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Bathroom Showrooms

Letta London

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  • Address: 762 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7TH
  • Phone: 020 3191 6444

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Welcome to the Letta London Bathroom Showroom, specialising in luxurious, comfortable bathrooms and bespoke wardrobe supplies.

Why not pay a visit to our North London showroom to find out about the products that we provide? We have dedicated designers and specialist sales advisors available to discuss all your needs and show you around the various products. We have a variety of bathroom designs set up within our showroom for you to view and experience.

Letta London has years of experience in the industry, bringing passion, dedication and knowledge to the forefront of its operation. While many of our products are available to view and purchase online, we know that most people like to view them in person before buying. That’s why our showroom is the best place to visit.

We provide complete bathroom solutions to our visitors, with multiple different furnishings, accessories, wardrobes, tiles and more to be seen on display. So, why not check out what we have to offer and discuss the design of your new bathroom with us while you’re there.

Talk to Us

The design and creation of a bathroom is quite the art form in itself. It needs to be a welcoming room. Somewhere that you can relax and unwind, whilst also having perfect functionality at the same time. At our showroom, you can discuss all of your options with our advisors. We’ll go into as much detail as necessary, to ensure that you know about all the products that you’re interested in. We’re always ready to provide you with information on our line of products.

Letta London has a number of sales agents and designers to provide you with a top service. So, whether it’s a complete bathroom redesign that you’re looking for or one or two items, we’ll be able to give you a full consultation for free. Let’s discuss what you’re looking for and then we can come up with a design while you wait, if you like.

You’re under no obligation to accept the design or even take anything from it. It’s more about us going that extra mile for you, so that you can not only see our products within the showroom, but also see how they could look in your house or business. Our experts are always ready to settle down and create something wonderful for you.

View Our Unique Bespoke Wardrobes

Our showroom is also home to the uniquely designed wardrobes of Letta London. These elite units will add a touch of elegance to any bathroom, with a variety of styles being available. So, whether you’re looking for a traditional bathroom or if you’d like something a little more modern or industrial for example, we’re ready to cater to you.

All our products are fitted to your specification as the customer, meaning that there aren’t any limits to what we can design and create for you. To accompany our range of bathroom products, our bespoke wardrobes will provide you with storage space, whilst also accentuating the room to its maximum potential. And we don’t overwork the price tag either, with these wardrobe units being on the same level as standard manufactured wardrobes. The difference is, they’re designed to fit your own personal taste, rather than being something that you have to settle with because there’s nothing different. Allow us to assist you with creating your dream bathroom and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Find out which materials and units are available to choose from within our showroom and we’ll get right down to the nitty gritty for you. It’s our goal to design, craft and manufacture any bespoke wardrobes within six to eight weeks, and we’ll set a team of skilled installers to work to ensure that this wardrobe space fits into your bathroom perfectly.

If you’d like to set up a specific appointment time to consult with our sales advisors and/or designers, then feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting.

Letta London’s Strive for Perfection

It’s always been a goal of ours to provide customers with the best quality, not only with regard to our products, but to our customer service and support, too. That’s why we’ll always aim to make sure that you’re completely satisfied in all areas.

We’re able to offer complete packages for both residential and commercial properties, and from our bathroom showroom, we can help you to visualise how it will all look. From the initial designs, through to the furnishings, material choices, tiling and additional accessories, you’ll be able to see it develop every step of the way. This way, it will be a vision and design that works specifically for you.

Letta London is known for offering a supreme service, with only the best quality of products being provided. Visiting our showroom at 762 Finchley Road in North London will help you to see just how focused we are on offering the very best to our customers, so we’ll welcome you into our physical showroom for a look around. We’re open every day, but if you’re not able to join us for a consultation there, why not have a look at our online virtual showroom instead.

Regardless of how you decide to view our range of products, we’ll always be on hand to provide assistance. So, you can speak to us in person at our North London showroom, over the telephone or through email. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have regarding your new bathroom.

With that in mind, we await your arrival at our showroom, where we’ll cater to your every bathroom need from start to finish. We look forward to meeting with you!

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