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Designer Tiles - Find Designer Tiles Perfect For the Entire Home

Designer Tiles

Find your home’s unique style with Letta London's most exclusive offer. Every single piece of this selection is made to complement your sophisticated home. We present stunningly beautiful, elegant, and modern designer tiles by renowned and most talented names in the world of home design. Our final selection wasn't an easy task since we’ve set the highest criteria in order to get a flawless collection of tiles.

For many years, we’ve been supplying our customers with the highest quality tiles, as well as countless ideas for decorating their homes as professional home designers. People often want to make a statement by using home decor that will reveal much about their style and elegance. 

Whenever they can't decide where to start, we recommend designer tiles. It's not possible to go wrong since every model is an art for itself, inspired by various motifs and styles.

Find your perfect Designer Rooms

Designer Tiles For Bathroom And Kitchen

Perfect Pieces for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living Rooms, and More

Explore the entire selection by Letta London and find many exciting pieces for every corner of your home. Cover your lavish bathroom floors and walls in marble designer tiles or turn the old kitchen into the most exciting room by using unique patterns and colours. 

Besides the fact that tiles are the best solution for bathrooms or kitchens, tiles with a signature are also great for outdoor areas. Imagine a beautiful garden floor in natural shades, breathtaking ornaments around or inside your swimming pool, or elegant tile borders for your outdoor fireplace. 

Particular models can even look fantastic in your living room. They can bring out your sense of art, vivid cultural heritage, and unique character. Dare to explore the unique ideas and implement them in your home.

Designer Tiles and Endless Inspiration

Some people think tiles are popular only for practical reasons and that's why they should be used only in particular areas such as bathrooms, halls, or kitchens. However, those people haven't discovered the real beauty of tiled walls and floors that embellish the most famous buildings in the world. 

Throughout history, the greatest stone cutters, artists, and sculptors have left us some beautiful and eternal tile designs painted on walls and floors all over the world, as a legacy and inspiration to keep creating more beautiful designs.

Inspiring Designer Tiles
Unique Designer Tiles For Floor And Wall

Heritage as Inspiration

Our designer tile selection features many models inspired by different traditions and cultures. You can find beautiful pieces that celebrate the magnificent East. Explore oriental ornaments and perfect exotic patterns – from the famous China porcelain to the most delicate Moroccan arabesques. Choose colourful Mediterranean designs, favourite Dutch blue or Portuguese floral patterns ideal for porcelain pieces.

Decorate your home like a real world traveller and bring the spirit of distant lands to your home with unique Letta London designer tiles.

Visionary Tile Designs

We’ve selected only those pieces that can provide a clear image of one’s style. It is essential for us that each designer tile stands out from the crowd. Therefore, our selection is daring and goes beyond the ordinary. 

Each tile is a work of art — uncommon but perfect. Not only are these tiles aesthetically stunning, but they are made from the finest materials, cut and polished using the latest processing techniques.

Visionary Design Designer Tile
Change Your Home Design With Designer Tiles

Tiles That Can Define Your Style

If you trust Letta London's choices, you can put your trust in our hands when it comes to picking the right designer tiles. One perfect tile layout can determine how your entire home will look like. 

Intense designs speak for themselves and can sometimes be more than enough to make a room stylish and sophisticated. Such tiles dictate the design of your home – other elements are there to complement the main ones. 

So choose wisely regardless of whether you want your favourite place to look luxurious, classic or modern. Find more brilliant ideas in our lovely offer.

Letta London – the Finest Choice

It is not surprising at all that Letta London includes so many great designers in this offer. The perfect circle of manufacturers, brand names, showrooms, and satisfied customers makes us one of the most reputable tile suppliers in the entire UK. 

On top of that, we strive to expand our borders and explore new possibilities. Apart from presenting our finest selection of tiles to the world, we’ve also included the world into our collection. We took the brightest ideas from every continent and brought them home to give our loyal customers countless possibilities when it comes to home decor. 

You can forget expensive renovations, professional planners and expert designers. With our help and the most beautiful designer tiles, you can have a home that radiates style, good taste, and a personal touch.

Finest Collection Of Designer Tiles


Where to buy designer tiles?

Buy designer tiles at Letta London. Explore our selection of unique and stylish designer tiles. Visit one of our locations in London or place an order via our website.

Are designer tiles suitable for living rooms?

Yes, they are suitable for living rooms. Many different models from Letta London's selection of designer tiles are intended for living rooms. Explore our offer and see how you can apply tiles in your entire home.

Do designer tiles cost more?

Not necessarily. The price depends on many factors – from brands to size, etc. Filter our offer by price and find tiles that suit your budget.

Are all designer tiles patterned?

No, although the majority of designer tiles have unique patterns and a recognisable style. However, not all of them are patterned. They can also be mosaic, feature different shades and textures, etc.

Do you have any showrooms?

Yes, you can find Letta London’s showroom at 762 Finchley Road, London. Visit us whenever you need advice, details about products, and professional help when it comes to choosing tiles.

Can I use the same tiles for indoor and outdoor floors?

Yes, that is possible with some models we offer. However, when it comes to outdoor floors, we recommend models thicker than the standard 8-10 mm.