Large Bathroom Tiles

Bring a touch of the latest style to your home and turn the old-fashioned bathroom into a real design marvel with a couple of simple tips. Among the countless brilliant ideas on how to make a bathroom look stunning, Letta London offers a vast range of large size tiles that, more than anything else, can be very effective when it comes to makeovers.

By choosing suggested pieces for both bathroom flooring and walls, you can achieve a look that reflexes the latest trends and modern lifestyle. 

Find your perfect dream Bathroom

Our Best Selection of Large Tiles

Every bathroom wall or floor demands a different tile size, depending on style or result you desire to archive. Find beautiful marble, stone-like, even large pieces of colourfull patterns. Plain shades are particularly popular in combination with glass; also, they are an excellent foundation for many lively details. Explore more than a thousand different ideas and find out why we recommend large tiles for almost every home.

Size Really Does Matter

By following simple construction tricks, we realised that more substantial pieces can visually give more space. That is why large tiles are especially welcome in smaller bathrooms. With transparent, bright colours, the bathroom might become a real optical illusion.

But it doesn't have to be a strict rule. Large tiles can look quite splendid in multiple square feet bathrooms. At least, if you feel like you got too much empty space, you can always add some great patterns or mosaic to break the monotony.

Play With Shades and Patterns

Letta London selection of large bathroom tiles can really surprise with so many different shades, as well as exciting patterns and finishes. 

Bright tones look very luxurious. They leave the impression of splendour and sophistication, especially if they come in marble or other shiny finish. Even more, light colours are also trendy and perfect for small and cosy downtown apartments. 

Choose any pastel or natural tone that will perfectly fit any style, and make an excellent blend with smaller patterned tiles that are attractive features for bathroom walls and floors.

Darker shades on large tiles will bring a more dramatic look. Such layouts will undoubtedly tell a lot about the uniqueness and particular character of both — a house and its owner.

Choose a Matching Style

Letta London selection of large bathroom tiles is modern and trendy, but also fits many different styles. Take a look and find the material, colour and design that will turn your favourite place into a vintage bathroom, luxury room, or warm and cosy sauna.

Let's start with a timeless classic look. It's more than convenient to use large surfaces for a sophisticated and traditional style. With wall and floor tiling like this, you can add any feature without disturbing the simplicity of space.

Large marble tiles are must-have details in every luxurious bathroom. Match them with smaller mosaics or ornaments to reach the unique style. They go perfectly with mirrors, shiny metal and other lux decors.

Turn your bathroom into a real natural spring. Make a relaxing spa or cosy wooden sauna in your own house with our selection of large tiles in natural looks, like stone, marble or wood. Add more texture, and you can have amazing replicas of authentic natural materials. 

Every contemporary design recommends large pieces as a reflection of the minimalism and practicality that is the last fashion demand.

Why Choose Letta London?

The choice is never easy when Letta London has so much to offer. That’s why we provide perfect tiles — an idea of how to select the best for you.

Explore our offer carefully or visit our showroom. Letta London will show you samples, installations and give all the suggestions you need to choose the right tile size.


Are larger tiles better for small bathrooms?

Yes, they can be very effective in smaller bathrooms. Letta London recommends large tiles, as they will make the place more spacious.

Does Letta London supply all the tiles in large sizes?

In the majority of the cases it does, but sometimes it depends on the manufacturer. The sizes we offer are small, medium, large and extra-large. All selected models come in various sizes, depending on the brand or model.

Can I use large tiles for the shower?

Yes, be free to use large tiles. There are many models in our collection that are suitable for shower walls and floors.

Are big tiles more slippery?

Yes, they can be, particularly if their finish is polished and flat. Letta London recommends large tiles with matt or relief finishes for bathroom floors that are safe and non-slip.

Can I get any samples?

Yes, you can get all the samples. Please visit our showroom or find our demo installation of the best large bathroom tiles.