Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Premium Outdoor Porcelain Tiles - Best Tiles For Patios, Garden & Pools

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Our selection of porcelain tiles for outdoor areas is the most excellent choice of quality, stability, durability and, above all, perfect style — your backyard or garden can look exactly like those images from the greatest lifestyle magazines. 

Choose from many designs that will fit perfectly in your home architecture and backyard decor. From perfect porch to stone paths, Letta London has a myriad of home decor ideas.

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Why Choose Porcelain Tiles?

Use porcelain to cover surfaces that are exposed to weather, frequent dirt, potential scratches and damages. You can be sure that you are getting wanted quality and durability. Each tile in this selection is firm, does not absorb water and is not prone to cracking due to low or high temperatures. We guarantee that porcelain will remain glossy and beautiful after many years.

Porcelain tiles come in many different layouts so that they can be applied to any architectural style. Letta London can assist in finding the best application for you.

Outdoor Porcelain Tile Floorings

When it comes to the open space, our first thoughts are decks and patios. A favourite place to relax, hang out with friends and family must be breathtaking. The tiled floors are a true measure of design with style, balance and a sense of comfort.

Paved paths and sidewalks are a perfect solution to preserve your lawn and get more space for greenery. Using just a few porcelain tiles will give you discrete walk lines where you can navigate comfortably. Take advantage of effects such as wood or stone, and you will get an incredibly modern backyard look.

The terraces get an elegant look when covered with porcelain. Blend it with the facade colours or tiles inside the house, and you will get a beautiful accessory for your home.

Driveways have always been a struggle when it comes to aesthetics. But with porcelain tiling, they will look just as sophisticated as your porch or staircase, and will also be easy to clean.

Porcelain Tiles for Pools

Every home that has a pool needs to highlight its beauty and tidy up space around it. We suggest waterproof porcelain tiles that are non-slip and extremely durable. You can choose a more natural style or designer patterns for the edges. Paved paths can look exotic with the fabulous marble layout. 

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Walls

Make a beautiful garden wall that fits greenery, with decorative motifs or mosaic porcelain tiles on your outside walls. Be more creative and enrich the fence walls, facade and pillars with the most delicate details of porcelain tiles.

Find Different Styles With Letta London

With so many ideas on how to use outdoor tiles smart, we offer so many more styles that will fit perfectly.

Luxury homes require royal lawns and patios; therefore, they need the most elegant choice of tiles. Use porcelain that imitates lavish marble, bright and shiny models in combination with designer patterns to make one unique and stylish yard.

Classic house demands practical and simple solutions, yet tiling that is elegant and sophisticated. Try more plane shades and traditional models for a timeless look.

A lot of greenery and plants will always surround charming and cosy places. For eye-catching homes that exude comfort and warmth, we offer authentic natural-looking tiles that resemble stone or wood.

Lastly, every modern home must have clear edges and concrete paved paths that will follow symmetry and blend perfectly with glass and minimalistic facades.

Choose more, and find countless ways and styles that will show you how to apply beautiful porcelain tiles for open space. Letta London will be happy to assist with the best selection and expert advice.


Can I use the same tiles for indoor and outdoor space?

Yes, some tiles can be applied both indoors and outdoors. We recommend porcelain tiles that fit perfectly with home and open space decor and possess equal performances.

Can the pattern on the porcelain tile fade if installed outside?

No, it almost never happens. The quality porcelain from our range has the finest finish that preserves the gloss and colour of the tiles.

Are porcelain tiles suitable for the pool area?

Yes, they are quite desirable for pool areas. We offer beautiful porcelain tile models that do not absorb water, are not slippery and are easy to maintain, making them ideal for swimming pools.

Are porcelain tiles resistant to temperatures below zero?

Yes, they are. We offer tiles that are not prone to damage due to temperature changes.

What thickness of porcelain tile is appropriate for the exterior?

It must be greater than the standard 8–10 mm. Choose models from our selection with greater thickness that is suitable for an outdoor area.