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Bathroom Wall Tiles

Explore Letta London’s wast offer of the most beautiful tiles and find the perfect model that will suit your home design. From our tile selection, we can recommend some of the most sophisticated items that will cover your bathroom walls and turn the place into a real paradise. 

Thanks to the extensive range of our renowned suppliers, Letta London is pleased to present so many different styles, shapes and patterns. No matter if you opt for a more elegant or lavish look, or you desire something more simple and practical on your bathroom walls — we can provide it. 

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Exclusive Bathroom Wall Tiles For Sale

Exclusive Bathroom Wall Tiles by Letta London

We, in Letta London, know that bathroom walls demand only the best quality materials, must be resistant to moisture, easy to clean and long-lasting. But we also understand that bathrooms are sometimes used for thinking, relaxing, even singing or, in other words, are the best place to get some time for ourselves. Then, they cease to be just practical but must become comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our selection of tiles for bathroom walls can fulfil all these requirements. By choosing the right parameters while researching our offer, you can quickly come up with a design that fits you perfectly in every way.

Different Sizes

Sometimes walls can be a real optical illusion that can enlarge or reduce the whole space. Especially when it comes to wall tiles, larger pieces can give the bathroom an impression of a larger place.

We offer tiles in four different sizes — small, medium, large and extra-large. Choose the size and combination wisely to get the best visual effect in your bathroom.

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Unique Colors And Patterns Bathroom Wall Tiles

Unique Colours and Patterns

We selected plenty of different tones and patterns that perfectly fit any bathroom style. Particularly for walls, we recommend some of the plain shades that can be blended with more exotic and daring patterns. 

Explore the whole collection of dark, medium and bright shades, alongside many unique designs that will enhance the bathroom walls by giving them a touch of luxury, elegance or perhaps, more trendy look.

Various Styles

Wall tiles can determine the style of an entire bathroom. However, they must fit perfectly with other elements, too. Our selection presents a large number of tiles that will fit with marble, glass, porcelain and make one bathroom a completed, fashionable and unique place. Check so many different styles and choose the perfect one for you.

  • Marble is recommended for elegant and lavish bathrooms. No matter if it’s dark, grey or bright, it will always reflect how stylish you are.
  • For more natural and relaxed areas, choose tiles that resemble materials such as stone or wood.
  • Contemporary bathrooms are taking over the inspiration from the industrial and minimalistic style. That is why concrete tiles on bathroom walls are must-have details.
  • Some people will opt for simple plain tiles that are discreet, while others desire stunning patterns and ornaments on their bathroom walls. Fuse two so different styles and get a unique design as a personal signature of taste.

Explore more styles, ideas and effects you can achieve with Letta London tile selection.

Bathroom Wall Tiles In Unique Styles
Perfect Tiles For Bathroom Wall

Finishes and Polish

With different styles come different final looks for your bathroom wall tiles. Choose high polished and shiny tiles that will look stunningly for many years, or opt for more rustic or natural honed or matt surfaces.

Why Choose Letta London Tiles?

Our perfect circle of manufacturers, stores, carefully selected products and satisfied customers puts us at the very top of UK tile suppliers. Explore our vast offer, get advice and come up with your own ideas. Choose carefully, combine and buy only the best. Feel free to visit some of the showrooms and see for yourself the quality of the products we supply.

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Where to find best-quality tiles in the UK?

You can find the best quality tiles in Letta London. We are one of the most renowned tile suppliers in the UK. Check our wast tile selection for the entire home and more.

How to choose the right tiles for bathroom walls?

When choosing tiles for bathroom walls, focus on bathroom design and available surface for tiling. For wider space, explore our full tile section with 1000+ fantastic ideas or ask Letta London team for advice on how to choose the right tiles for small bathrooms design.

Does Letta London offer different brands?

Yes, Letta London supplies tiles from more different brands and manufacturers.

How to clean bathroom wall tiles?

Use a cloth, water and appropriate detergent. Discover more advice about maintenance on our site or consult our merchants in Letta London’s showrooms.

What material is recommended for bathroom walls?

Porcelain, most often. Letta London recommends durable, water or stain-resistance materials like porcelain that suit any temperatures.