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Bathroom Floor Tiles

As a great bathroom specialist, Letta London made an exclusive selection of the finest floor tiles that can perfectly fit any bathroom. We made it possible to relax in your own bath as if you were in the most luxurious hotel or feel a cosy touch on your feet at your very first step from the shower. 

We can offer multiple styles from different manufacturers, tiles made of various materials, many shades, sizes and more. Moreover, our site is perfectly designed to guide you through the entire selection of tiles and give many great ideas on how to decorate your bathroom floors by yourself. 

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Unique Design Floor Tiles For Bathroom

Bathroom Floor Tiles By Letta London

A bathroom must be tailored to fit our taste and make us feel comfortable and calm. With the right tones, materials and elements, we can turn every bathroom into a personal spa. Yet, like any other room in the house, it should be easily maintained and practical for those days when we don't really have much time to enjoy it.

Letta London has some excellent ideas about how to cover bathroom floors with beautiful and stylish tiles and, at the same time, invest in best quality materials. Our offer contains only long-lasting tiles that have the best performance and require minimum maintenance.

Explore our selection of different tiles and choose according to your own desires and affinities.

Different Sizes

Letta London can assist you in choosing the right size for tiles, depending on the bathroom characteristics. For example, many traditional bathrooms used to have smaller tiles with temperate patterns and ornaments. Modern bathrooms, especially wetrooms with glass parts, demand extra-large tiles that look remarkably lavish for both walls and floors. 

We sell tiles in four different sizes — small, medium, large and extra-large.

Bathroom Floor Tiles In Different Sizes
Bathroom Tiles In Beautiful Patters And Colors

Unique Colours and Patterns

Always keep in mind that the tiles in the bathroom dominate the space. Therefore, their colour or pattern is one of the essential tasks of every bathroom design.

White tones will give a sense of cleanliness and simplicity, but undoubtedly, in combination with marble-looking tiles, they will look sophisticated and luxurious. Try darker shades for chic and modern bathrooms, and medium tones that can fit any style. Dare to blend plain colours with exotic wall patterns to make a unique design.

Various Styles

By choosing tiles from Letta London’s selection, you can play with styles and turn your bathroom in whatever you desire.

  • Marble look can provide a sense of luxury, like in the most stunning mansions. 
  • Stone or wood surface will turn your bathroom into a true oasis of tranquillity and leisure.
  • Plain colours will blend perfectly as a part of the natural ambience, but also whenever they need to calm some more daring and extravagant patterns.
  • Concrete look for porcelain tiles is our special offer, made according to the latest trends. It represents the latest industrial style and must-have detail in contemporary apartments.
  • Our pattern porcelain tiles are inspired by details we find in nature, geometry and art, and will give your bathroom a peculiar character.
Amazing Shower Floor Tile In Various Styles
Bathroom Floor Tiles With Various Patters And Colors

Finishes and Polishing

Tile finishes come in matt, unglazed or honed forms, but we can also offer the most excellent tile polishing to our customers. Choose a more rustic and natural look or opt for high gloss tiles that will always look elegant and bright.

Why Choose Letta London?

Letta London’s choice of tiles is not just about high-quality items but also the ability to create your own design and decorate the bathroom floors according to your desires. Explore our wide selection of bathroom tiles or visit one of the UK’s showrooms. We would be glad to participate in your decision and give you the right advice when it comes to quality and style.

Splendid Bathroom Floor Tiles From Letta London


How to choose the best tiles for your bathroom?

For bathroom tiles, it is very important to determine the right shade and size. We offer a wide range of brands, styles, materials, and sizes. Explore our entire section and choose all wanted characteristics, so that you can reach the type of tiles you need.

Does Letta London offer the same tiles for walls and floors?

Yes, some of our models are suitable for both surfaces. Moreover, as we offer a large assortment of tiles, it’s easy to classify those adequate for walls and floors.

Do all the tiles cost the same?

No, tiles have various prices. They depend on manufacturers, quality and many other characteristics. To reach the offer from the category you want, adjust the price-related parameter when researching our tile selection.

Are the floor tiles slippery when wet?

Yes, they can be slippery. Some tiles from our selection are slippery, especially polished ones. Instead, we can offer tiles with a relief structure that do not pose a slip risk.

Where does Letta London display its porcelain tiles?

We display all our selections in Letta London showrooms. Get more acquainted with the full range of bathroom tiles.