Modern Bathroom Tiles

Refresh your home with the latest trends — start with a bathroom makeover. With Letta London's fantastic selection of modern tiles, you can quickly turn your old bathroom floor and walls into fashionable and trendy pieces of art.

Letta London dedicates a lot of attention to the contemporary lifestyle. We choose stunning tile collections influenced by the latest social demands and advanced technology. We keep up with the latest innovations and have a different approach to interior design. 

Modern bathrooms are spacious, made from the finest materials, with a lot of transparency and clean surfaces. However, some new styles have preserved that vintage charm, which is why we’ve decided to include some beautiful details in our selection that will make any bathroom unique.

Find your perfect dream Bathroom

Our Modern Tile Selection

Explore one of the most comprehensive offers we’ve prepared for you. Letta London's modern selection emits style, elegance, and comfort. Find the right layouts, colours, and patterns and blend them perfectly, creating an ideal contemporary home. We can assist with a million ideas and help you design your place like a professional.

Choose Right Tile Size

Many modern styles require open and clean surfaces with minimalistic details. The right tiles can turn your floor or wall into a flawless surface. Large tiles go perfectly with glass, metal, and other trendy materials. Still, some unique designs suit smaller pieces, like art deco patterned or mosaic tiles. Choose small, medium, large, or extra-large pieces.

Modern Shades and Patterns

Many people think that modern design implies plain and neat outlines, which can make your bathroom seem a bit cold but also luxurious. Minimalism is currently the most noticeable trend in home decor. That's why we offer a vast selection of simple patterns, neutral base colours, and materials that resemble concrete, marble, wood, etc.

But it's also true that today, everything is in fashion — every home has at least the slightest touch of tradition, as well as classic and retro styles. Letta London offers unique tiles that will give your bathroom an original look. Choose designer tiles, beautiful patterns, or mosaic tiles with an amazing 3D effect.

Find Best Contemporary Design

When it comes to choosing the right design for modern bathrooms, we provide our clients with countless ideas. Browse the entire Letta London selection and find perfect pieces that meet your needs.

Marble never goes out of fashion. It is the most sophisticated and elegant material. Therefore, it suits modern and trendy lavish bathrooms.

Lately, concrete has been the most desired material since it complements the quite popular industrial style. Get trendy concrete tile layouts for unconventional and chic homes.

A natural look is all about simplicity and cosiness, some of the most desired things in the modern world. That’s why we’ve selected lovely plain shades, stone, and wood for our tile collection. These will give every bathroom real Scandinavian charm and comfort.

Letta London advises you to be bold and try some patterns and interesting details. Contemporary lifestyle, above all, fosters individuality, and by adding unique features to your bathroom, you will truly make it your own. Play with ornaments, geometry, and irregular shapes to create a unique and timeless design.

Why Choose Letta London?

We supply tiles from reputable manufacturers in the UK and beyond. Each selection is made with great care and knowledge of consumers’ needs. Moreover, with our expert advice, anyone can arrange a bathroom like a professional interior designer.

Explore our offer and discover the variety, quality, and timeless style we offer.


Where to buy modern bathroom tiles?

Buy modern tiles at Letta London. We offer the best models for any modern home. Find a vast range of tiles on our website or visit Letta London’s showroom in London. 

What is the best colour for modern bathroom tiles?

All colours go well with modern tiles. Explore Letta London’s modern tile selection and find many different trendy colours suitable for any contemporary style.

Which materials Letta London’s modern selection goes with the most?

Our collection of modern bathroom tiles goes well with wood, metal, glass, and other trendy materials.

Are big tiles trendy?

Yes, large tiles are very trendy. We offer many popular large tiles for contemporary bathroom designs.

Are there patterns in Letta London's selection of modern tiles?

Yes, we have many beautiful modern patterned tiles.

How can I know which tiles are modern?

Letta London can teach you how to choose modern tiles. Check out our catalogue or visit one of the showrooms in the UK to get the best ideas from our friendly staff that will help you choose the best modern tiles.