Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

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Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Even in Ancient Greece and Rome, people considered mosaics to be the most attractive design for hot bathrooms and pools. Except for being visually pleasing, little pieces of stone or glass composed into one big picture were powerful statements about social status, religious beliefs, or wealth. 

As an art form, the mosaic was present in the history of many nations, continents, and religions. Still, when it comes to interior design, perhaps it was the most authentic in oriental baths. Today, mosaic tiles follow a lot of different styles, from the oriental ones and rustic to the contemporary, even 3D pieces.  

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Letta London's Selection of Mosaic Tiles

Browse Letta London's full offer of mosaic tiles for bathroom walls and floors that goes beyond the ordinary. These tiles come in dozens of variations and shapes, inspired by nature, geometrics, famous arts, etc. 

Decorate entire surfaces or use them only as a frame for mirrors or sinks. With our help, you can find some fantastic ideas and create amazing patterns for your floors and walls.

Textures, Shapes, and Perfect Measurements

Mosaic is a decorative form of art, typically found on walls and floors, made of many little pieces of glass, stone, porcelain, or similar materials. For making beautiful patterns and images out of small parts, we can recommend tiles of irregular shapes and various dimensions. Round, rectangular, and fragmented mosaic tiles allow you to play with symmetry and perspective.

Some shapes and sizes can make an optical illusion and make even the smallest bathroom seem more spacious. If you choose different shapes, you can enjoy more vibrancy in your bathroom. 

Since there are so many choices, think carefully before selecting tiles or consult some of Letta London's professionals and ask for help.

Decorative Mosaic Bathroom Tiles
Bathroom Mosaic Tiles In Unique Material And Pattern

Surprising Mosaic Materials and Patterns

Our selection of mosaic tiles offers countless colourful ideas. If you think such pieces don’t have particular patterns, you're mistaken. We provide tiles that have the most delicately painted details or cropped prints as real puzzles. You can choose to cover the entire floor or use them just as sophisticated details for the walls.

Modern, Retro, Oriental, and More

Try exotic and beautiful ornaments or arabesques. Add some timeless abstractions to the retro style. We also offer amazing geometric, three-dimensional tiles that can complement any style you like.

Mosaics can be a luxury, especially if they come in gold or silver. Together with materials such as marble, mosaic tiles are the perfect bathroom accessories. 

On the other hand, more texture and warm tones resemble the natural environment and are perfect for saunas, steam baths, and relaxation zones. 

Finally, our selection of mosaic tiles is ideal for any modern bathroom design. Therefore, we can suggest pieces inspired by contemporary lifestyle, futuristic interiors, and advanced technology. 

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Unique Design Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Why Choose Letta London?

Letta London is a name that stands for the most extensive supply of various tile brands and styles in the UK. Therefore, we find it easy to offer you delicate forms as mosaic tiles with so many different design options and ideas.

Dare to choose an unconventional style that is everything but ordinary – we will assist. Our website is easy to explore and the vendors in Letta London's showrooms are charming and professional.


Where to buy mosaic tiles?

Buy mosaic tiles at Letta London. We offer the most authentic and stylish mosaic tiles in different shapes and tones. Find tiles on our website or visit one of Letta London’s showrooms.

Can mosaic tiles be used in showers?

Yes, you can use mosaic tiles in the shower area. Letta London’s offer includes a vast range of non-slippery mosaic tiles that are easy to maintain and look fantastic on shower walls and floors.

Does Letta London supply glass mosaic tiles?

Yes, we offer some glass mosaic models. Explore our selection of mosaic tiles to find the best glass tile models.

How to install mosaic tiles?

It is easy to install mosaic tiles. Explore some of our demo installations or consult our vendors and catalogues to learn all about the installation process of mosaic tiles.

Do mosaic tiles last shorter than ordinary tiles?

No, mosaic tiles from our selection are made from the same materials as all others, meaning they perform the same as all other tiles we offer.

How to maintain mosaic tiles?

It is easy to maintain mosaic tiles. If properly installed, mosaic tiles can be cleaned with water, a cleaning cloth, and appropriate cleaning products.