Patterned Bathroom Tiles

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Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Letta London always finds the right way to highlight your personal style with beautiful bathroom designs. Thanks to the fantastic offer of tiles we choose from the best and most popular collections, it is not hard to achieve that. 

From our vast experience and countless satisfied customers, we can say that a bathroom is never complete without amazing patterned tiles from our selection.

Patterns can revive any room and give it a distinct character, better than any other ornament. When it comes to bathrooms, colourful details and motifs are essential. Explore one of the most beautiful selections of stunning tiles that will perfectly fit any bathroom wall or floor. 

Find your perfect dream Bathroom

Our Selection of Patterns

Patterns are a unique type of art that’s been popular since ancient times. Therefore, patterned tiles are the best way to embellish your bathroom or any other room.

We all know that it is not recommended to place paintings or valuable tapestries in humid areas. They would surely look lavish, but wouldn't last long. Luckily, with patterned tiles, it is possible to accomplish almost the same effect. Plus, tiles are resistant to moisture, easy to clean, and can last practically forever.

For every single style you choose, we can pick a particular tile model that will fit flawlessly, so browse different brands, materials, and shades in Letta London’s unlimited selection of tiles. 

Combine Different Sizes

Depending on whether you wish to cover an entire surface or only focused areas, you can choose different tile sizes. They usually come in four sizes – small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Use large pieces as a base and small tiles to mark elegant borders. With different sizes, you can play with symmetry and perspective. Bathroom walls and floors can be your canvas, so feel free to create a unique work of art in your home.

Find Many Amazing Motifs

We did our best and found various motifs you can fuse to create countless astonishing combinations. 

Many patterns are inspired by oriental cultures, meaning they are rich in ornaments, arabesque, and floral designs. Some resemble ancient symbols and details, like Chinese letters or Morrocan ornaments. With such styles, you can achieve a dramatic and vibrant look in your bathroom.

Classic bathroom designs require tiles that are not too extravagant. Tiles with two or up to three colours, symmetrical lines, and neat shapes, like the most popular checkerboard pattern, go well with elegant bathroom floors and stylish vintage bathrooms.

Abstract motifs belong to designs that follow trends. Geometrical concepts and vibrant colours go well with chic retro bathrooms, but also modern designs inspired by a contemporary lifestyle and the latest technological wonders.

How to Choose the Right Tile Style?

Thanks to our patterned tile selection, it is very easy to decide in which direction you want your renovation to go. Still, check out our full range of ideas to find the style that works best for you.

Patterned tiles have always been a part of traditional bathrooms. Opt for more elegant and subtle variants and get the authentic Victorian bathroom in your home. These tiles look irresistibly luxurious when combined with expensive materials, high-gloss tiles, and unique designs.

You can also find patterned tiles in contemporary bathrooms. They are usually in the form of discrete vintage ornaments and perfect details that break the monotony of modern minimalism.

Bathrooms with natural wooden and stone-like tones are ideal for relaxation. They can also be an excellent place for patterned tiles that will define decorative edges and give some elegance to the rustic design.

Why Choose Letta London?

Our source of ideas is unlimited. Patterned tiles allow you to choose a motif according to your personal preferences and feelings. Maybe you are in love, a naturalist, or an artist. Whatever the case, everything that makes you happy can be painted on patterned tiles. Chances are that we already have what you’re looking for in our selection. 


Where to buy patterned tiles?

Buy patterned tiles at Letta London. We are the best tile supplier – we offer different brands, models, and styles. Visit one of our locations in the UK or explore our entire selection on our website.

Are patterned tiles trendy?

Yes, patterns are always trendy. Explore many patterned tiles in Letta London’s selection that go well with all current trends.

Does Letta London recommend patterns for larger tiles?

Yes, we recommend subtle patterns for large tiles and more vivid details for small tiles.

Is polishing for patterned tiles recommended?

Yes, it is. Letta London recommends polishing for patterned tiles.

Do patterned tiles make bathrooms seem smaller?

Not necessarily. Clean surfaces give the impression of more space, but Letta London has some ideas that can help you position patterned tiles and get the same visual effect as with clean surfaces.

Do all patterned tiles have to match one another?

No, not necessarily. Our pattern tile selection offers many models that do not need to match other patterns.