Kitchen Floor Tiles

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Kitchen Floor Tiles

We are delighted to offer the perfect tiles for your kitchen floor. With many combinations that you can make from our range of different brands, styles and sizes, you can finally pick the right one for your kitchen. Choose a floor that fits in with your contemporary downtown apartment or a warmer, more natural tile look for a summer house by the lake.

For its customers, Letta London chooses only high-quality tiles that will last long, look fantastic and serve well.

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Beautiful Floor Tiles For Kitchen

Letta London Kitchen Floor Tile Selection

A kitchen shouldn't be only functional. It can also be attractive, stylish and modern, and can give your home a particular character. With our selection of tiles that perfectly fit any kitchen floor, you can start a makeover and turn your dull working space into the most beautiful room of the house.

From dozens of items presented in our range of tiles, we carefully choose the pieces that match the kitchen floors in all characteristics.

Different Sizes

Letta London will be happy to assist you in picking the right tile size for your place. We sell small, medium, large and extra-large items. Smaller tiles can bring more exciting details, while larger pieces can make the area look more spacious.

 Durable Kitchen Floor Tiles In All Sizes
 Kitchen Floor Tiles In Different Colors & Patterns

Unique Colours and Patterns

Our tile selection offers so many beautiful shades, from natural plains to trendy patterns and mosaics. If you opt for lighter tones, you will get an illuminated space that emits freshness. The darker colours for floor tiles are very trendy and indicate a creative, working atmosphere.

Designed tiles and patterns are intended for those who want their kitchen floor to be personal style mark and unique detail.

Various Styles

Choosing the right style of floor tiles is essential. They have to fit other elements, not just the kitchen but the rest of the interior. Fortunately, Letta London offers many different guidelines on how you can tidy your home.

Thanks to our reputable associates and best manufacturers, we successfully emulate almost every element of nature with the tiles that are made from the most quality materials. We offer tiles made of durable materials that can resemble marble, stone, and even wood.

Explore our tile selection and find more styles  — natural, contemporary, even industrial and concrete. It is almost magical how one material can have so many different looks.

 Unique Style Kitchen Floor Tiles
Finishing And Polishing Done On Tiles

Finishes and Polishing

When it comes to floors, it is quite important what kind of finish and final look they have or if they are glazed or not. Tiles can be polished or honed, structured, matt, grip, or satin — that is also important when choosing the right ones, as they can be more or less practical for maintenance, slippery or shiny. For those who prefer high gloss, each tile can be polished to the finest, long-lasting shine and resistance. Such a finish is highly recommended for marble or contemporary kitchens.

Lately, an increasing number of people prefer a more natural, slightly rustic home decor. That is why tiles for kitchen floors with rough surfaces, unglazed and stone-like, are remarkably sought products from our selection.

Why Choose Letta London?

Every selection that we make is inspired by a wide range of our consumers. With a variety of styles and features, they suit every home. Also, we always strive to provide customers with more than just products, thus encouraging them to be creative and to liven up their homes with their own ideas.

Explore our wide selection online and choose the right tiles for your kitchen floor. You can also visit one of our showrooms and get assured about the beauty and quality that Letta London can offer.

Splendid Kitchen Floor Tiles From Letta London


How to choose the best tiles for kitchen floors?

When choosing the best tiles from Letta London selection, you should focus on the design and size of the kitchen. We are offering 1000+ different styles available on the stock. Explore tile selection and select adequate parameters for easier access and finding the right style.

Is it possible to mix different styles and sizes of tiles?

Yes, you can mix various styles. Find our demo installations and get great ideas on how to make the perfect combinations of different tiles.

Are polished tiles the best choice for kitchens?

Yes, polished tiles are the best choice for the kitchen since they are simpler to clean with different detergents. Without retaining grease or dirt, they can maintain their original shine longer.

What sizes of floor tiles are available?

We offer you small, medium, large or extra-large tile pieces. From Letta London selection, you can choose one of four standard sizes.

How to buy the best tiles for kitchen floors?

Complete your order via our site by selecting the categories and parameters you want, or visit one of the Letta London Showrooms across the UK.