Gray Bathroom Tiles - Buy Artistic Gray Tones Tiles For Bathroom

Grey Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to bathroom design, always be free to seek for more grey tones, no matter if we talk about floor or wall tiling. And choosing some of many amazing tiles in such tones from Letta London selection can never be a mistake. 

It is certainly not a coincidence that we put so many of them into our offer. The colour is elegant and never comes out of fashion, as it perfectly fits different bathroom styles. Moreover, grey tiles have an incredible palette of various shades and patterns. At the same time, they can provide a sense of luxury and extravagance, but also look quite natural and simple.

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Stunning Grey Bathroom Tiles By Letta London

Why Letta London’s Selection of Grey Tiles?

Many people will avoid plain colours in home design, mainly because they fear colours like grey would look lifeless and monotonous. However, on the contrary, you should opt for this colour since its neutrality can give countless options to combine and blend with other colours, patterns and materials.

Trough a brief overview of what Letta London has to offer its consumers, we will try to show some ideas on how grey can perfectly fit your bathroom.

Beautiful Grey Shades and Patterns

Letta London Gray Tile selection allows you to play with bathroom décor. Add some remarkable patterns for the most stunning details and decoration. Moreover, try to blend two, three, or more shades for an eye-catching bathroom that will emit particular charm. 

Make a blend. Try a darker grey for flooring, lighter pieces for walls, and colourful bathroom fixtures and accessories, like towels, plants, arts, for the bathroom from home magazines.

Brighter grey tones seem soft and pure, and they suggest a bathroom where you can spend hours lying in the tub and relaxing. 

A little bit darker tiles can suit perfectly to modern and large bathrooms or wetrooms that combine best with glass. 

At the end — dark grey is perhaps the most sophisticated tone, especially when it comes in marble-made tiles. With suitable lighting, such bathroom wall and floor tiles can look splendid.

Beautiful Grey Shades And Patterns Tiles
Perfect Grey Tiles For Your Bathroom

Look Great in Grey

There are so many styles that suit such neutral shades. We can mention some of the most popular ones when it comes to bathroom layouts. 

Traditional Gray Tiles

You'll be surprised, but many conventional designs look great in grey. Merge ceramic, porcelain or even glass with different colours, patterns and mouldings to reach the real Victorian classic bathroom.

Classic Grey Tiles

Grey tiles are perhaps the most suitable for timeless classics. They are neutral, simple and elegant. With surfaces like stone or marble, classic grey bathrooms are made with much taste and style. 

Luxurius Grey Tiles

Gray is a new black or, as it has always been luxurious and reflected prestige. With a marble effect, grey tiles in the bathroom look flowless.

Contemporary Grey Tiles

When it comes to bathroom tiles, we can offer some great ideas, like grey concrete look for wall and floor tiles inspired by trendy industrial and minimalistic styles. 


What is the best tile colour for small bathrooms?

The best option for small bathrooms is to use brighter colours. Light tones from Letta London tile selection will give the impression of a larger space.

What are the advantages of grey tiles in the bathroom?

It is a neutral colour that is easy to maintain and never comes out of fashion. Explore Letta London’s selection of grey shades with many great performances.

What mortar should I use for grey tiles?

Use grey or white mortar, depending on the model you choose from our selection of grey tiles.

Can I get tile samples?

Yes, we can provide tile samples. Visit Letta London Showroom for live samples, demo installations and more advice from our professional staff.

Which bathroom styles grey tiles suit the best?

Grey tiles perfectly match any style. Explore Letta London offer for marble, contemporary, natural, classic and more matching styles.