Black Porcelain Tiles

Black Porcelain Tiles - Explore Our Finest Selection of Tiles

Black Porcelain Tiles

Letta London offers the finest collection of extraordinary black porcelain tiles, ideal for every home. Explore countless ideas, get inspired, and add challenging black tones to your design. By combining the right colour with a certain style, you can make any room look sophisticated, lavish, and unique.

Thanks to our extensive selection, you can choose different tones, textures, and sizes, depending on the space you are decorating. Black tile flooring is a perfect solution for kitchens, bathrooms, or a hallway that will showcase your style at first glance, especially if you choose the elegant marble look. 

Using the same idea for walls and floors you can also decorate a stylish downtown apartment by following the latest trends in colours and materials.

We are a renowned supplier of tiles that offers only high-quality porcelain. Explore our selection online or visit one of our fantastic showrooms in London, and our team will offer many great ideas and teach you how to decorate your home as a professional. 

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Sophisticated Black Porcelain for Walls

Black is a colour ideal for walls. Choosing the right tile finish and size will create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, allowing you to unwind for hours. 

Also, each modern kitchen will welcome black porcelain since it goes perfectly with other trendy elements and glossy surfaces.

When it comes to other rooms and areas, darker shades in different textures bring luxury and elegance, and a material like porcelain will stay marvellous forever.

Black Elegant Porcelain Flooring

Letta London's selection of black porcelain is perhaps one of the most sought-after choices when it comes to modern home design. Check out our selection of kitchen and bathroom floor tiles and choose a flawless shiny finish or beautiful dark patterns as details. Opt for a floor that looks stylish, goes well with different trends, and is easy to maintain.

We particularly recommend marble layouts for any luxurious and modern space, even for outdoor areas.

Black Is Always Trendy

Find many lovely layouts, from the lavish marble to the natural stone or wood. We offer beautiful and unique patterns with dark elegant ornaments and lines that can be excellent details for any room. 

Black is a colour that will never go out of fashion. It has always been one of the favourite choices among home designers. If your home is a classic piece of architecture, choose black tiles in combination with white, or any other bright tone, for a real vintage-looking bathroom or kitchen floor. 

For a more natural look, blend dark shades with materials like wood to achieve a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your home.

We also recommend porcelain that perfectly mimics the luxurious and stunning marble — it will make your home look splendid.

Black tiles are an essential detail in every contemporary home. Use large black porcelain tiles for the exterior or cover your fancy downtown apartment in luxurious marble. Any black piece suits the minimalist trend that every modern residence follows. 

If you want to learn how to mix styles, textures, and patterns, and create a unique and recognisable design, visit Letta London’s showrooms and let us help you find the best design for your home. 


Where can I buy the best black porcelain tiles?

Buy the best black porcelain tiles at Letta London. We offer many different styles, sizes, and finishes, perfect for any home. Visit our showroom or place an order via our website.

How to clean black porcelain tiles in the bathroom?

Use cleaning products that contain distilled white vinegar and castile soap to prevent white traces other detergents leave on dark surfaces. Also, in our selection, you can find various textures that are easy to maintain.

Do black tiles come with a high gloss polish?

Yes, black tiles can have a high gloss polish. Letta London offers many high gloss models in different styles.

Can I bleach the black tile kitchen floor?

Never bleach tiles. Letta London advises never to use acid and ammonia-based cleaning products as they might affect the colour of the tiles.

Does Letta London offer black patterned porcelain tiles?

Yes, we have a large selection of black patterned tiles. Explore the entire offer online or visit one of our showrooms to find the best designs and patterns.