Porcelain Tiles For Bathroom And Kitchen Floors

Quality UK Porcelain Tiles For Bathroom or Kitchen Floors

Porcelain Tiles For Bathroom And Kitchen Floors

Letta London presents the most beautiful designs and premium quality porcelain tiles that perfectly fit any kitchen or bathroom floor. Now you can easily renovate your home by using the most extensive choice of porcelain tiles in different styles, tones and sizes. 

Turn the old-fashion and dull space into the most sophisticated part of the house. With unique ideas, patterns and shapes that you can find in our collection, create an eye-catching look that will be your personal signature of a great taste.

Please explore the most beautiful selection of porcelain tiles on our website or find fantastic displays and tile installations at Letta London’s Showrooms. Also, our charming vendors will assist you in matching tiles you like with the rest of the features in your bathroom or kitchen.

Find your perfect Dream Bathroom and Kitchen

Beautiful Porcelain-Tiled Kitchen Floors

A perfectly clean and shiny floor is one of the first things we notice whenever we enter the kitchen. Keeping it flawless is not an easy task. Food preparation involves a lot of stains, steam and grease that end up on the floor. Here, expensive natural materials are useless if the floor looks messy and unsightly after a while. However, porcelain is the material that will always look great. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to maintain.

There are many reasons to choose porcelain tiles for the kitchen floor. First, they are long-lasting and affordable. Moreover, porcelain can imitate an incredible range of natural materials and blend in with every imaginable style.

Choose the flawless marble in any shade for a modern kitchen that follows the latest trends, but also looks elegant and timeless.

Natural tones and textures that resemble stone or wood give each kitchen a sense of warmth and comfort, so any time spent in a place like this is a real pleasure.

Play with patterns, mosaics and different sizes for more contemporary and chic layouts. Opt for good old classics or create your own blend of colours. With porcelain tiles from our selection, you have so many options.

Porcelain Tiling For Bathroom Floors

When it comes to home design, a bathroom is a crucial point of comfort and aesthetics. Not only does it represent your personal taste and style, but it also must be a perfect place to relax, rest and enjoy yourself.

Porcelain is the material that will cover bathroom floors with tiles of your choice and fit perfectly into the atmosphere you have chosen for the relaxation area.

Find large bright pieces that fit fantastically with modern bathrooms and wetrooms. Add some natural looks, and you’ll get a private spa in your home.

Design tiles and pattern floorings have always been a significant detail of classic and traditional bathrooms. Use them to highlight your class and elegance.

With lavish marble look, you will never go wrong if you want a bathroom that looks luxurious and expensive.

Find thousands more ideas on how to make new or transform your old bathroom into a contemporary place with floor designs that follow the latest fashion trends.

Choose Different Patterns, Shapes or Sizes

The visual effect of every floor can give a feeling of spacious or cramped space. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right tile size, depending on the surface they need to fit.

Most of the models come in four basic sizes — small, medium, large and extra-large. Still, some brands opt for sizes and shapes that stand out from the standard, making them unique and particularly attractive.

With Letta London, it is easy to find the right size, but it’s also important to choose the right shade. Colours and patterns must match the colours of walls, but also the size and shape of the room. By blending different models, you can get effects that would impress even the best designers in the world.

Porcelain Tiled Floors That Will Last Forever

When it comes to bathroom or kitchen design, porcelain tiles are our favourite items. After so many years of experience in supplying tiles, we have many reasons to feel so, but one in particular — they always make our customers satisfied.

They are beautiful, sophisticated and unique but, at the same time, simple, elegant and timeless. With our fantastic selection and practical tips, you can tidy up any bathroom or kitchen like a professional home designer.

Besides being aesthetically flawless, the tiles from our offer will also save you a lot of money and time, wasted otherwise on hard maintenance and repairs. Porcelain rarely demands any repairs or expensive renovations. It is not prone to damaging, scratching or cracking due to temperature changes. With simple maintenance, every porcelain tile is easy to clean, and floors remain shiny and beautiful for years.

Visit Letta London’s showrooms and discover why porcelain tiles are the best solution for decorating places like bathrooms or kitchens. Find countless more ideas on how to get the beautifully designed home that you can create yourself.


Where can I buy best porcelain floor tiles for kitchen or bathroom?

Buy the best porcelain floor tiles from Letta London. Our vast selection suits perfectly to any bathroom or kitchen floor. Explore more on our website or visit Letta London showrooms in London.

Are porcelain tiles better than wood flooring for kitchen floors?

Yes, definitely. Porcelain is durable material and less prone to damage or stains than wood. Choose wood effect porcelain tiles from our selection and get the style you want, coupled with more practical use.

Can I put the same porcelain tiles on the kitchen and bathroom floor?

Yes. The majority of porcelain models from our selection have the same properties and look beautiful on both bathroom and kitchen floors.

Can porcelain floors fade with time?

No. The colour of the porcelain tiles never fades. All glazes are resistant to discolouration and UV rays.

Where can I find patterned tiles?

You can find the entire collection of our patterned porcelain tiles displayed in Letta London showrooms in London.