Bathroom Porcelain Tiles

Buy High-Quality Porcelain Tiles for Bathroom Walls and Floors

Bathroom Porcelain Tiles

With Letta London’s finest selection of porcelain tiles, it is easy to turn any bathroom into a true oasis. Pieces from the most renowned brands in our offer can enhance even the simplest space and help any bathroom get a complete makeover. If you opt for porcelain, you will combine elegance and the latest trends with the best quality and efficiency. 

It's never been easier to design your home. Just explore our wide range of porcelain tiles that are perfect for both bathroom walls and floors. In a few simple clicks, you can create the best combinations for your home, choose from various styles, and, most importantly, buy the best tiles effortlessly.

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Bathroom Porcelain Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles

We’ve done our best to include models that will perfectly decorate your bathroom walls. Thanks to different tones, ornaments, and textures, your walls can quickly become sophisticated and elegant or comfortable and warm — the choice is yours.

For that reason, our selection of porcelain tiles puts a lot of emphasis on decorating bathroom walls. Did you know that bigger tiles can make a bathroom seem much larger? Also, with the help of modern design and technology, it is possible to transform a home bath into a pure spa or relaxation zone.

Letta London offers porcelain that looks lavish, yet it is very affordable, can last for many years, and it’s easy to clean. Guided by practical reasons and the fact that porcelain is one of the most durable and high-quality materials, we have incorporated it into different bathroom styles. 

By choosing porcelain tiles from our range, you are making a sound investment. Our tiles are functional and durable and preserve the original splendour for years. Also, porcelain absorbs a minimal amount of water, so it's suitable for moist areas such as bathrooms.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Besides aesthetics, bathroom floors must be comfortable, practical, and above all, safe. Porcelain tiles are the best solution for bathroom flooring, spa arenas, showers, etc. 

From our selection of porcelain tiles, you can choose warm tiles, many trendy colours, or tiles that will give your floor a bright glow. Porcelain perfectly imitates other natural materials such as stone or wood. You can get that feeling of a real Finnish bath in your home if you go for a wooden look. These tiles look like the real thing but are much easier to maintain.

When it comes to floor tiles in bathrooms, we recommend some of the unglazed models, non-polished porcelain and matte finish. Perhaps these are not the most elegant, but they are undoubtedly chic, as they give a sense of exotic relaxation and spa-like tranquillity. 

Such tiles can hide all the imperfections and give the room an entirely new look. But most of all, they don't get stained easily and are not slippery, which makes them perfectly safe for your home.

Bathroom Porcelain Floor Tiles
Letta London Bathroom Porcelain Tiles

Explore and Combine

In Letta London's selection of porcelain tiles, you can find contemporary, classic or traditional pieces, depending on the room you want to renovate. For bathrooms, you can select tiles by colour, style, design, size, and many other things.

We offer a beautiful white marble look that will lighten every space. Grey porcelain never goes out of fashion and goes well with all styles. Naturally, black polished porcelain goes hand in hand with luxurious bathroom fittings. Try to combine it with some patterns, and you will get adorable unique details.

For a calmer and more natural look, we recommend wood or stone. Our specially designed tiles that resemble concrete go well with contemporary and stylish apartments, while high-gloss finishes, mosaics, and ornaments are ideal for those who adore elegance and beauty.

For more combinations, choose tiles of different sizes for floors and walls. This way, you will get exciting and original decor in your bathroom.

Why Choose Letta London?

Buying from us is not just about spending money on the things you need. We listen to our customers' desires and get inspired by them. Then, we select the products we want to offer you, which is why Letta London is a name that’s welcome in every home. 

Our selection is ideal for a wide variety of interiors and it encourages consumers to combine elements and find their unique style. We can assist you and offer our expert advice when it comes to home design, renovations, and the best materials and solutions for your home.

Visit one of our multiple locations and see for yourself that our porcelain is genuinely one of the finest in England. Our installations will give you a hint about the charm and elegance your bathroom will have after installing our tiles. Or simply, feel free to explore our offer online. Browse our collection, choose what you like and get one step closer to your perfect home. Find out why Letta London is the best solution for your home!

Bathroom Porcelain Tiles Guide Letta London


Where to buy bathroom porcelain tiles?

Buy the best porcelain tiles at Letta London. We offer a large selection of wall and floor tiles in different styles, patterns, and shades. Explore our online offer or visit one of our showrooms in London.

Which material is recommended for bathroom tiles?

Porcelain is the recommended material for bathroom tiles. We offer many different models of porcelain tiles that go well with various styles.

Does Letta London sell the same tiles for floors and walls?

Some tiles can be used for both floors and walls. Letta London offers a large selection of porcelain tiles in various shapes and sizes, suitable for different surfaces.

What tile type is recommended for the bathroom floor?

Choose tiles that have a matt and unglazed finish. Letta London recommends non-slip and easy-to-maintain tiles for bathroom floors.

What tile size is the best for a small bathroom?

Use large or extra-large tiles that will make your small bathroom look more spacious. In Letta London’s porcelain tile selection, you can find small, medium, large, or extra-large tiles suitable for bathrooms of various sizes.

Are porcelain tiles in the bathroom difficult to maintain?

Not at all. Porcelain tiles we sell are high-quality and are not difficult to maintain. You just need to use a mop and some water. After cleaning the floor, make sure to dry it well to preserve the shine.