Grey Porcelain Tiles

If you have opted for Letta London’s selection of porcelain tiles and also added a grey colour as the desired feature, we can assure you that you have made an unmistakable choice. Blending those two characteristics in one design can turn any home into the temple of elegance and style. 

Porcelain is a material that fits all surfaces, from walls to floors, and absolutely every room in the house. Grey shades look stunning on it. Choose large pieces in neutral shades for a contemporary home or a gentle dove grey for a more sophisticated look. Porcelain comes in different textures and looks, so you can play with tones and patterns without breaking the balance and harmony of your home. 

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Grey Porcelain Tiles For Floors

We will start with the impressive performance that grey porcelain can have as flooring. First, it is excellent for places that you usually walk across frequently, such as stairs or hallways. Porcelain is a durable material and is not prone to scratching or damage. Also, it is easy to maintain and doesn't stain easily. Even in situations where unwanted things happen, the grey colour will camouflage every imperfection, stain and dirt.

The same rule applies to kitchens and bathrooms where you will get moisture-absorbing, very durable and easy-to-clean floors.

Dusty Tones For Every Room

However, we cannot fail to mention the remarkable look of grey porcelain tiles with the finest finishes, especially if they are marble-like or mimic other lavish and expensive materials. Floors like this should be the most representative pieces of art in every living or dining room. Neutral pale shades perfectly fit classic and luxurious residences, while darker smoky grey can match contemporary penthouses or apartments.

Choose grey porcelain tiles from our collection for any floor, even the garden, in a million shades, shapes and styles.

Grey Shades For Walls

Dare to use grey shades that will dominate the walls. We can assure you that with the Letta London’s wast range of light grey shades and beautiful tile patterns, every grey wall ceases to be monotonous and cold.

Grey shades are an excellent idea for bathroom walls. First, for practical reasons, as it doesn't leave any trace of droplets or limescale. The pale shades and large pieces will make the small bathroom significantly more spacious, while any grey shade will blend perfectly with glass, metal and mirrors.

Any kitchen style will welcome grey porcelain tiles, as will the person who has to keep it clean. Kitchen walls get easily dirty when exposed to steam and grease. With porcelain, it easy to clean all the issues.

Find worm patterns and grey wood-like tiles for traditional and cosy kitchens, or more lavish and brighter models that will suit perfectly open-space kitchens with a gorgeous stand in the middle.

Mix grey tiles with other designs for an exciting look of walls in different rooms, like children’s playroom, a winter garden, and even a living room.

Different Patterns, Shades and Sizes

Dusty tones, worm shades or sophisticated dove grey alongside many more colours come in many shapes, from large panels and small pieces to the tiniest mosaics. Choose brighter plain and neutral grey porcelain for smoother looks, or more dramatic appearance of granite and stone. In our selection, you can even find an imitation of grey wood carved into the perfect porcelain tile.

Explore many more options and ideas with us. Visit one of our showrooms to meet the vibrancy and quality of all our tile collections.


What is the best shade for non-staining kitchen walls?

It’s grey with no doubt. Different shades of grey cover the unperfections and stains made by grease or food. Letta London offers 1000+ ideas on how to decorate your kitchen walls with grey porcelain tiles.

Should I choose to tile my hallway?

Yes, it would be best if you chose tiles for this area. They are practical, easy to maintain and look beautiful. With Letta London offer, you can pick a style and colour of your desire.

Can grey tiles have patterns?

Yes. Many tile models come in fantastic grey patterns in various styles. Find more beautiful details and ornaments with our patterned grey porcelain tiles.

Where can I get quality mosaic tiles?

You can find the best-quality mosaic tiles in Letta London’s exclusive selection. We offer many beautiful mosaic designs in different styles.

Can I glue a broken porcelain tile?

No, never try to glue tiles. The broken porcelain tile can be repaired with special grinding and polishing methods. Find more tips on our site or with our vendors.