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What makes a perfect bathroom? What should any prefect bathroom have and how should it look? It is almost impossible to answer these questions since the answers revolve heavily around personal preference. Designing a bathroom should be approached with a lot of care and choosing the right parts can be a daunting task. That is why we at Letta London are working very hard to provide the right items to help you make the right decisions when trying to turn your vision into reality.

A bathroom should be a place of peace and privacy and having the right design can go a long way towards making you feel at ease. Colours, patterns, lighting and utilities should reflect your needs and taste.

We at Showroom in Finchley can be of great help with choosing the right equipment and look for your bathroom. We have a variety of top-quality products on display and our goal is to give you as many options as possible right away. We also have complete solutions for those uncertain of what they exactly want. Our staff will walk you through those working solutions so you can choose the one you want to be installed. Additionally, you can use them as an inspiration for the bathroom you want to be installed in your home.

Aside from our extensive product inventory and complete solutions, we are very proud of our sales team that’s always ready and willing to assist you with whatever you need. They will give you a tour of the showroom and give out any information you may need. Their expertise, as well as their friendly and professional attitude, will surely make creating a new bathroom for your home a true delight.

What Can Our Showroom Offer You?

Our vast offer is something we are very proud of. You will find everything your bathroom may ever need in the Finchley showroom. In addition to crucial items, such as taps, baths, shower heads and so on, we offer various accessories that will make your bathroom even more practical and convenient. You will never be in need to search any further after visiting our showroom.

The majority of our items are put on display so our customers can immediately understand the extensity of our offer. Our experts make sure that all items on offer are produced according to the latest industry standards. Additionally, we put emphasis on selling top-quality items since customer satisfaction is always our top priority. In accordance with that, our staff will always be happy to provide all the assistance you may need when choosing furnishings you believe are best suited for your bathroom.

Talking about the specifics of our offer, you can find everything from luxurious baths to most basic shower heads in our showroom. Products from our offer will surely turn your bathroom into a place of peace and relaxation. We work closely with major manufacturers to acquire top-tier items such as shower controls, vanity sinks, bathroom cabinets as well as various accessories like towel rails, toothbrush holders, wardrobes and so on.

Since quality is one of our top priorities, we make sure our products are made of high-quality materials with great finishes. You can find items with brushed chrome, stainless steel, copper, rose gold and many other finishes so that you can get the ones that fit your bathroom vision perfectly.

Our customers will be happy to realise that offer much more than just bathroom furnishings. We also have an extensive accessory offer, and the variety of tiles is something we are especially proud of as you will find tiles of all shapes and sizes you can imagine. In addition, you will find an array of colours and patterns made from materials like marble, stone, concrete, wood and so on.

Our Amazing Staff!

Having a great offer is meaningless without amazing people making everything run smoothly. Our incredible sales teams and experts work around the clock to give our customers the best service along with great products.

We are also very proud of our special advisors that help our customers visualise their wishes and desires. They just need a detailed description of the bathroom you want and they will create a 3D model that shows exactly what you have imagined. In addition, they will offer great advice regarding lighting, accessories and tiles to further enhance your bathroom design. That isn’t all as they also offer field services. If required, they will come to your home and make all the measurements needed for planning so they can fit everything you need perfectly. This will also reveal the limitation of your bathroom space, as well as how much everything will cost you.

Our vast experience guarantees that you’ll receive a design that fits your needs perfectly.

Finishing Your Design

Sadly, a bathroom is not complete after choosing the look and major components. Accessories must not be neglected and choosing the right ones plays a critical role in the overall functionality and look of the bathroom. Apart from choosing the perfect accessories, such as towel rails, bathroom shelves, soap dispensers and so on, you must also find a perfect place to put them. Another item you must keep in mind is a wardrobe for towels and other clothing items.

The last thing you should certainly think about is the lighting. Proper lighting plays a huge role in bathroom design and you can always consult our advisors when choosing both the type and the placement. We have a variety of lighting solutions you can choose from. Our experts can give great advice based on your desires and thus offer optimal solutions. By expressing your desires, they will include possible solutions into the 3D model that will give you a complete insight into how a finished product will look. In case you don’t want help, you can always create your own solution by choosing components from our vast offer.


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