Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles - Buy Unique Wall Tiles For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Letta London offers a fantastic tile selection that will turn any kitchen into the most impressive room of the house. Choose appropriate wall tiles that will dominate the place. Kitchen walls capture the huge attention of our customers, so we made a lot of room for their presentation in our showrooms. Top-quality tiles will not only enrich the space but they are also the smartest solution for the area where we are spending a lot of time cooking and preparing food.

Explore our entire tile collection and find a perfect match for your fresh kitchen walls.

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Small And Larger Porcelain Tiles For Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Tile Selection by Letta London

We offer our customers a fantastic selection of wall tiles that fit perfectly with any kitchen. In our assortment, you can find pieces that are motivated by tradition and classic elegance, but also trendy and modern designs, ideal for contemporary homes.

Moreover, Letta London offer is made of the most beautiful materials, in different sizes, styles and looks. They are stain-resistant, easy to maintain and, above all, stunningly beautiful.

Different Sizes

We sell tiles in four different sizes — small, medium, large and extra-large. Choose the size depending on the area you are decorating and the effect you want to achieve.

For the concept of open space, we can recommend larger tiles. They are trendy and much easier for cleaning. Yet, smaller porcelain pieces, especially patterned ones, can be a fantastic detail and piece of decoration. Feel free to combine them and make a unique style for your kitchen walls.  

Wide Range Of Kitchen Wall Tiles
Different Size Wall Tiles For Kitchen

Unique Colours and Patterns

Picking the right colour for walls will determinate the whole atmosphere in the kitchen. Letta London can offer you a lot of different tones, from bright and medium to dark. Depending on a style you choose, marble, stone or maybe even concrete, we can assist in finding the perfect match. 

Our patterns are inspired by the most beautiful natural or geometric shapes. They can fit perfectly as decorations to break the monotony and imprint life into walls. Combine wall tiles with our perfect flooring for your dream kitchen.

Various Styles

Choosing the right style is the essential task of any renovation. It is a pure pleasure for Letta London to offer you so many different options. Even if you want to make a drastic change, our wall tiles will help you with such a makeover.

  • Marble effect fits perfectly with contemporary homes, open space apartments and modern kitchen elements. No matter if it is bright or dark marble, it always looks luxurious and shiny.
  • Stone and wood are natural elements that are perfectly emulated by our porcelain tiles. Make a cosy kitchen that emits the warmth of a mountain hut, but is also very trendy and practical.
  • Concrete is a must-have detail in every contemporary home.
  • Plain tones are an excellent foundation for wall tiles, as they give more options to play with details and patterns.
  • Pattern tiles are particularly crafted to bring vibrancy to your kitchen and present details that are unique and exciting.
Unique Colours And Patterns Kitchen Tiles
Eye Catching Style Kitchen Wall Tiles

Finishes and Polish

Our tile selection brings different final looks. For more texture on your walls, choose matt, honed, grip or a natural tile finish. Still, if you like flawless flat surfaces with high gloss, then we suggest our tiles that are polished with the most refined techniques.

Why Choose Letta London Tiles?

Each tile in Letta London selection is chosen with a lot of attention and care. Our offer is created according to our customers' desires, with plenty of opportunities to use their imagination and decorate home on their own.

Research our full offer on the site or visit one of the showrooms and find the tiles that will enhance your home in the best possible manner.

Spectacular Tiles With Well Finishing And Polishing


Where to find the best panelling for kitchen walls?

You can buy the best tiles for the kitchen walls at Letta London. We offer you a special selection of tiles that are easy to maintain and clean — perfect for any kitchen.

Do Letta London tiles come in multiple sizes?

Yes, Letta London can offer four different tile sizes — small, medium, large and extra-large.

Are all tiles stain-resistant?

No, it depends on the material and the quality of the finish. We present you the best quality tiles with low absorption power that are stain-resistant.

What material is best to use for kitchen wall tiles?

It is best to use porcelain. Letta London can offer a wide range of porcelain tiles that best suit kitchen walls.

Where can I find Letta London tiles?

Find the entire tile selection on our website or visit one of the Letta London's showrooms across the UK.