Porcelain Tile Floorings

Porcelain often stands out as a favourite material in all our offerings. When it comes to floors, in particular, we have no doubts - with countless looks, styles and shades, this beautiful material fits perfectly into any room. Moreover, with porcelain tiling, all our customers can get a floor that is amazingly resistant to damage, temperature changes and persistent stains that take so much time to clean.

Explore Our Lovely Selection of Porcelain Tiles

Often, flooring is the first thing we notice when we enter a room. Its image can tell a lot about the space but also the people who own it.

By choosing any model from Letta London selection, you can turn an entire home into a true marvel of design. Without expensive renovations and the need of hiring professionals, you can find the porcelain floor tiles for kitchen, hallway, bathroom, as well as create lovely floorings for the balcony, garden, even your living room.

Floors That Define Style

Luxury homes will boast of expensive marble; contemporary trends will require floorings that are unusual and avant-garde, while the warm and comfortable sense of home will always be reflected in vintage wooden floors. And one remarkable material, porcelain, can imitate almost all of them.

In Letta London selection, you can find porcelain tiles with so many different layouts and effects that you won't need any other material. Browse our entire offer by various properties and see what suits you the best.

Finding a Fitting Size

From the vast offer of porcelain tiles, it is easy to select the right size for each floor. Larger pieces will give the impression of broader space, while small items can bring many vivid details and unique patterns into your flooring.

Choosing the Right Colour and Pattern

Patterns can be a quite challenging task. Still, they will contribute to the style and personal mark of any room. Porcelain is an ideal foundation for different decorations, mosaics and textures that will make each floor a work of art. 

However, if you think that less is more, we recommend clear and perfect tones that will give the room a sense of freshness and elegance.

Play more with tones and choose matt, satin or flawlessly polished finish to highlight the details and ornaments.

Floorings That Last Forever

When designing a home, it is crucial to set high aesthetic standards. Letta London is here to support every idea and desire for beauty. But for us, it is also very important to educate customers that every element they built in should last and serve for many years to come, and tiled floorings are the best proof.  

We can guarantee that our selection of fantastic porcelain tiles can shine on your floor for almost eternity. Porcelain is material with the highest number of positive features. The mixture of clay is extremely dense, so its structure is durable and waterproof. It is also stain-resistant, easy to maintain and hard to break.

Luckily, modern drills and cutting methods can cut the porcelain into the finest small pieces. So, you can still get the model you desire.

Opt for porcelain flooring from our collection and discover how something so beautiful and of high quality can also be affordable and practical. We are free to say that investing in porcelain tiles is nothing but an advantage. 


Are all tile models from Letta London offer made of porcelain?

No, not all models are made of porcelain. Letta London holds a large number of different porcelain selections suitable for the entire home but also offers tiles made from a variety of materials.

Do porcelain tiles break at high temperatures?

No, they don’t. Porcelain is perfect for all conditions and not prone to cracking due to the high temperatures. Find the highest quality porcelain tiles in Letta London collection.

Can porcelain tile flooring look like wood?

Yes, porcelain can mimic the wood. Letta London recommends using porcelain tiles with wooden effect as an excellent replacement for this one, as well as many others, hard-to-maintain and costly natural materials.

How to tell the difference between ceramic and porcelain?

Pay attention to tile surfaces. Porcelain has a precisely crafted and smooth surface while ceramics has slightly rougher lines. It is easy to spot the difference between ceramic and porcelain when you visit our showroom and see the samples.

Are porcelain floors hard to maintain?

Not at all. They are easy to maintain and resistant to stains and permanent damage. For cleaning, use water, cloth and floor cleanser. For those reasons, our selection of porcelain tiles is specifically recommended for floors.