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Porcelain Tiles

As one of the most successful tile suppliers with a long tradition and great selection of tiles, we know there are many amazing tile materials out there. However, there is one material that stands out, which is why we gladly recommend it to all of our customers — porcelain.

All porcelain tiles we offer have the same amazing features. If you look closely at our selection, you will find that porcelain can mimic so many different natural materials, fit various styles, and look great in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas, and even in the living room.

If you choose porcelain for your home, it will allow you to play with shapes, textures, shades, and blend different styles. You can create a unique experience in every bathroom, every hallway, or kitchen covered in tiles that Letta London selected for you.

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Brief History of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain hasn't always been the first choice for making tiles — people mostly used materials like terracotta or stone. Early porcelain tiles date from the 15th century China. Ever since then, it didn't take porcelain long to conquer the world.

Before you knew it, European walls were covered in decorative porcelain reliefs. Nowadays, many countries have a tradition of producing recognisable porcelain tiles, like Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey.

Naturally, Britain has a long-standing affection for them, since these tiles became extremely popular during Victorian times. Porcelain was an essential part of every royal or aristocratic place, church, home, and school.

Letta London strives to include only the finest quality porcelain and original design in its offer. Thanks to our longtime partners across the UK, it is possible to create a selection that includes pieces made according to the latest technology that, at the same time, preserve traditional English quality.

Why Letta London Recommends Porcelain?

We strive to provide our customers with solutions that are not only beautiful but also long-lasting. That is why we offer products we consider to be a sound investment.

There are a few reasons why porcelain has become the favourite material in construction over the years. The clay used for making porcelain is dense — it absorbs water with a rate lower than 0.5%. Also, porcelain is harder and more resistant than ceramic.

Therefore, this material makes the tiles almost unbreakable and suitable for all conditions in both dry and humid areas. It’s perfect for wetrooms, spa bathrooms, as well as kitchens or any other part of your home.

With porcelain, you can create numerous designs. Thanks to the latest technology, it can be cut into various shapes, meaning we can offer different sizes and formats to our customers.

Regardless of the style you choose, it is possible to polish your tiles and give them the most beautiful finish — be it polished, shiny, satin, matte, or natural.

Probably the most prominent feature of porcelain tiles is their longevity and simple maintenance. They are suitable for any location and perform well in all conditions.

Porcelain Tiles for Bedroom
Letta London’s Porcelain Tile Selection

Letta London’s Porcelain Tile Selection

We’ve included a wide range of styles we believe will find their perfect home. There is no trend that Letta London can't follow. We offer a stunning selection of different porcelain looks: marble, stone, wood, concrete, plain, and pattern porcelain tiles.

Marble is excellent for those who want a bit of luxury in their homes. With various beautiful shades and patterns, a marble look will fit any space — from glamourous halls to practical bathrooms.

We recommend stone for areas that resemble natural surroundings, like winter gardens, spa bathrooms or even living rooms. The warm stone colour perfectly matches wood and other natural materials.

Wood-like Letta London porcelain tiles are specially made for kitchen floors. They give the impression of expensive wood and are very durable and easy to maintain.

Concrete is a necessary detail of every contemporary home, which is why it is part of our collection. We offer an exciting look for floor and wall tiles trending around the world.

Plain porcelain tiles emit calmness thanks to the most delicate shades of colours that blend perfectly with any setting.

Patterns always give a unique stamp to any interior. A variety of beautiful motifs is what inspires pattern porcelain tiles from our offer. They will decorate your floors or walls like real works of art.

Tiles come in many sizes, which makes them suitable for both floors and walls. Combine them with the elements in your bathroom or make your kitchen seem more spacious with our brighter shades. Choose some of our beautiful finishes to make your relaxation zone look luxurious, stylish, and unique.

Explore Our Collection Closer

Letta London aims to create its own tradition by offering only original and striking pieces of furniture, home elements, and accessories.

It is also important for us to interact with our customers, which is why we provide them with an opportunity to explore our porcelain tile collections closely by using demo installations in Lotta London's showrooms.

You can browse, ask questions and learn more about our porcelain tile selection, as well as use our website to make the right combination of brands, patterns, styles, and colours in order to design your home like a true professional.

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Where to buy porcelain tiles?

Visit our site or Letta London’s showrooms in the UK and complete your order by selecting porcelain tiles you want.

What is the best recommendation for kitchen and bathroom walls?

Letta London recommends porcelain tiles for kitchen and bathroom walls. Porcelain is a dense, stain-resistant, temperature-resistant, and durable material.

Does Letta London offer various types of porcelain tiles?

Yes, Letta London offers different brands, sizes, styles, and shades of porcelain tiles.

Are porcelain tiles difficult to maintain?

Not at all. Porcelain tiles we offer are very easy to maintain. Use a cloth and some water to clean them. Dry the tiles well to keep them shiny.

Where can I see Letta London’s porcelain tile collection?

In one of Letta London’s showrooms. Thanks to the demo installations we’ve prepared for you, you can explore the entire Letta London selection of tiles.