or remarkable patterns from our selection, every place, either classic or contemporary, becomes a real work of art.

Tiled Bathroom Walls

As we’ve mentioned above, porcelain can perfectly imitate many natural materials. We can recommend beautiful wall tiles with an authentic stone or wood look for relaxing areas, wetrooms, and even traditional bathrooms. Every home should have a relaxing spot, and with our tiles, you can turn your spot into a real oasis.

Porcelain wall tiles from our selection represent a particular trend in modern bathroom and kitchen design. Mix them with glass, metal, wood, and you'll get a fantastic chic style for any room you want to make urban and contemporary.

Choosing the Right Size

When it comes to wall tiles, selecting the right size is essential. Letta London offers four standard sizes — small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

However, since we offer many different brands, you can also select unusual shapes and dimensions, so don’t be afraid to explore something more extraordinary and unique. Play with shapes and sizes for a more vibrant and dynamic look.

Choosing the Right Colour and Pattern

Letta London’s selection of porcelain tiles can easily inspire you. Get creative and pick different tones and patterns for walls in your kitchen or bathroom. Let the walls be your canvas and create something original and beautiful by yourself. 

Plain and bright tones fit any style, while lovely combinations, patterns, and mosaics make it hard to choose only one design. Bright porcelain tones bring light into any space, while dark shades make every room look elegant. 

Opt for colours and add designer ornaments, symbols, or decorations to turn your walls into beautiful murals.

Wall Tiles That Can Last Forever

Your walls tell a lot about your home, so choose your design carefully. When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, a certain colour or texture can define the entire style. Letta London can give you great ideas and help you select the best porcelain for your home, but also teach you how to make a sound investment.  

Apart from dictating the style and affecting the atmosphere in any room, wall tiles are made to last for many years. Matte models must remain perfect – there shouldn’t be any scratches and the colour should be as vibrant as on the first day. Also, high gloss tiles should not require too much care to preserve their original shine. 

Taking all of that into account, Letta London offers only the best quality porcelain tiles ideal for walls. They will preserve the same look for years. Also, our tiles are not prone to scratching and damage. 

Your walls will look lovely as always even if they are exposed to moisture, high or low temperatures or get frequently stained. You can use the simplest cleaning methods to maintain your tiles, which will save you a lot of time.

Feel free to visit one of our locations. Letta London’s showrooms allow you to see demo installations and get unlimited tips from our lovely vendors. They can teach you how to choose perfect tiles for any wall.


Where can I buy best wall porcelain tiles for kitchen or bathroom?

Buy the best porcelain tiles perfect for walls in any kitchen or bathroom at Letta London. We offer a wide range of different designs, styles, tones, and more. Explore our selection online or visit one of our showrooms in London.

Is it better to choose porcelain than ceramic tiles for kitchen walls?

Yes, porcelain is always a better option than ceramic since it's a high-quality and durable material that performs better than ceramic. We offer only the best grade, affordable porcelain that is durable and easy to maintain.

Can floor tiles be placed on walls?

Yes, in most cases. Many models from Letta London’s selection are universal and can fit both walls and floors. However, some tiles have properties that make them suitable only for walls or floors.

Can I wash wall porcelain tiles with water?

Yes, you can use water to clean wall porcelain tiles. Visit one of our showrooms and learn more about porcelain tile maintenance and products you can use.

Can I get some samples?

Yes, you can find samples at Letta London’s showrooms. Visit one of our locations and discover the entire selection, patterns, textures, and more.